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The New Moon at 6’ Taurus 27 on April 26th 2017 by Margaret Gray

‘At anytime you can decide to live a life that says ” I love myself” ‘
― Renae A. Sauter

Key Planetary Energies Today:

The only aspect to this New Moon is a trine to the North Node in Virgo/sextile the Sth Node in Pisces (5’ orb). However there are some other lingering aspects in the sky including Venus still within 2’ of Chiron in Pisces, as well as being within 2’ of the square to Saturn Rx in Sagittarius! The most powerful aspect right now however, is likely to be the conjunction between Mercury Rx and Uranus in Aries, which will be exact on Friday!

So how is all of this likely to affect us?


After a few weeks of intense and at times very uneasy planetary activity in the sky, this New Moon in the earthy sign of Taurus offers us a brief window of peaceful respite.

The essence of Taurus energy is about being grounded in the earthy material plane of the natural world. It thrives on security, stability, continuity, comfort and beauty. As one of the two rulers of Venus, Taurus is a very sensual sign, which at its best can help anchor us in our body and remind us of the rhythms of nature and the practical necessities of everyday life. Although Aphrodite enjoyed relationships, intense emotions were not her strongest suit. Similarly Taurus prefers to remain on the familiar plain of matter, rather than delve into the intangible depths of the underworld where the complexity of our shadow emotions lie. Yet, as with all signs, at some point there is a requirement to integrate the shadow aspect of the energies, which for Taurus lie in the opposite sign of Scorpio who naturally and comfortably inhabits the underworld of emotional complexity.

As this is a New Moon rather than a Full Moon, the emphasis is on the Taurean side of the Taurus/Scorpio axis. However, don’t be surprised if the new seeds that are planted in your life at this time may also include a Scorpio dimension, such as the passion of a new love encounter – particularly if this New Moon is in your 5th or 7th house! The trine to the North Node in Virgo has a somewhat fated quality about whatever is initiated at this time and hence it’s worth paying particular attention to it.

Ultimately the Taurean energies invite us to value ourselves for who we ‘are’ rather than ‘what’ we do so this New Moon encourages us to ‘be in the moment’ and value ourselves, as well as considering what is of value to us and why.

With the Mercury/Uranus conjunction on Friday, this aspect plays an important role particularly as its also trine Saturn in Sagittarius which is square Venus/Chiron in Pisces! With all of these planets between 25’ and 29’ this is a good time to clean out our closets of anything that is holding us back from moving forward in a new way when the planets change sign. With Venus the ruler of this New Moon just separating from Chiron, some of the clearing out may include unfinished past relationship aches that are holding us back from new relationship starts. Despite Mercury being retrograde, communication is likely to be very direct, particularly regarding issues that have been festering for a while. This can be very helpful, albeit a little shocking at times, as honesty is the only way forward.

This New Moon will particularly resonate if your Sun, Moon and/or angles are between 4’ and 7’ Taurus, Scorpio, Aquarius and/or Leo.

Some suggestions for this New Moon:

  1. Spend some time outside in nature – particularly near trees and grass.
  2. Do something that is physically self-pampering – have a nice meal, relax in a candlelit bath, buy yourself a new gift, hold hands, kiss…
  3. Spend some time being still – even just 10 mins.
  4. Pay heed to any messages from your body – tiredness, stress, aches and pain…

This New Moon in Relationships:

Feel free to listen to the YouTube Recording by Armand Diaz and myself on the New Moon in Taurus and Relationships:

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The Solar Eclipse in Pisces on Feb 26th + other intense Planetary Energies!

Planetary Alert – Very Intense Energies Right Now and into the Weekend!(The above Photograph is courtesy & Copyright of Clark Little Photography Hawaii – Many thanks for his many beautiful images!

“We are allowed to set in motion anything which we would be the happy recipient of!” – Caroline Casey NCGR Conference Keynote Speech Feb 2017

Wed Feb 22nd: Mars in Aries square Pluto in Capricorn
Sunday Feb 26th: Annular Solar Eclipse at 8’ Pisces 12 + Mars conjunct Uranus in Aries

Mars square Pluto at 18’ 37 Aries and Capricorn (conjunct Uranus in Aries 3’ orb and square Jupiter 4′ orb):
Mars in Aries has a natural impatience which is likely to be expressed as an immediate urgency to break down, change and transform any structures, borders, rules and limitations that are no longer authentic in our lives. The sense of urgency and impatience is likely to be experienced in the area of our birth chart that Mars is travelling through and the structures that are being challenged are related to the part of our chart that Pluto is in right now. (See the attached chart). There is likely to be a strong pull between doing what we want and finding a way to also have consideration of others. Best to keep as grounded and centered in ourselves as we can! This transit is intrinsically connected to what is happening on Sunday when Mars moves 3’ to form an exact conjunction with Uranus in Aries.

