The Full Moon (Supermoon) at 3’ Taurus 44 on Oct. 27th 2015 – Some brief notes by Margaret Gray

There is no change from darkness to light or from inertia to movement without emotion – Carl Jung

Putting the "moo" into super moon: the full moon rises behind a cow in Kansas last night, before a full lunar eclipse.

The Core Theme for this Full Moon – Creating Authentic Inner Security through facing our Shadow

The planetary deities have been truly dancing in the sky this month, with little respite between major planetary aspects. More on this later! First let’s explore this Full Moon in Taurus in all its splendor.

One of the reasons the Full Moon is recognised as a particularly powerful time is that it highlights that our existence on this planet is essentially made up of opposing energies. These energies are both equally important and indispensable to each other such as life/death, joy/sorrow etc. The key is to acknowledge and recognize the value of both, rather than repress or project the side that we are least comfortable with.

On a daily basis minor and major rejected, repressed and suppressed aspects of ourself get pushed into our unconscious shadow. During the Full Moon, our shadow is briefly illuminated by Solar consciousness, both individually and as a collective. Hence we all get a glimpse of the collective shadow as described by the sign the Full Moon is in, as well as our own personal shadow. This is a valuable opportunity to consciously engage with what is emerging from our shadow through: feeling the emotions that we suppressed, naming them and integrating them into our sense of Self. Doing the work to uncover the core source of the original pain which led us to repress our feelings and which usually lies in our pre-verbal infancy and childhood, will greatly free up the creative and passionate energies that have been blocked for many years. This enables us to be who we truly are, feel the spontaneity and joy that comes from being ourselves and relate to others in a loving way.

The Full Moon in Taurus
The opposing energies this month are between the Earthy Moon in Taurus and the Sun in Watery Scorpio. This is an interesting opposition as it a powerful symbolic representation of the innate pull between our evolutionary drive to delve into the underworld of the unconscious (Scorpio) and the resistance by our more earthy selves (Taurus) to do so, as it will involve changing the status quo. Yet, the inner security, safety, self-sufficiency and self-value that the Taurean energies seek so fervently, can only be truly found through facing and clearing out the deeper emotional complexes that lie in the Scorpionic underworld. The first step in this process is recognizing what these complexes are. The Sun in Scorpio offers a powerful illuminating laser showing us collectively and individually the areas of life where our sense of self and inner security is built on quicksand. For example: is our sense of self built on ego attainments such as money, property, status? How connected are we with the natural world? How connected and secure do we feel within our body? How much do we nurture and enjoy our body?

As Jung pointed out repeatedly, one of our strongest blocks to awareness and consciousness is inertia. Originally inertia was a way of conserving energy for our survival. Now it is often a defence mechanism, which we use to remain in a state of comforting and familiar albeit painful unconsciousness, rather than taking a risk into the unfamiliarity of consciousness.

Archetypally this is the ongoing journey of individuation, which is part of our human development as we move from the ‘familiar’ realm of mother/Moon to the unknown world of father/Sun. This is the Heroes/Heroines journey, as immortalised by Joseph Campbell. At each Full Moon, the Sun wakes us up to the areas of our life that are somewhat oblivious to and invites us to be the Hero/Heroine and leave the familiar inertia behind. Our call is to engage with the shadow feelings (the dragon), so that we can integrate them and free our unconscious energies up for greater solar creativity.

We can of course try to ignore the calling and stay in the ‘familiar’ using our Solar will to try to suppress and repress the emerging emotions rather than face them, until the next time the Full Moon comes to this point and/or transits knock on our door once more. However, ultimately the Psyche as we know well is self-regulating and seeks wholeness and balance at all times. Hence, the Shadow will continue to remind us of its existence through appearing in our daily life in ways that draws our attention such as through  projections, addictions, compulsive behaviours, depression, anxiety, health issues etc. One thing it doesn’t do is to go away on its own!

The exact quincunx from this Full Moon to Saturn in Sagittarius nudges the Moon to seek the absolute truth through a feeling of discomfort with anything other than the truth in the manner of a niggling stone in our shoe. We can try and move our foot around to find momentary comfort but we cannot ignore it for long! The sextile to the Moon and trine to the Sun from Neptune in Pisces (within 4’) pushes against possible ego defences that may block us from accessing our emotions in the manner of a powerful rain storm. It also reminds us that fundamentally our basic feelings are universal and healing comes through compassion for ourselves and others as we are all interconnected. In acknowledging our own deepest emotions with compassion, we enable others to do the same.

Wider Planetary Context:
Meanwhile, the tight stellium in Virgo,  composed of Jupiter, Venus and Mars, continues to oppose Chiron in Pisces, quincunx Uranus in Aries and trines Pluto in Capricorn. On Oct 22nd  Mars formed an exact opposition to Chiron and was within a degree of the quincunx to Uranus and to the trine to Pluto (4’orb). This offered us sudden sharp transformative insights into some of our common human vulnerabilities, particularly our illusory sense of disconnection from each other. During the Full Moon, Venus moves into this same position, bringing to the fore new ways of healing those parts of our self-value that we may have previously rejected. Jupiter who is holding up the rear and expanding these energies, will oppose Chiron, (quincunx Uranus and trine Pluto), on Nov 2nd. This offers us the opportunity to discover and integrate more fully the greater meaning of the sudden and at times somewhat jarring flashes of insight which we have been awakened by since Oct 22nd; enabling us to integrate a greater sense of connection with ourselves, each other and the realms beyond.

