October – A Blustery Month in the Planetary Heavens! – some brief notes by Margaret Gray

As there is quite a lot going on with the planets this month, I am going to put up regular posts on the day they are occurring, rather than list them all out in advance.

blustery weather

October 6th – Main Planetary Transits:
Sun (at 13’ Libra 00) square Pluto in Capricorn (at 13’ Capricorn 00)

One of the things that Astrology highlights is that life operates in a spiral movement rather than in a linear fashion. Hence, the planetary transits/movements in the sky offer us several possibilities to revisit past experiences to enable us to choose if we so wish, to refine and redo our previous actions, in a more conscious manner.

Today is one of those times when we are offered this potential on a global and individual level. The time and events we are revisiting go back to April 21st 2014 when Uranus squared Pluto for the 5th time at 13’ Aries/Capricorn. The aim of the 7 exact squares was to help us transform and transmute structures in our life that were not aligned with our soul self. Today, the Sun is illuminating this same degree as it forms an exact square to Pluto in the sky. In doing so he is giving us the possibility of re-examining any structures which are not function in our lives on a personal and collective level.

Hence, it can be very helpful to think back about what was happening within you and around you in April 2014? What structures in your life did you make changes to at that time? Were these changes aligned with Love or with Fear? Were these changes of service to your soul self and to the greater collective? Are these structures currently aligned with your soul self? What changes might you make now to redo/adjust/recreate?

(Capricornian Structures include the tangible structures that form the backbone of our life: our body, our home, our intimate relationships, our location, our roots, our family, our friendships, our finances and our education. These also apply on a collective institutional level – education, finances, infrastructures such as transport etc).

General Planetary Context
Jupiter is within 2 degrees of trining Pluto and hence expanding the energies we discussed above He is also reminding us that what brings us meaning at the moment is to be of service to each other and to the planet. This transit will be exact from Oct 12th to the 16th so I will highlight it more during that period of time.

Mars which is within 3’ of Jupiter at 7’ Virgo 11, is exactly opposite Neptune at 7’ Pisces 30 today. Mars is urging us to take action that is of service and hence for the benefit of everyone. The emphasis on Virgo reminds us of the importance of discernment and of considering the needs of others as well as our own. With both Jupiter and Mars activating Neptune in Pisces, the need to awaken to who we truly are as soul beings who are all part of the same, is strongly emphasized at this time. The urgency is on taking action in this regard at this time, rather than just viewing it as a theoretical framework. Hence it can be useful to preface all our actions with: ‘If I am her/him and s/he is me, then is this action the most loving thing I can do for us’?

These Transits impact all of us, but you are likely to resonate more directly with them if you have planets and/or angles between 12’ and 14’ Capricorn, Cancer, Aries, Libra, Virgo, Pisces, Sagittarius and/or Gemini.

Feel free to share this but please quote the author for the purpose of legal Copyright Oct 2015. Many thanks – Margaret Gray