Sunday: Mars conjunct Uranus at 21’ Aries 59 (square Pluto in Capricorn 3’ orb, opposite Jupiter in Libra 1’ orb):
With Mars moving into an exact conjunction with Uranus the urgency to take action and create radical change right here and now escalates rapidly on a personal and collective level. Jupiter in Libra is the voice of balance reminding us that whatever action we take needs to be based on equality and fairness as well as a degree of compromise, as none of our actions occur in isolation. Meanwhile the trine to Saturn highlights the importance of checking the ‘beliefs’ that our actions are based on. However, as the skies are filled with watery Piscean energies today, it may be worth waiting until the Piscean fog lifts somewhat before making important life changing decisions.

Sunday: The Annular Solar Eclipse (New Moon) at 8’ Pisces 12:

As the Moon passes between the Earth and Sun today our ego is momentarily obscured by our emotions. With 4 planets in Pisces + Chiron and the South Node, the planetary energies are predominantly emotional as we swim in the oceanic depths of our feelings. Like all forms of water, Piscean energy ideally needs to flow. When it’s blocked, feelings tend to freeze and if uncontained they can flood! At it’s most expansive Pisces is about spiritual connection, imagination, unconditional love and compassion. At it’s most limited it can be about escapism, avoidance of responsibilities, commitment or accountability and/or being a martyr or victim. Pisces energy can create a hall of mirrors where we struggle to figure out what’s real and what is illusion, later resulting in an inevitable delusion.

The conjunction of the Eclipse to the South Node as well as to Neptune can indicate that issues related to past lifetimes may come to the surface at this time to be healed and released on a personal and collective level. It may be very helpful to pay particular notice to dreams this weekend and the people and situations you encounter. With only Pluto in an Earth sign, there is little grounding in the planetary energies so we need to provide it for ourselves through nature, exercise, visualizations…

Core themes to explore with this Pisces Eclipse:
1. Oneness and unconditional love – Who do you love unconditionally – including yourself? Who loved you unconditionally as a child?
2. Spirituality – What is your relationship with the ‘spiritual’ dimension of life? What helps you to connect with this level within yourself?
3. Creativity and Imagination – How do you express your creativity?
4. Feelings – What feelings do you struggle to express and what tools assist you to do so?
5. Addictions – What addictions mask your feelings? What feelings would come to the surface if you stopped all your addictions?

Dr. Bernadette Brady describes this Eclipse, which belongs to Saros Series 19 South, as follows:
“This is a family of Eclipses that brings with it the element of the pleasant surprise. Sudden happiness, a joyful event, the lucky break, the lucky win. The events which will be occurring can be believed and can positively change the person’s life.”

Information on the effect of the above transits on Relationships is on the facebook page ‘Relationships and Astrology with Armand Diaz and myself…/
A New 6 week online course on ‘The Astrology of Relationships’ is starting on March 12th! More information at This is a prerequisite to our 1 year Certified Course starting in September 2017.
(The image of the Ocean wave is the Copyright of Clark Little Photography… – many thanks for another stunning image of the beautiful Hawai’i ocean!)

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Some Simple Tips on how to thrive – or at least survive during Eclipse Season! – by Margaret Gray

In a few hours we will experience the first Eclipse signaling the start of the two Eclipse Seasons this year. The next Eclipse of this first season will be an Annular Solar Eclipse (New Moon) on February 26th at 8’ Pisces. The 2nd season starts on August 7th with a partial lunar eclipse (Full Moon) at 15’ Aquarius and ends with a total Solar Eclipse (New Moon) at 28 Leo. 

In essence Lunar and Solar Eclipses feel like particularly powerful Full and New Moons. The time between the Lunar Eclipse and the Solar Eclipse is particularly intense. However, the buildup starts a couple of weeks before the first Eclipse and continues for a few weeks after the second one.

In ancient times many cultures viewed the Sun and the Moon as gods and any interference with these two lights was seen as potentially dangerous for humanity. Hence they attributed Eclipses to animals/spirits devouring part or all of the lights for a period of time. Radical shifts in weather as well as earthquakes etc. were also often attributed to Eclipses. My focus is more in the arena of how the Eclipses affect us as individuals and how we can best take care of ourselves during this time.

