The Full Moon in Gemini on November 25th 2015

The Full Moon at 3’ Gemini 20 – Some brief notes by Margaret Gray

A dream you dream alone is only a dream. A dream you dream together is reality – John Lennon

The Core Theme for this Full Moon: Encountering a Hall of Mirrors in our Search for The Truth

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When Full Moons occur in Air signs, the opposing Sun in Fire invites us to initially experience our feelings through the filter of our mind, rather than through our body and emotions. This is particularly the case for this Full Moon in Gemini as Mercury the ruler of Gemini, is opposite the Moon and conjunct the Sun, together with Saturn in Sagittarius.

The twin sign of Gemini rules communication, networking, friendships, bridges, travel, crossroads, translation, siblings, business deals and neighbours. However, unlike our body and emotions which cannot distort what we are feeling, our mind, like Hermes, can easily play tricks! In fact, with so many planetary aspects to this Full Moon, we may feel like we are in a hall of magic mirrors, where we get a different reflection back depending on where we look! For example, the opposing Stellium in Sagittarius requests us to tell the truth in our words and actions. However, as Saturn is part of the Stellium, there can be a dogmatic quality to the truth we are seeking, which may be in part be fuelled by fear. The fear is mostly of ‘getting it wrong’ and being ‘scapegoated’– whether it be re what we think, what we say or how we say it or don’t say it!  The Trine from Mars in Libra to the Full Moon somewhat adds to the vacillation, as well as potentially offering some balance in the mix.

One of the key planetary configurations that this Full Moon highlights and reinforces is the exact Saturn/Neptune square which takes place the day after this Full Moon. More about this in a moment.

First, it may be helpful to explore the layers of meaning contained within the often misunderstood sign of Gemini. This Air sign is one of only two dual signs in the Zodiac – the other one is Pisces. As with all dualities in life, the requirement is ultimately one of integration which is a lifelong theme wherever Gemini is placed in the Birth Chart. (This is particularly the case if you have Sun or Moon in Gemini). The dualities that Gemini is fundamentally concerned with are between Heaven and Earth, Mind and Body, Mundane and Transcendent, Light and dense and Life and Death. This is why Gemini rules bridges as its ongoing task is to create a connection between different dimensions. Hermes/Mercury the ruler of Gemini is a good example of this in his role as Psychopomp where he leads souls who have died to their final destination. This Full Moon in Gemini is likely to awaken these dualities within us, inviting us to find a bridge between them. Usually the Moon in Gemini finds it comforting to translate emotions into thoughts and words. However, this may not prove to be so easy to do with the powerful, although brief Tsquare by this Full Moon to Neptune, which pulls us into the oceanic and somewhat confusing depths of feelings, emotions and imagination. Although Tsquares by nature are somewhat tense aspects, they can be very creative as they are so dynamic. As always the key to what manifests depends on our individual and collective choices.

This brings us to the Saturn Square Neptune configuration in the sky, which will be exact the day after the Full Moon. This is the most important configuration in 2016 and although it has come close several times already in 2015, this is the first of three times when it will be exact. The other two times will be: June 17th and September 10th 2016. Keep in mind that the first time a planetary configuration is exact, gives us a taster of the core issues we are invited to engage with both individually and collectively throughout the transit. The specific areas of your life it is more likely to impact on depends of on where the Saturn/Neptune square lands in your Birth Chart as well as the position of your natal Saturn and Neptune.

In some ways Saturn in Sagittarius and Neptune in Pisces can work well together as they both invite us to seek our spiritual truth. However, they do it in very different ways. Saturn highlights the aspects of our beliefs that are inauthentic, whereas Neptune highlights the sameness and oneness of everything. Saturn wants manifestation – Neptune wants dissolution. Saturn wants an absolute truth – for Neptune nothing is clear and definite. Saturn requires limits – Neptune seeks infinity.

In Greek mythology Saturn was Neptune’s father and if these two planets work well together, Saturn can act as a helpful container for Neptune’s lack of boundaries, leading to the manifestation of creative and spiritual endeavours. At their most limited, these two planets can push and pull each other, with Saturn insisting it has the absolute truth and Neptune creating a tsunami of emotions to dissolve the rigidity of Saturn’s beliefs.

