New Moon at 19’ Libra 20, opposite Uranus at 18’ Aries 28 Oct 2015

‘We are all caught between the deeply programmed desire to fuse with the Other and the inner imperative to separate, to individuate. Holding that tension, bringing it to consciousness, is the moral task of both parties in any close relationship, a task that requires conscious effort and heroic will.’ – James Hollis




This new moon reminds us that fundamentally we are relationship beings. Without the mirror of relationship we would struggle to see who we truly are. Yet, as Hollis addresses in the above quote, we are constantly pulled between our natural drive to separate and individuate and the urge to merge. Keeping a balance between these two fundamental pulls is a key theme of this New Moon. If we lean too much towards merging, we will in all likelihood encounter forced separation in our life so that we can discover submerged parts of ourselves. If our tendency is towards separateness, at some point we will find ourselves in situations where we are invited to learn how to connect emotionally in an intimate way.

This New Moon invites us to assess what our tendency is in relationships: merging or avoidance? How skilled are we at finding balance in our relationships between time together and time alone, work, creativity and time with our loved ones? What does love and partnership mean to us? How adept are we at communicating in a truthful, balanced and clear manner in our relationships? How fair are we in our relationships?

Legal Copyright of Margaret gray October 2015