With both the Lunar and Solar Eclipse, our consciousness is momentarily in shadow, hence unconscious feelings tend to come to the surface more easily at this time. Until the light shines again, they ‘swim’ within us and around us. This can feel somewhat uncomfortable, depending on what is coming to the surface. As the light returns it becomes easier to recognize the feelings, thereby offering us an opportunity to find and heal their source. If we insist on repressing them once more, they are likely to resurface at a later time, as well as potentially causing discomfort in our psyche and physical being. Like any energy, emotions and feelings heal and dissolve through expression, rather than suppression.

Some Astrological suggestions:
1. Check where the Eclipse lands in your birth chart and in your composite chart with loved ones around you. What close aspects does the Eclipse make to other planets and/or angles – using a 2’ – 3’ orb. (Wider orbs are less intense!) This is the area of life where you are more likely to feel the energy of the Eclipse.
2. Check what other transits are happening in your chart at this time, as this will also influence how you feel.
If the Eclipse lands on your Sun, Moon or personal planets and/or angles, you are more likely to resonate with the energies of the Eclipse and of the Eclipse Season. Hence events connected with the nature of the Eclipse may manifest at this time in your life. If not, then you are unlikely to feel the energies as strongly at this time.

Some Self-Care Tips:
1. If you are strongly empathic, sensitive, intuitive and/or psychic, you are more likely to feel and sense other people’s feelings and issues as they surface at this time – regardless of whether the individuals themselves are conscious of them. In fact, the less conscious they are, the more likely you are to sense them! Hence it’s a good time to use your energetic boundary tools – crystals, essential oil sprays, sage, visualizations, energy bubbles…whatever works best for you!

2. Crowded places may not feel very comfortable at this time as there are a lot of energies swirling about. In ancient times it was believed that the veil between worlds was thinner between Eclipses. Hence on the one hand we may feel comforted through connecting more easily with our loved ones who have passed over and on the other hand we may also be more sensitive to a variety of energies from beyond.

3. Create some nice space for time alone to allow feelings to surface. A comfortable environment makes it easier to just be with whatever comes up. This includes unplugging from social media, phone etc.

4. Keep a list of self-soothing skills to hand as sometimes it’s easy to forget the basics when feeling out of sorts. The position of the Moon in your natal chart by element, sign and aspect offers helpful suggestions on what can feel soothing for you. For e.g. Moons in Water Signs tend to find being near or in water comforting as well as music, a gentle environment…Moons in Air may want to have space around them to literally breath, also a good book to read…

5. Journaling is a great way to express feelings as are all of the creative arts – painting, dancing, singing…

6. Note that on a physical level you may feel a bit tired during this time – if possible, it’s a great time to rest!

7. However tempting it is to self-medicate surfacing feelings with food, alcohol, sugar, work…it is just likely to add another layer to what’s already bubbling underneath! Easier in the long run to self-soothe in a nurturing way if at all possible!

8. Notice your dreams as they may be more vivid during Eclipse season!

9. Meditating, praying, chanting…and any other tools that help to stay focused in the here and now are very helpful at this time.

10. Remember that laughter is one of the easiest and most fun ways to allow lots of air into the lungs!!! 

For Information on the Astrology of the Lunar Eclipse in Leo taking place in a few hours feel free to have a look at my website
and to find out more about how to navigate Relationships during this Eclipse free to take a look at the YouTube recording by Armand Diaz and myself as part of our Relationships and Astrology Recordings:

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Mercury in Aries March 13th – May 17th 2017!

Mercury has now moved from watery Pisces into fiery Aries, where he remains until May 17th (with a brief spell in Taurus from April 1st – 21st and a Retrograde phase from April 9th – May 2nd!!!)

Mercury in this fiery, dynamic and articulate sign loves to talk, but can find it challenging to listen and in it’s haste, can struggle to remember exactly what it said!! Unlike the slower moving Mercury in Earth and Water signs, Mercury in Fire signs and particularly in Aries, loves to dance with words, similarly to Mercury in Air. Unlike Mercury in Pisces which is more concerned with the emotions behind the words, Mercury in Aries is not a keen observer of emotional nuances. At it’s worse this can be experienced as blunt, tactless, inconsiderate and somewhat hurtful by more sensitive signs! At it’s best it can be fun, playful, witty, stimulating and dynamic.

Good artist, lousy listener.

As this is a collective energy in the sky, we may all find ourselves being more verbally impulsive to a greater or lesser degree at this time! Depending on where our natal Mercury is, this may be helpful or unhelpful, both for ourselves and for those around us!