One more set of energies that need to be considered is the Venus in Libra /Uranus in Aries opposition, which is within 3’. This configuration invites us to take into account values based on balance, fairness, impartiality and justice as we hurry to create innovative change. The internal duality is between: do I carry on and do what I want regardless of others, or do I take into consideration the needs and viewpoints of those around me? With Pluto forming a slightly out of orb square to both planets, the possibility of a compromise comes through the creation of an authentic inner sense of self, as a foundation for the creation of authentic structures in our daily life. Mars in Libra Trine the Moon and quincunx Neptune reinforces the need for action to be fair and balanced.

Finally, a quick mention of Jupiter in Virgo which is still in opposition to Chiron. Our need to be of service as a tool to heal our human sense of isolation continues to be of paramount importance. We are all in this together! 

The Sabian Symbol for 4’ Gemini is: ‘Holly and Mistletoe bring Christmas Spirit to a Home’. In Roman times Holly was worn in honour of the God Saturn. Hence this Sabian symbol may be bringing our attention to the importance of honouring Saturn at this time and manifesting our truth. Druids used Holly as a reminder that the world remained beautiful even through the bare winter months. This also ties in with the Saturn theme of the cycles of nature reminding us that some form of life continues even at times of apparent death. The ancient Celts believed that Mistletoe had healing powers and in Victorian times it became traditional to kiss under the mistletoe. Both plants were believed to be able to keep away negative energies. Hence there is the potential for connecting and healing to take place during this time. This symbol may be a reminder that we have natural tools at our disposal to bring about a loving rebirth if we choose to.

Some questions we might consider at this time: 

  1. What beliefs determine your life right now? Are they expansive or restrictive?
  2. What aspects of your life would benefit from being ‘bridged’ right now? How might you do this?
  3. What is your ‘truth’ about yourself, in this moment? What formed this truth for you? Does it resonate with your heart?
  4. How important are justice and compromise to you?

Some Tools to work with during this Full Moon time and throughout the rest of the month:

  1. Taking some quiet time away from crowds to allow feelings to settle.
  2. Enjoying some gentle Neptunian pursuits such as walking by flowing water, listening to beautiful music, dancing, painting, meditating…
  3. Finding someone you trust to share your feelings with. 

On a Global Level:

Amidst the horrific tragedies that we have been witnessing throughout the world over the past 10 days, what is increasingly emerging are the heroic actions of countless individuals. From the brave person risking her/his own life, to pull in the pregnant woman who was hanging from a balcony during the shootings in Paris to the innumerable people who stepped in front of loved ones to save them from being shot, to friends who risked their lives by staying with their friends and/or physically carrying them to safety during the shootings at the concert. Not to mention the amazing letter by the French dad whose wife was shot next to him! Social media has been inundated by posts supporting refugees and highlighting how they are escaping the very horrors that hit Europe last week. Posts also reminded everyone that these tragedies are occurring throughout the world and that all lives matter equally resonating with the energies of Neptune in Pisces – we are all one! As the days have gone by, the voices of fear have got smaller and smaller as the voices of love, justice and equality have got bigger and bigger with the help of Jupiter in Virgo and Venus in Libra. Responses by Governments based on violence are being met with resistance by a collective that is wanting a new way to resolve conflicts based on honesty re the original source of the current challenges. This is very much in keeping with the Venus/Uranus opposition as well as Mars in Libra.

Global issues of unfairness and injustice have also been reaching a crescendo, from the collapse of the Jade mines in Burma with over 100 people dead, to the flooding of the mines in Brazil, with many deaths and extensive loss of homes. Both these situations have highlighted the ruthlessness of plundering the earth’s resources without offering a fair and respectful exchange to the land and to the people who live on that land.

Who is most likely to resonate with these energies?
If your Sun, Moon and/or angles are between 1’ and 5’ Gemini, Sagittarius, Virgo, Pisces, and/or Libra you are likely to feel these Full Moon and Saturn square Neptune energies more powerfully. If your Sun, Moon and/or angles are between 13’ and 21’ Virgo, Pisces, Capricorn and/or Aries you are more likely to resonate with the Jupiter/Chiron and Venus/Uranus oppositions as well as the ongoing Uranus/Pluto square.

I leave you with this wise quote by Martin Luther King Jr: It really boils down to this: that all life is interrelated. We are all caught in an inescapable network of mutuality, tied into a single garment of destiny. Whatever affects one destiny, affects all indirectly.

Legal Copyright of Margaret Gray Nov 2015. Feel free to share but to comply with copyright laws, please ensure that the work is attributed to the author. Many thanks.

Bio – Margaret Gray MSW D. Psych. Astrology

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