The Astrology Ireland Meetup Group offers monthly Astrology Meetings with Astrological Presentations by Irish and International Astrologers – Everyone is very welcome to join the group – no prior astrological knowledge is required. Feel free to contact me if you are an Astrologer travelling through Ireland and would like to present a talk at a meeting.

Upcoming In-Person Presentations and Workshops for Astrology Ireland: 

One Day Workshop:

A quick zip through the basic Alphabet of Astrology with Margaret Gray

Astrology is a language and like any language, the starting point is the alphabet. Join me today if you’d like to get an overview of the basic vocabulary of astrology and your natal chart. This will be a practical and fun hands on day. We will take a tour around the 12 Zodiac signs, the 4 Elements, the Sun, Moon and Planets and the basic structure of the Natal Chart. There are no calculations involved!

This day course is ideal if you would like to:
– Read astrology blogs and books more easily
– Be able to participate more in the Astrology Meetup groups – Start to understand the basics of your birth chart
– Find out if you would like to study astrology in greater depth!

Your fee will include a copy of the PowerPoint, as well as a copy of your Birth Chart + morning tea/coffee & biscuits – of course!! 🙂 Everyone is very welcome!

Venue: The Yoga room in the basement at Oscailt
Time: 10 – 5 (1 hour break for lunch)
Cost: Euro 100 if booked and paid for by September 5th
Euro 120 after September 5th
Please email me at for details on how to pay.

An Astrological Weekend Focused on VENUS + an Afternoon of Chart Interpretation Techniques with Christeen Skinner and Margaret Gray via ‘Astrology Ireland’ Oct 14th – 15th  2017                    

Saturday Oct 14th: Exploring Venus – Values and Pleasure (This is ideal if you are new to astrology, as well as if you are a more experienced astrologer)

Sunday Oct 15thVenus In Depth and Approaches to Chart Interpretation
(Ideal for anyone who has a firm foundation in the basics of Astrology)
Venue: Oscailt

FRIDAY Oct 13th 2017   19.00-21.00 : Astrology Ireland Meetup Group presents: NESTING INSTINCTS IRELAND AND THE PROPERTY CYCLE 2017-2030 with International Financial Astrologer Christeen Skinner
Venue: Oscailt, Dublin

Further Information on the weekend is available HERE


Past Conferences and Talks 2017:

Jan 20th – 22nd in Dublin, Ireland: One Evening + Two Day Workshops – Astrological Explorations on the Planetary Transits of 2017 + The Moon with Christeen Skinner (author of The Financial Universe) and Margaret Gray. Further information here

Feb 16th – 19th: NCGR Conference: The Many Faces of Astrology in Baltimore MD

Feb 18th: Understanding and Transforming Compulsive and Addictive relationship patterns

Feb 24th – 27th 2017: 1st International Astrology Conference, Porto, Portugal

Feb 25th: 9pm: Astro-drama – an Experiential process

Feb 26th 3pm: Understanding and Transforming Compulsive and Addictive relationship patterns with the help of Psychological Astrology 


Past Conferences and Talks 2016

FREE Online Astrology Summit with 32 International Astrologers on Passion, Purpose, Health and Wealth: Sept 19th – 28th – Book your Free Online Seat Here: 

On September 24th I will be discussing ‘Relationships and LoveDiscovering and understanding the underlying ‘soul themes’ and purpose of your intimate relationships, with the help of Psychological Astrology’.

July 1st – 3rd 2016: Convegno Internazionale D’Astrologia a Perugia, Italy:
July 1st: 8th House Planets – Passion or Compulsions?

September 9th – 11th The 48th Annual Conference of the UK Astrological Association

Sat 10th 13.45: The Internalization of ‘Good Enough’ Parental Archetypes as Central to Loving Adult Relationships

Sunday 9.00am: Understanding and Transforming Compulsive and Addictive Relationship Patterns

Oct 16th – 20th 2016: ISAR Symposium in Costa Mesa CA – The Power of Forecasting
Oct 12th: 2 – 6pm: Ethics Training with Dorothy Oja and Samuel Reynolds Register here:
Oct 15th 2.30pm:  ‘Recognizing, Nurturing and Expanding a Soulful Intimate Partnership’