So before we communicate over the next few weeks, particularly re important matters, it may be worth taking a deep breath and carefully considering:
What do we want to communicate and why?
How would we feel if the other person communicated this to us? &
What is the most sensitive and kind way of communicating this?
Most importantly – are we able and willing to hear what the other person is saying to us?
If in doubt – write it out, sleep on it, edit it the next day and send it by email or rehearse it before calling the person!! 🙂

A great resource for Mercury in Aries is the book NonViolent Communication by Marshall B Rosenberg (also known as Compassionate Communication)
– Margaret Gray

The Full Moon in Virgo on March 12th 2017 by Margaret Gray

‘Forgiveness is the key that unlocks the door of resentment and the handcuffs of hatred. It is a power that breaks the chains of bitterness and the shackles of selfishness.’ 
― Corrie ten BoomClippings from My Notebook

Key Planetary Energies today:

This Full Moon is part of a Tsquare opposing Chiron (2’) and Mercury in Pisces (5’) and squaring Saturn in Sagittarius (5’). It is also trine Pluto in Capricorn (3’) and exactly quincunx Uranus in Aries!

So how is this likely to affect us?


Although Virgo is an Earth sign, it is the most analytical of the Earth signs in that it is ruled by Mercury. Virgo’s natural inclination is to dissect concepts, ideas and events in an attempt to understand the different components which led to the final result. Ultimately Virgo’s search for understanding is about self-improvement and the improvement of the collective. Hence individuals with strong Virgo in their chart often thrive in teaching roles. At its most expansive, this Full Moon can help us to understand more about our behaviours, thoughts and ideas, particularly in the two weeks leading up to the Full Moon. At its most limited it can find fault with everyone else to avoid the harshness of its own self-criticism and self-blame.

The opposition to the Sun/Chiron/Mercury stellium in Pisces reminds us of the important roles compassion and forgiveness play in healing. Ultimately all healing of ourselves and others comes from unconditional love, which by its nature counteracts the harsh critic within.

In the YouTube recording of Relationships and the Full Moon in Virgo by Armand Diaz and myself we  mention the Hawaiian Ho’oponopono chant for forgiveness and reconciliation:

‘I love you,

I’m sorry,

please forgive me

and thank you’.

Grace comes from forgiveness, enabling us to heal ourselves and live a happier life. With forgiveness based on unconditional love, our beliefs can soften, allowing flexibility to take the place of rigid, limited immovable ideas. Hence space is created for new beginnings.

You are more likely to resonate with these themes if your Sun, Moon and/or Angles are between 21’ and 27’ Virgo, Pisces, Gemini, Sagittarius, Aries and/or Capricorn

This is an ideal time to:

  1. Spend some time alone in quiet contemplation
  2. Use journaling to process thoughts and feelings to do with past and current relationships
  3. Review health and body care – food, exercise, rest, relaxation, fun…
  4. Enjoy some physical pampering
  5. Engage in some forgiveness practice, followed by an energetic clearing
  6. Spend some time in nature to ground in the here and now!

In Relationships:
This Full Moon is very relevant to relationships particularly with Venus currently Retrograde in Aries. Feel free to check out the latest recording from ‘Relationships and Astrology’ with Armand Diaz and myself at:

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A Weekend of In-Person Workshops with Margaret Gray & Christeen Skinner


 with International Financial Astrologer Christeen Skinner

Astrology Ireland Meetup Group: FRIDAY May 12th 2017    19.00-21.00
Venue: Oscailt, Dublin
Cost: 25 Euro Waged or 20 Euro Unwaged/Student/Retired

An overview of the property cycle as it might affect Irish property cycles, interest rates and hints as to how your own chart reveals likely house moves!

This talk is designed for non-astrologers as well as those with some astrological understanding.

To reserve a place, please email: or


An Astrological Weekend Focused on Venus + an Afternoon of Chart Interpretation Techniques

with Christeen Skinner and Margaret Gray via Astrology Ireland

 May 13th – 14th  2017

Saturday May 13th: Venus – Exploring Venus – Values and Pleasure 
(This is ideal if you are new to astrology, as well as if you are a more experienced astrologer)
Bring your birth chart or send us your birth data ahead of time so that we can calculate the position of Venus in your chart.

Margaret will explore the psychological meaning of Venus in your life by sign, house and aspect. This includes the role of Venus in helping you to connect with your inner self value as well as what you find of value and beauty in the world around you. We will also look at the role of Venus in relationships.

