The Total Lunar Eclipse at 4’ Aries 40 on September 27th/28th 2015

No person, no place, and no thing has any power over us, for ‘we’ are the only thinkers in our mind. When we create peace and harmony and balance in our minds, we will find it in our lives Louise L. Hay


The Core Theme of this Lunar Eclipse = Awakening to Conscious Possibilities

This Total Lunar Eclipse is the final Eclipse of the year and is particularly important for a multitude of reasons which I have outlined below. But first of all, a quick reminder of what a Total Lunar Eclipse is: 


A total lunar eclipse can only occur when the Moon passes into the shadow (Umbra) of the Earth. However, some sunlight can get through and when it is refracted on the Moon, it gives it a glow. This is the red/orange coppery glow we witness during the total portion of an eclipse. According to Robert Roy Britt from “The red moon is possible because while the moon is in total shadow, some light from the sun passes through Earth’s atmosphere and is bent toward the moon. While other colours in the spectrum are blocked and scattered by Earth’s atmosphere, red light tends to make it through easier”. This is where the term ‘Blood Moon’ comes from. As this eclipsed moon is at Perigee – the closest point to the earth, it appears to be much bigger than usual and hence is considered to be a Supermoon. 


Lunar Eclipses occur during a Full Moon. Full Moons by their nature bring to the surface some of our deeper unconscious emotions in the manner of the sign the Full Moon is in and in the arena of our life that it is traveling through in our Birth Chart. However, during a Total Lunar Eclipse our human shadow mostly blocks out the light from our Solar consciousness which usually illuminates and helps us to integrate the emotions that are surfacing. Hence, until the Moon moves out of the shadow of the Earth, our newly surfaced emotions can be somewhat challenging to decipher clearly as the only illumination is the dim red/orange glow from the minimal light that made it through. In western culture red/orange is often associated with action and is the colour of the Planet Mars which is the ruler of Aries, the initiator in the Zodiac. Red is also the colour of the base chakra which grounds us into the earth and orange is the 2nd Chakra which is connected to passion and creation. Both these two chakras enable us to stand our ground and creatively manifest our desires. (More on this in the section below the following one).

Some interesting things to note about this Lunar Eclipse:

  1. This is the final Eclipse in this Lunar Tetrad, which comprises of four Total Lunar Eclipses in a row, 6 months apart. The previous Total eclipses in this lunar tetrad were on April 15th 2014, October 8th 2014 and April 4th As always with astrology, it is helpful to look back on the starting point for any cycle, as this is the seed period which develops over time and comes to maturation at the last point of the cycle. Hence, it may be helpful to look back to what was going on in your life at the initial Lunar Eclipse on April 15th 2014 at 25’ Libra 15 and notice how this coming total Lunar eclipse may offer you some closure on whatever was seeded in your life at that time. Note where it landed on your chart and which planets/angles it aspected.
  1. This Lunar Eclipse is also a Supermoon. The term Supermoon was coined by astrologerRichard Nolle in 1979 for New or Full Moons which coincide with  Perigee – when the Moon is closest to the Earth in her monthly orbit. Hence the Moon appears bigger in the sky. Symbolically, our emotions may also feel somewhat expanded at this time. It is an unusual occurrence for an Eclipse and a Supermoon to take place together. The last time was in 1982 and the next time will be in 2033!

The Previous 5 Supermoon Lunar Eclipses were as follows:

November 17th 1910 at 23’ Taurus
November 27th 1928 at 4 Gemini
December 8th 1946 at 16’ Gemini
December 19th  1964  at 27’ Gemini
December 30th 1982 at  8’ Cancer

For all of you who are interested in research, it is well worth having a look at what was going on locally and internationally during these times and where the previous Supermoon Eclipses landed in your birth chart.

  1. Astronomically this Lunar Eclipse is part of Saros series 137 which occurs at the moon’s descending node. It repeats every 18 years 11 and 1/3 days and is No. 26 out of 78. Once again it can be helpful to look at the previous Lunar Eclipses in this series to get a flavour of this one. However, as we are only just slightly over a quarter of the way through the series, we are at the initial stages of this particular journey which will continue long after we have left the planet. Hence, it can feel a bit like getting on a bus trip that started far away and will continue when we get off at our stop. Looking at global events during these times can help to get a flavouring of the events during the journey and looking at where the previous eclipses landed in our birth chart can illuminate how we experienced different parts of the trip. The first Lunar Eclipse of this series was on Dec 17th The previous one to the one on the 27th/28th was on September 16th 1997 at 23’ Pisces 56. The preceding one was on September 6th 1979 at 13’ Pisces 16.
  2. The Sabian symbol for this Supermoon is: Aries 5: A WHITE TRIANGLE IS SEEN; IT HAS GOLDEN WINGS. There are many possible interpretations for this symbol and I highly recommend the excellent work of Lynda Hill in this regard  I tend to encourage free association, similarly to dream work to explore possible meanings for the symbols. Some possible interpretations for this one might include the sacredness of the triangle in geometry symbolizing unity as well as connecting heaven and earth. In astrology, the trine is a symbol of free flowing energy and ease. In this case the White triangle has golden wings. The colour white contains all the colours of the spectrum and in and of itself is non-existent. Yet in this symbol it is SEEN. Hence this Eclipse may offer us the chance to ‘see’ something that was previously invisible and as it has GOLDEN WINGS it appears to be connected to the spiritual realm. Further associations can be made with WINGS as movement, freedom, soaring…GOLDEN could describe the enlightenment of sunlight, awakening…

The Sabian symbol for the Sun in this Eclipse is: A MAN REVEALING TO HIS STUDENTS THE FOUNDATION OF AN INNER KNOWLEDGE UPON WHICH A ‘NEW WORLD’ COULD BE BUILT. This supports the symbol for the Moon, suggesting that something powerful is likely to awaken within each of us about the possibilities we might create if we find the inner mental and emotional balance described by the Sun conjunct the North Node and Mercury in Libra.

