Some Brief Notes on: The Final Stages of Uranus square Pluto in the sky + Saturn moving into Sagittarius by Margaret Gray

All is love…All is love. With love comes understanding. With understanding comes patience. And then time stops. And everything is now.
― Dr Brian Weiss


Since June 2012, when the transpersonal planets Uranus and Pluto made their first exact square in the sky, we have all been steeped in an intense process of depth uncovering, transformation, transmutation and rebirth on every level of our being. On December 15th 2014 and March 17th 2015, these two powerful planets will square each other for the final two times in our lifetime.

As journeys of transformation of this magnitude inevitably go through several stages, I thought it might be helpful to explore some of the stages we have gone through and are still in the midst of.

Stage 1 – Purging 
This first stage started in approximately 2010, when Uranus and Pluto began moving closer together in a square formation. Continuing pretty relentlessly for the past 4 years, it could be described as a stage of detoxing, through purging. As with any purge, the initial clearing out often entails bringing everything to the surface and then pushing it away as fast as possible, without a lot of discernment or discrimination. Depending on the core features of our birth chart, our level of awareness, stage of life etc. many of us went through various permutations and degrees of the following over the past few years during this process of clearing:
a) Battling with our ego and experiencing huge inner conflict and heartbreak as we attempted to try to hold on to what we thought we needed for our survival and/or
b) Closing our heart and opting to live solely by our ego as we attempted to find security and stability via familiar routes such as finances, work etc.
c) A few, no doubt managed to just let go and open their hearts even wider. (This is what Neptune in Pisces has been inviting us to ideally do throughout this major time in our evolution).

Depending on the degree to which we have managed to detox ourselves on every level including: physical (clearing toxins), spiritual (releasing external dogmas and rules that have no connection with love), emotional (releasing anger and resentment and developing inner joy as our predominant emotion) and intellectual (clearing our mind of obsessive old negative thoughts), we are now ready to move onto the next few stages. (All stages will of course often overlap).

Stage 2 – Deeper Detoxing
Alongside the Uranus/Pluto Square, Saturn’s move into Scorpio in October 2012 invited us in no uncertain terms, to engage with an even deeper clearing out process, as we were urged to delve into the basements of our existence in all areas of our life. This included our family of origin, ancestors, tribe, country and past lives. Once more the opportunities arose to open our heart and willingly engage with this process, or to try to baton down the hatches via our mind and will. This stage found many traveling far and wide, for short or long periods of time, in an attempt to clear and heal old issues or to try and avoid them.
Stage 3 – Engaging with the Truth – Understanding and Re-organizing
With Saturn leaving Scorpio and entering Sagittarius on Dec 23rd, where he will stay until mid-June 2015 when he re-enters Scorpio briefly for three months, we are now invited to engage with the Truth. This new phase which will continue throughout Saturn’s two year reign in Sagittarius is largely about understanding, reorganizing and integrating our new found sense of self and creating a life that is authentic to who we now are.
During this time we will be offered the opportunity to revise what is left in our life after the clear outs. This is the ideal time to assess what we want to take with us and build on going forward, as well as to notice the new seeds which are finally beginning to sprout.

Particularly between now and immediately after the last Uranus/Pluto square in March 2015, many of us are likely to need to briefly revisit some of what got thrown out hurriedly and at times somewhat rashly, in the initial stages of this process. However, we will do so in an entirely new way. This is a time for honesty with our self and others, so that we can move forward freely with the help of Uranus in Aries, without emotional, spiritual or intellectual baggage. Hence we may find ourselves encountering people, situations and places from our past, to enable us to effect healing and resolution and to offer us the choice of whether they will be part of our new beginning, in a new way.
Without resolution, we are more likely to consciously or unconsciously continue to carry those situations in some capacity.

Having cleared a lot of our deeper ancestral and family issues, we will be more aware of how much of our perceived past challenges with people and situations were not rooted in them. Hence our meetings are prone to feel less intense as we are more likely to take self-responsibility. This is the next stage in this process which is about fully stepping into a new lighter way of being, with new tools at our disposal – the core one being a more open heart now that it is clear of a lot of old resentments. In fact the ease to which we will navigate through these later stages of the process will probably largely depend on how open our heart is and how much our ego can stay in the background. It is easy to assess where we are at in this balance based on our level of fear and anxiety. (Below is a very simple exercise to help us move directly into our heart).