Christeen will explore, whether Venus is a Morning or Evening star in your chart – and what all this means for you. All of the above, together with aspects made to and from Venus’ position in your natal chart reveal much about your ability to harmonise with the environment, your enjoyment and pursuit of the Arts and your relationship with money.

Sunday May 14th:  Venus In Depth and Approaches to Chart Interpretation
(Ideal for anyone who has a firm foundation in the basics of Astrology)
(Do bring your birth chart or birth data with you)                                                        

Sunday Morning: VENUS IN DEPTH

The morning will be spent looking at the role of Venus by transit (with particular attention to the pattern of retrograde periods) as well as at Venus by Progression, with attention to aspects made to the Sun and Mercury.

We will also have a very brief look at your Venus lines in both Astro*carto*graphy and Local Space


This will include looking at different approaches – Psychological and Predictive – to chart interpretation and the various Astrological tools at your disposal. 


Sat May 13th 2017: 10 – 4.30  The Yoga Room in the Basement
Sun May 14th 2017: 10 – 4.30  The Yoga Room
Venue: Oscailt

Cost: Early Bird Rate if paid in full by April 15th: Euro 110 per day                                                                                                           Euro 180 for both Sat + Sun.
After April 15th: Euro 125 per day.
Euro 220 for both Sat + Sun

Payment Method: Please email Margaret at for payment information or Tel. 085 8144135 – many thanks! Put ‘May workshops’ as the subject! TY!


Christeen Skinner   

Christeen Skinner is author of the Financial Universe (published 2004) in which she forecast the global financial crisis. She works in London, UK and has a broad clientele: from City traders, to entrepreneurs and private investors​.  Christeen was Chair of the Astrological Association of Great Britain, is a Trustee of the Urania Trust and Director of Cityscopes London, which specialises in future-casting. She is also Chair of the Advisory Board for the National Council for Geocosmic Research and a Director of the Alexandria I-base Library working to preserve texts and documents. She publishes a free monthly newsletter and offers courses on financial astrology. Her latest work ‘Exploring the Financial Universe’ was published in October 2016 and ‘The Beginner’s Guide to Financial Astrology’  in February 2017.
She lectures widely in the UK and USA and via International Webinar events.

Skype: christeen51
Phone (44) 77 88 416 805
Margaret Gray MSW D. Psych. Astrology       

Margaret trained at the CPA in London with Liz Greene and specializes in Relationships. She is the author of a chapter on The New Paradigm of Spiritual Relationships in the book ‘Transpersonal Astrology’. Together with her colleague Armand Diaz in New York, Margaret recently launched ‘Relationships and Astrology’ which includes a YouTube channel as well as a f/b page and a website. Margaret set up and runs the Astrology Ireland Meetup group in Dublin where she has returned to live after some time in Hawaii. Margaret was on the ISAR board of directors  for 4 years and lectures internationally as well as offering birth chart consultations in person and online. Margaret is also an MSW and is an MII Certified Couples, Family and Workplace Mediator, as well as a Reiki Master Practitioner.

Contact: Tel. 085 8144135

Penumbral Lunar Eclipse in Leo on February 10th/11th by Margaret Gray

‘Let your heart be as big as it can possibly be’. 
― Swami Chetanananda

Key Planetary Energies today:
It’s like Piccadilly Circus in the skies today with the first Eclipse of the year! With two Kites and a Yod as well as a Tsquare, the planetary energies are pulling in all directions! Traffic lights are definitely needed as well as doing our best to stand still in our own centre and let the swirling happen around us, rather than within us! This is probably easier said than done, depending on where these powerful energies land in our natal chart!

The two Kites are made up of Apex Full Moon in Leo trine Saturn in Sag(3’) and Uranus in Aries (1’). This is the key one because the Apex is the Eclipsed Moon and the release point opposite it is the Sun in Aquarius. The other Kite is made up of the same planets but due to the Kite formation, the apex is Uranus in Aries and the release point is Jupiter in Libra. Note how both Kites have release points in Air! More on that in the next section!

The Yod has Chiron in Pisces as the apex planet quincunx the Eclipsed Moon and Jupiter in Libra! There is no release planet, but the release degree is 22’ Virgo – this Yod is particularly important for you if you have natal planets at this point!

The Tsquare has apex Pluto in Capricorn square Uranus in Aries (4’) and Jupiter in Libra (4’) Note if you have planets at 18’ Cancer as this will make the Tsquare into a GrandCross in your chart and put a lot of pressure on your planet!

So how is this likely to affect us?


