Saturn Square Neptune Nov 2015 – September 2016

Shall We Create Heaven on Earth?
A Very Brief Guide to the Saturn/Neptune square in the sky from November 2015 – September 2016 by Margaret Gray

The future depends on what you do today 
– Mahatma Gandhi

heaven on earth

Dates when the Saturn/Neptune Square will be Exact:

November 26th, 2015 – 7’ Sagittarius/Pisces
June 17th, 2016 – 12’ Sagittarius/Pisces both planets Retrograde.
September 10th 2016 – 10’ Sagittarius/Pisces Saturn direct, Neptune Rx.

Note that from February to June, Jupiter in Virgo will create a TSquare with Saturn and Neptune. At it’s best this could help us use the Saturn/Neptune square for the best service of humanity.

Core Archetypes for Saturn and Neptune:

Saturn  Neptune
Fear Love
Ego Heart
Earthbound Divine Infinity
Sensation Emotions









Crystallization Flowing
 Manifestation Dissolution Enchantment
Solution based Imagination
Incarnation Dreams
Boundaries Limitlessness
Materiality Grace

Core Themes of Saturn in Sagittarius square Neptune in Pisces on an Individual and Collective Level:

Most Expansive Potential Expression  Most Limited Potential Expression
Incarnation of imagination – creative endeavors crystalize Futile attempts to maintain rigid ego structures
Authentic connection with inner spirituality Dogmatic fanatical dissemination of fearful beliefs based on restrictive external ideologies
Search for inner guidance and truth Search for external rules and regulations to follow unquestioningly
Realization of oneness and connection with the planet and beyond, whilst maintaining a core inner sense of self Addictive behaviors as escapism
Expansive learning, explorations and travel Rigid insistence on being ‘right’
Awareness of different viewpoints Insistence on the one ‘truth’
Embracing the beauty of difference within oneness Scapegoating of perceived differences
Heart-centric Egocentric
Freedom based on responsibility, personal accountability and communication Freedom based on avoidance and running away
Integrity based on wisdom, knowledge and intuition Judgement of self and others based on rigid values
Actions based on love and trust in a supportive universe Actions based on fear and anxiety
Creating Heaven to Earth Destroying Earth in the name of a fearful Heaven

The Seeding Moment of this Square was on March 3rd, June 24th and November 13th 1989 when Saturn was conjunct Neptune in Capricorn This set the tone for the current square. Where were you? What was happening in your life? Notice if this square helps you to move a step further in whatever personal journey you initiated at this time.imagen140963g

Two major events that took place in 1989 were the dismantling by Hungary of the barbed wire fencing along the border with Austria and the Berlin Wall finally came down. (Neptune pulled down inauthentic (Capricorn) boundaries).

Some potential ways to apply the Saturn/Neptune square to your chart:

  1. Notice the position by sign, house and aspect of your natal Saturn and Neptune. This determines how the planets operate in your life on a day to day basis and the areas of your life where you feel their energy. Notice if they make a natal aspect to each other. You are likely to be more familiar with how they work together as you have lived with them all of your life.chartliz greene

(Map of Houses from the book ‘Relating’ by Liz Greene -The Aquarian Press 1990)

  1. In which House of your chart will the three coming Saturn/Neptune squares land? This will inform you as to where you will experience the core themes as listed in the box above. For example if Saturn lands in your 10th House and Neptune in your 1st, the square will awaken aspects of your career and your approach to life, as well as your relationships and your home and roots. Whether you experience them at their most expansive or at their most limited depends on many things, including external factors such as life circumstances, as well as more internal issues such as choices and self-development.
  2. Does the Saturn/Neptune square aspect/awaken planets and or angles in your chart? If your Sun, Moon and/or angles are between 6’ and 13’ Sagittarius, Pisces, Gemini and or Virgo you are likely to resonate strongly with this transit. For example Saturn on your Sun can invite you to crystallize and manifest a grounded aspect of yourself whilst Neptune squaring it will remind you that whilst being an individual, you are also part of the greater whole.

Tools that may help during this time:

  1. All forms of imaginative, creative and artistic pursuits. Rather than just listening to music this is an ideal time to write and create music. Similarly for all of the creative arts. Saturn’s task is to help us manifest our imagination into matter.
  2. Spending time in nature to center and ground.creativityall
  3. Meditating whilst doing mundane tasks.
  4. Anchoring in your Body, on Earth whilst reaching for the Sky!
  5. Helping others in a practical way.
  6. Developing teaching courses.
  7. Starting a new course of study.
  8. Traveling and enjoy new landscapes.
  9. Taking care of our body and mind through a healthy diet and exercise.
  10. Making healthy choices around mood altering substances including alcohol, sugar etc.
  11. Keeping centered in our heart and surrendering the ego, thereby releasing fears.

The optimal choice that you can make in any situation is to grow spiritually. That means intending to create harmony, sharing, cooperation and reverence for life – Gary Zukav

Bio – Margaret Gray MSW D. Psych. Astrology Certified Workplace and Family Mediator

Margaret offers Psychological Astrology Birth Chart readings to individuals, couples and children internationally in person and on skype. Currently based in Dublin, Ireland with a foot in Hawaii, Margaret can be contacted via her email address or website Margaret also teaches Psychological Astrology online and in person and offers astrology support to new astrologers. She is a member of the ISAR board of directors.

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  1. Emily says:

    Hi, I this is the first time I have read your blog and I believe you make very good points. Personally I have been on a similar journey of what you are talking about. I am 22 and this year has been a very spiral year, going at a very fast pass, but during this time I have been finding my femininity and creative side. I started a candle business I make healing creams, soaps etc. Also making bits of music on the side, just for the amazing connection I found with creating it. I have always sung and danced a lot but it is becoming more often and in the last week I have gotten into a course teaching me to be a instructor to outdoor education. I have to move back and forth between two states next year for my studies. I’m sure there are many people feeling this change, and I hope we choose most expansive potential expression, but I can se the battle. Thank you for giving people a place to relate too and expressing something for many. I look forward to reading on… Lots of love Emily

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