These flashes of insight are likely to be particularly strong during the Full Moon as Mercury in Libra, the only planet in Air, opposes Uranus in Aries (2’ orb). A singleton in a sign can be particularly powerful but also somewhat erratic. Hence we may feel like our thoughts are racing at times with little respite, regardless of the time of day or night! With Hermes in the sign of the Scales of Justice, opposing Prometheus in the first sign of the Zodiac, new ways of creating justice and fairness are of paramount importance at this time. Old staid ways of thinking are likely to feel intolerable.

Meanwhile the nodes have shifted from Libra/Aries into Virgo/Pisces. As a collective our evolutionary emphasis is moving away from being powerless victims to doing the work that we came here to do on this planet at the service of the planet and humanity in an efficient and effective way. The Virgo North Node also reminds us that we are not here to ‘rescue’ anyone. Our task is to be self-sufficient as the empowered beings we are, whilst recognising our interdependence with each other and the planet. The South Node in Pisces reinforces the message of Neptune in Pisces – we are all one and hence the more we invest in growing as individuals, the greater our contribution to the rest of humanity and beyond.

The Sabian Symbol for 4’ Taurus is: The Pot of Gold at the End of the Rainbow. One interpretation for this is that after the rain (the outpouring of emotions from deep within), a beautiful rainbow (light and consciousness) appears. If we follow this rainbow, (integrate the beauty that we now see), we will find the Pot of Gold. This is our true beautiful Self, which is ultimately the only thing that can give us real security.

Some questions we might consider at this time:

  1. What do I feel right now? What have been my predominant feelings over the past few days? How comfortable am I in allowing myself to fully feel these feelings right now?
  2. Who am I really aside from my work, my education, my finances, my skills, my status in the world, my home, my family, my race, my sexuality, my culture…? Who am I when I am not ‘doing’?
  3. What is my sense of self and inner security based on?
  4. What gaps were there in the development of my sense of Self during my childhood? How might I heal those gaps as an adult?
  5. How grounded do I feel in my body? What helps me to feel grounded and safe in myself and on this planet?
  6. Do I enjoy my body and find comfort in it?

Some Tools to work with during this Full Moon time and throughout the rest of the month: 

  • Time in nature – walking, hiking…
  • Lots of self-nurturing – healthy food, massages, relaxation, hugs…
  • Feeling our feelings without suppressing them – journaling can later help to integrate them

Some reading that may be of support at this time:
The Shadow Effect –  Deepak Chopra, Marianne Williamson, Debbie Ford
Homecoming: Reclaiming and Healing Your Inner Child – John Bradshaw

On a Global Level:
The past week has been literally inundated with storms on all parts of the globe. The most recent ones have been in Mexico, where the most powerful Hurricane ever was recorded on Friday. Luckily due to where it landed and the extensive preparations by the country there appear to be no major fatalities to date. Texas has been experiencing drastic extensive flooding, as have been parts of Europe including Italy and Spain. Taiwan was battered with horrific storms last week. Symbolically these storms could be interpreted as a massive collective surge of shadow grief emotions (Scorpio), that are flooding the earth (Taurus). Despite all the information about global warming, we continue to largely ignore the needs of the planet.

The Floods are also making the already treacherous journey for refugees fleeing war-torn countries even more dangerous. After an initial openness, the now panicked response in much of Europe to the human tidal flood has become one of increasingly erecting walls of concrete forgetting that walls will not succeed in suppressing this shadow aspect of our collective. The only way forward that I can see is to address this sad and painful situation openly and courageously, in the same manner as the refugees are doing.

Also in the news have been two shark attacks within a week on Oahu which has rarely had shark attacks. Both men were bitten on the legs and sadly both of them lost part of one leg. Sharks are powerful almost mythical creatures that emerge invisibly from the depths (Scorpio). The lives of these men were saved by individuals who happened to be nearby and who acted courageously (Hero/heroine), from their heart to bring them to shore (Taurus Earth).

Meanwhile we continue to see the consequences of choosing ‘will’ over heart in the ongoing accidental and non-accidental shootings that continue to occur in the USA. Total freedom without consciousness can be very destructive as it is fuelled by the collective unconscious. The more we increase our individual consciousness, the greater our collective consciousness.

In Canada the election of Justin Trudeau is a very hopeful sign that we are entering a period of time where world leadership will be in the hands of a dynamic generation. Assuming his time of birth is correct, the North Node is currently 2’ from his Virgo Ascendant, highlighting the importance globally of his election at this time. As part of the generation with South Node in Leo and North Node in Aquarius, one of his generational challenges is likely to be to focus on the overall needs of the people, rather than on his own ego.

Who is most likely to resonate with these energies?
If your Sun, Moon or angles are between 1’ and 5’ Taurus, Scorpio, Aquarius, Leo, and/or Sagittarius you are also likely to feel these Full Moon energies more powerfully. If your Sun/Moon and/or angles are between 13’ and 21’ Virgo, Pisces, Aries, Libra and/or Capricorn you are more likely to resonate with the Virgo Stellium energies.

I leave you with this simple quote by E.E. Cummings – “It takes courage to grow up and become who you really are.”



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