Although this is a Penumbral rather than a total Lunar Eclipse we are still likely to feel the energies more strongly and for a longer period of time than the usual monthly Full Moon. Best to allow a couple of weeks before and at least a couple of months after it – depending on whether it aspects planets or angles in your chart.

Like the usual montly Full Moon, unconscious feelings are drawn to the surface, however the shadow of the Earth falling across the Moon makes it harder to decipher what these feelings are about.

Both this initial Eclipse and the last one of the year in August 2017 are in Leo. With Leo ruling the heart, these Eclipses form a powerful heart awakener and container for the energies in-between. Our shadow feelings are likely to come to the surface and our only real choice lies in either opening our heart to them or shutting down to everything. The in-between option is unlikely to be on the menu for much longer if at all! In opening our heart we take our place within the collective and in doing so we become aware of the greater picture and can step out of ‘me’ into ‘us’. Hence we take the generosity, love and courage of Leo and integrate it with the Uranian vision of an equal and fair world. The issue of equality is particularly powerful at the moment with the release point for both Kite formations in an Air sign!

With Saturn in Sag in the mix, seeking our own truth is of paramount importance at this time, as the dynamic energy of Uranus in Aries is rapidly propelling us towards new beginnings! This however can only happen if we finish dismounting old structures – predominantly within ourselves! A useful question to ask at this time is: Where am I most rigid within my life structures – physical, emotional, mental, spiritual? What is this blocking? What do I need to change to loosen this up?

Venus and Mars still within 5’ of each other in Aries add to an underlying excitement that something new, freeing, expansive and unexpected is opening up with this Eclipse. The Leo courage will help us to take a leap of faith and run with it!

The Yod which is also called ‘the finger of god’ with Apex Chiron invites us to heal through joy and balance, as well as through service. The latter takes us out of a place of human loneliness and isolation into our higher purpose.

Keeping in mind that there is a lot of fiery energies in the sky this is a good time to take constructive dynamic action in some aspect of our life, and particularly in our community, depending on where the Full Moon lands in our chart.

You are more likely to resonate with these themes if your Sun, Moon and/or Angles are between 21’ and 24’ Leo, Aquarius, Cancer, Capricorn, Libra, Aries, Pisces, Virgo and/or Sagittarius.

This is an ideal time for:

  1. Doing something for someone else – particularly if it’s outside our comfort zone!
    2. Detaching and observing the greater picture.
    3. Standing firm in your centre through grounding, meditation, chanting, singing, resting, bodywork…(only Pluto in an earth sign so it can be easy to spin in the air!!)
    4. Taking a non-harmful risk in some area of our life!
    5. Having fun with friends and loved ones!
    6. Doing whatever it takes to open our heart wide! There is nothing to lose!

In Relationships:
Check out the latest recording from ‘Relationships and Astrology’ with Armand Diaz and myself at:

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Some Very Brief Notes on the Full Moon in Cancer on Jan 12th 2017

Where love rules, there is no will to power; and where power predominates, there love is lacking. The one is the shadow of the other – Carl Jung

The briefness is due to the fact that I am enjoying this first Full Moon of the year in sunny Fuertaventura rather than Ireland! The photo above is the view outside my window!

Planetary Configurations:
This Full Moon at 22’ Cancer 27 is particularly powerful as it’s part of a Grand Cross. Hence there are 4 sets of planetary energies all wanting attention at the same time. The Moon in Cancer is one leg of the cross, opposing the Sun conjunct Pluto (5’) in Capricorn, squaring Uranus in Aries (1’) on one side and Jupiter in Libra (exact) on the other side!
In addition, the Full Moon is also exactly quincunx Saturn in Sagittarius and trine Mars conjunct Chiron in Pisces! Also, Mercury is in Sagittarius, at the critical 29’, right on the verge of moving into Capricorn once more!

Full Moons by their nature invite us to integrate the natural polarity within each of us between how we shine out in the world (the Sun) and who we are in the most private recesses of our emotions (the Moon). With a grand cross formation, the planets at the other two corners, which in this case are Jupiter and Uranus, play an important role in this process of integration. Uranus is likely to do so through sudden and unexpected information or events in our lives over the Full Moon period from Jan 11th – 12th. This is likely to free us from some previous restriction, once we recuperate from the surprise! Jupiter invites us to find balance between all of the energies.

Some Core Themes:
• Unexpected unfinished issues to do with either or both of our parents may come to the surface.
• How we self-nurture or not, is likely to be a theme right now in connection with self-love, as we are invited to make some changes in this area. We may also come to an unexpected realization of the impact of lack of self-love in our past and current relationships.
• We may feel a strong push/pull between power versus love, as well as duty versus love, particularly in our relationships, including family, friendships and with our significant other.
• Some ‘secrets’ may come to light.
• This is a great time to challenge limiting stereotypes to do with gender.