The Collective Level
This process is occurring on a collective as well as a personal level. Hence, just before and during the initial stages of the Uranus/Pluto square, we witnessed a coming to the surface and a detoxing of issues such as corruption in financial institutions, property development issues, institutional misinformation etc. These issues had been bubbling close to the surface for some time. When Saturn moved into Scorpio, the deeper underlying issues began to surface. These included century old deep injuries, based on perceived differences between us as individuals which have become institutionalized and calcified. Hence rather than working together in harmony, the polarization between ego and heart appeared to have become more pronounced.
However, if we can stand back for a moment and not get lost in the toxic material that is coming to the surface, whilst also keeping our feelings open, we might catch a glimpse or more of the amazing transformations that are beginning to happen on a heart level, on a global scale. For example: the global demonstrations against racism, marches demanding an end to the abuse of power by agents whom we entrust with our protection, a global approach to dealing with health crisis such as Ebola, countries who have not spoken for eons now connecting to find ways to halt senseless terrorism, mediation and prayer groups all over the world linking through social media to effect changes on a previously unimaginable scale, young people showing immense courage and leadership skills…This is the new world we are creating. This is the true purpose of the Uranus/Pluto square. The new seeds are now beginning to sprout. The more we feed them, the stronger they will grow.

Who is this particularly relevant to?
All of us! My personal belief is that we all chose to be here at this particular time to play a very important part in this exciting and immense process of change. Every thought and action that each of us takes, has a reverberation that either enhances the changes, or adds to the fear. None of us is more important than the next, as we are all the exact same, even though we came with our human bag full of different resources and skills. Our greatest gift is self-love and self-responsibility. Our greatest strength is our connection with each other, as we decided to come here together to do this as a human tribe. Support is most likely to come from our soul family right now, which may or may not be our family of origin, so it is important to keep reaching out far and wide. As humans we are social creatures and connection feeds our heart.

If your Sun, Moon and/or angles are between 11’ and 16’ Aries, Capricorn, Libra and/or Cancer you are likely to reverberate more powerfully with the collective changes that are occurring between now and April 2015.
If your Sun. Moon and/or angles are between 0’ and 5’ Sagittarius you are likely to feel an even greater urgency to seek and express your truth.

Some tools that may help during this time:
1. Brief Heart Exercise.
Take three deep breaths or more if need be – as you inhale imagine/visualize/feel yourself dropping into your heart – literally! For example you may do so by floating down in a balloon or flying in a helicopter (children often like this version!) or on a magic carpet…Spend a couple of minutes breathing easily and feeling yourself in your heart.
(This is an easy and real place to make important decisions from. Many thanks to whoever gave me this exercise – apologies that I can’t remember your name to mention it here – feel free to remind me!).
2. Grounding in nature can help us to keep aligned on all levels
3. Mediation of any kind is ideal to help calm our busy mind
4. Play and laughter lifts our vibration out of fear and anxiety
5. Singing helps us to expand our life force and energy
6. Healthy eating. With these intense planetary energies, the effects of alcohol and other substances are likely to be exacerbated, including sugar and caffeine. This can be very depleting on a mental, emotional and physical level
7. Self-awareness. In the words of Eckhart Tolle ‘Awareness is the greatest agent for change’

Wishing you all a peaceful and joyful holiday. Thank you for taking the time to read my writing over the year and for your wonderful comments and thoughts. Many thanks also to all the amazing astrologers whom I continue to learn from on a daily basis. Finally a huge thank you to my wonderful friends who have been there, particularly over the past few years with these at times, very challenging transits! The laughter and tears we have shared have been a real gift. I have been truly fortunate with the best friends I could ever wish for in this lifetime. Thank you all – Margaret

Legal Copyright of Margaret Gray Dec. 2014 – this article may only be used if authorship is attributed to Margaret Gray