  1. This Eclipse will be visible in the US, Canada, and Central and South America, where it begins on the evening of September 27, 2015. It will also be visible in Europe, South/East Asia, Africa, the Arctic, the Pacific, Atlantic, and Indian Oceans where it starts on September 28, 2015. The Moon will be eclipsed for about 1 hr and 12 minutes. The countries where the Total Eclipse is visible will resonate more with the energies of the Eclipse for approximately 6 months.
  1. Many thanks to my astrology colleague and friend in Cork, Ireland Isaac George who pointed out that the coming Annular Lunar Eclipse on March 23rd 2016 at 3’ Libra 17, is within a degree of the Sun in this current Eclipse. Hence keep a lookout for this date as that Eclipse may well assist us in integrating more fully the emotions that arise from this current Eclipse.

The Total Lunar Eclipse in more detail:

As the first sign of the Zodiac, Aries is a fiery dynamic energy whose impetus is to break through any potential barriers that impede its movement towards growth. Representing the seed emerging from the soil, the Aries show of force is often a necessary tool to protect the vulnerability of newness. Independent by nature, yet relishing the fun and playfulness of others, unconscious emotions that are likely to emerge with the Full Moon in this sign include: feeling independent versus feeling alone, feeling in charge versus feeling inadequate, feeling courageous versus feeling fearful. With Saturn at 0’ Sagittarius 45 trining the Full Moon, our feelings at this time are likely to be connected with some of our belief systems and fears. The South Node conjunct the Full Moon in Aries indicates that some of the emotional patterns which are emerging both on a personal and collective level are part of our past, rather than our future. Our future path is indicated by the Sun in Libra conjunct the North Node and Mercury. Hence we are invited to seek fairness and balance in our thoughts and in what we choose to manifest in the world. The quincunx to Neptune indicates our ongoing need to remember that all action has to emerge from the compassion that comes from remembering that we are all one. The square from Mercury retrograde in Libra to the Sun emphasizes the need to be fully conscious of our thoughts and words towards ourselves and others at this time as they are particularly impactful and transforming. In revisiting old thought forms that are no longer relevant, we can ascertain which ones are helpful and which ones we are ready to release.

Meanwhile Jupiter in Virgo is trining Pluto, highlighting structures that are no longer efficient and of service to the greater collective. Venus in Leo is still trining Uranus in Aries and quincunx (4’orb) Chiron in Pisces, encouraging us to make radical changes based on our heart energy to effect healing on this planet of our core illusory sense of isolation.

Some questions we might consider at this time: 

  1. Where am I afraid and what thoughts/beliefs lie beneath my fear?
  2. Where am I courageous in my life and what inspires me to embrace my courage?
  3. Where are my thoughts/beliefs rigid and out of balance?
  4. What would help me to rebalance my thoughts and actions?
  5. What would help me to open my heart even more?

Some Tools to work with during this Full Moon time and throughout the rest of the month: 

  1. Quiet time to still the busy mind and connect with the soul – meditation, time in nature, listening to peaceful music…
  2. Playtime with friends, loved ones, children and animals J Aries energy loves to play and it is easier to connect with our heart energy when we are having fun!
  3. Enjoyable physical exercise to release any build-up of tension in the mind and body
  4. Enjoying a healthy balanced diet to soothe our body during the Eclipse. It is worth keeping in mind that the effects of substances including alcohol, sugar, processed foods etc. which tend to be exacerbated during a Full Moon, can feel even stronger during an Eclipse. 

On a Global Level:

The worldwide issue of refugees fleeing for their lives from war torn countries is no longer possible to ignore. For those of us in Europe, we are living in the midst of an unprecedented flow of women, children and men fleeing their war stricken homes en masse, in a desperate attempt to find safety and peace. Day after day, families and individuals are risking their lives crossing the Mediterranean between Turkey and Greece in packed flimsy rubber dinghies, many of which have sunk! Over 2,500 people have already drowned in these crossings in 2015 alone. A large number of them are children. The divisions within the so called European ‘community’ are rapidly coming to light as some countries react with barbed wire fences whilst others have opened their hearts and homes to welcome the refugees. However, with numbers rising and many countries refusing to share in offering a safe sanctuary, old anger represented by a limited expression of the Aries Moon conjunct the South Node, is coming to the fore particularly in the past week. Fears based on scarcity are being fuelled by old beliefs (Saturn in Sagittarius) and futile attempts are being made to reinforce outdated boundaries (Mars trine Pluto in Capricorn).

However, with Mars and Jupiter both in Virgo, we are also witnessing a huge amount of individuals across all religious and political groups, reaching out and being of practical service. With the aid of Social media we have the great privilege of seeing the enormous courage of these brave spiritual warriors, one of whom happens to be a young law graduate I knew in Hawaii who packed up and went to Greece and Turkey to help. This is the most expansive expression of the Aries Full Moon energy, balanced by the Libran sense of fairness and justice. 

Who is most likely to resonate with these energies?

If you have planet or angles between 3’ and 6’ Aries, Libra, Capricorn or Cancer you are more likely to resonate with the Lunar Eclipse energies. However, as with all eclipses, there are few of us who will not resonate with these powerful energies.

I leave you with this simple, yet powerful quote by the late Wayne W. Dyer: “When the choice is to be right or to be kind, always make the choice that brings peace”  

Legal Copyright of Margaret Gray September 2015. Feel free to share but to comply with copyright laws, please ensure that the work is attributed to the author. Many thanks.