Some Tools that may help:

• The creative arts once again!
• A mixture of being by water, yet also time on solid ground
• Honest and direct communication
• Escapism through addictions remains very tempting at the moment, via substances, work, drama, romance…as an avoidance of emotional pain that may be surfacing. Spiritual practices of any kind can be helpful, as well as getting professional help if needbe as part of self-care.
• Anxiety and sleeplessness may be noticeable with this Full Moon as Uranus is involved. Movement outdoors is likely to be easier than trying to meditate from a still position indoors. Worth being a little cautious though if you are doing anything adventurous, particularly if the Full Moon makes tight aspects with your natal chart!

If your Sun, Moon and/or Angles are between 17’ and 23’ Cancer, Capricorn, Aries, Libra, Pisces and/or Sagittarius, you are more likely to resonate with these themes.

Legal Copyright of Margaret Gray January 2017

The New Moon at 8’ Aquarius 15 on January 27th/28th 2017

Being an idealist is not being a simpleton; without idealists there would be no optimism and without optimism there would be no courage to achieve advances that so-called realists would have you believe could never come to fruition. 
― Alisa Steinberg

Key Planetary Energies today:

This first New Moon of 2017 does not make major aspects to any of the planets. However, it forms semi-squares to Venus and Chiron in Pisces and to Saturn in Sagittarius. With Saturn forming an exact square to Venus today (which is 2’ from Chiron!), the New Moon is at the midpoint of this square and hence forms a pivotal role – like the centre of a see-saw! Plus Jupiter in Libra forms a quincunx to the Venus/Chiron conjunction (1’) enhancing their energy as well as continuing with his opposition to Uranus in Aries (2’) Not forgetting the trine from Saturn to Uranus (3’) which is the ruler of this New Moon!
So how is all of this likely to affect us?


The first New Moon of any year is significant in that symbolically it sets the emotional tone for the year ahead. Aquarius is the most idealistic and innovative sign of the zodiac. Its focus is on the evolutionary needs of the greater collective and hence it requires a degree of detachment from the personal needs of individuals – particularly the emotional needs so that it can get an overview of the greater picture. At its most expansive New Moon in Aquarius can set the seeds for revolutionary, idealistic changes for the better in society. This was been amply evident on Saturday with the historic Women’s Marches throughout the globe advocating equality. At its most limited this New Moon can be expressed through despotic erratic rebellious destructive behaviour (this too has been amply evident this week!) Either way personal feelings are temporarily set aside. Whether we do so for the purpose of serving the collective or destroying it depends on our individual free will choices!

As mentioned above this New Moon is the pivot point inviting the integration of values based healing separation and recognizing our intrinsic oneness (or values based on a sense of woundedness) on one side of the see saw PLUS the truth (or an inflated belief in our own version of the truth) on the other side.

Meanwhile, the idealistic drive to create completely new ways of being in the world based on fairness, truth and justice is particularly strong at the moment in spite of any resistance from the powers that be throughout the world!
This New Moon will particularly resonate if your Sun, Moon and/or angles are between 6’ and 9’ Aquarius, Leo, Taurus and/or Scorpio. Also if they are between 21’ and 25’ Pisces, Virgo, Aries, Libra  and/or Sagittarius. This is in fact likely to be a key year for you to take a leadership role in some capacity if you have personal planets or angles at any of these degrees.

Some possible questions to explore:

  1. What ideals do I hold for the collective right now?
  2. What am I prepared to do for those ideals?
  3. What parts of myself are stopping me from pursuing my personal and collective ideals?
  4. Are my personal choices contributing constructively to the people around me and to the collective?
  5. Who are my friends? What are these friendships based on?

Some suggestions for this New Moon:

  1. Keeping grounded as much as possible! Aquarian energy can easily take us out of our body and into our mind which can be challenging and tiring for our physical self. Walking in nature is likely to be particularly helpful right now.
  2. Taking some action in whatever way resonates with you to offer assistance to whatever aspect of the collective you feel drawn to: children, older people, health issues, education, death and dying, the environment…Not taking any action is likely to lead to frustration!
  3. Refreshing your conflict resolution skills
  4. Connecting with members of your soul tribe to take collective action and to provide support and comfort
  5. Noticing any escapist tendencies and habits with a view to replacing them with actual creativity as these old patterns are unlikely to work in the year ahead.

This New Moon in Relationships:

Feel free to listen to the YouTube Recording by Armand Diaz and myself on the New Moon in Capricorn and Relationships:

The Sabian Symbol for this New Moon is: ‘A Flag Is Seen Turning Into  An Eagle’ One meaning for this could be the transformation of something inanimate, albeit symbolic into something actively powerful. Eagles soar high and get an overview of a wide expanse of space and are one of the higher symbols for Scorpio. They are one of the main symbols of power throughout many cultures including Greece, Rome and France. The eagle is also a key aspect of the ‘USA Presidential Seal’. As with anything and anyone who has large amounts of power at their disposal, they have free will in how they use or abuse it!

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Moving into 2017 – some brief thoughts! – Margaret Gray

Wishing you all a very peaceful, joyful and creative 2017. Thank you for reading my posts throughout the year!

‘The heart has its own needs that may not fit neatly with life’s structures. Move slowly, thoughtfully, with imagination.’ – Thomas Moore

Without a doubt, planetary wise, 2016 was quite a year! Although the exact Uranus/Pluto squares ended in 2015, these two majorly transformative energies continued to travel close together in 2016. The Pluto in Capricorn energy unremittingly exposed us to core flaws in our basic structures and foundations on a personal and collective level. Increasing evidence of corruption and inauthenticity in our financial and political structures came to light, as well as fundamental inequalities and injustices the world over.

Uranus in Aries in the meantime helped us in this process by offering us new ways forward – once we let go of the old! Letting go in the Pluto in Capricorn sense does not mean doing a runner when the going gets tough, as this would just bring us to a new re-creation of the same dynamics wherever we run to! It means digging beneath the surface to find the underlying reasons for the faulty foundations, working with them until they are resolved and released and finally – rebuilding on strong new healthy foundations.

The Saturn/Neptune square which was also taking place in the sky in 2016 invited us to move from being ‘victims,’ to being of ‘greater service’ to humanity. The refugee crisis offered us ample opportunities to embrace this – or not!

So where what are the main invitations from the planets in 2017?

Jupiter in Libra is a key energy this year as it opposes Uranus in Aries and squares Pluto in Capricorn. In expanding these major energies before they fully separate, Jupiter offers us a time limited bridge into new possibilities – if we are willing to embrace fairness and equality for all. Saturn is also playing a part in this by trining Uranus in May and Nov and helping us to solidify new concepts and ways of being that we will hopefully have developed by then!

From May 2017, Uranus and Pluto will finally separate in the sky, although we will continue to feel the remnants of their connection until 2019. Constructing something new on the newly re-built foundations is likely to happen more rapidly after that, in whichever area of our life the excavating has been completed over the past few years. If not, there is likely to be a wider gap between clearing the old and moving into the new. The choice is always based on free will, both individually and collectively!

We start the New Year with Mercury Retrograde inviting us to re-think our beliefs and ways of speaking our truth. In April Mercury goes Retrograde in Taurus and moves back into Aries, inviting us to re-consider our core values and the importance of being truthful to who we are, versus remaining in our ‘comfort zone’ and not upsetting the status quo! Finally, in December Mercury goes Retrograde in Sagittarius once again, offering us a year-end opportunity to re-visit and re-consider our belief systems.

If your Sun, Moon or angles are between 19’ and 24’ Aries, Libra, Capricorn, Cancer, Virgo and/or Pisces you are more likely to be invited to play a center stage role this coming year.

The planets offer us invitations to cross over a threshold into new growthful experiences. The choice of whether and how we do so always rests with us. My personal belief is that we choose as souls to incarnate at the time, place and date that offers us the best chart to engage with particular experiences. Hence, the transiting planets awaken different parts of our chart over the years, as a reminder that the time has come to experience specific soul themes of our prior choosing. The nature of the events surrounding this are often not of our choosing, as we are part of a larger constantly interacting cosmic web. However, the choice that always remains with us is whether to keep our heart open throughout our journey or to close it down both towards ourself and others. This coming year offers us two unique heart openings. On Aug 21st there will be a Total Solar Eclipse at 28 Leo 53 – this reverberates with the Lunar Eclipse at 22 Leo 28 on February 10. There is enormous potential for opening our heart energy between these two Eclipses. The one in August will be visible in the USA and hence will reverberate strongly there.

I’ll leave you with this quote as we move into a new year: ‘A few simple tips for life: feet on the ground, head to the skies, heart open…quiet mind’ ― Rasheed Ogunlaru

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