Some Brief Notes on the Lunar Eclipse on March 23rd at 3’ Libra 36 by Margaret Gray

“In essence, you are neither inferior nor superior to anyone. True self-esteem and true humility arise out of that realization. In the eyes of the ego, self-esteem and humility are contradictory. In truth, they are one and the same.” ― Eckhart Tolle

The Core Theme for this Penumbral Full Moon Eclipse  = From a Place of Inner Balance, Speak your Unique Truth



A lunar eclipse occurs when the Earth is located between the Sun and Moon. For this to occur all three have to be lined up. However, with a Penumbral Eclipse, only the outer shadow of Earth falls on the Moon, so there is very little darkening of the Moon. Hence, it’s not as easily observable as a total or partial Lunar Eclipse. 


Lunar Eclipses can only occur during a Full Moon. Full Moons by their nature bring to the surface some of our deeper unconscious emotions in the manner of the sign the Full Moon is in, (this one is in Libra) and in the arena of our life that it is traveling through in our Birth Chart. However, during a Penumbrial Lunar Eclipse, our human shadow blocks out some of the light from our Solar consciousness which usually fully illuminates and helps us to integrate the surfacing emotions. Therefore, until the Moon moves fully out of the shadow of the Earth, our newly surfaced emotions may be somewhat confusing to  decipher.

Some interesting things to note about this Lunar Eclipse:

  1. Eclipses repeat by sign and degree every 19 years. Hence, the last time we had a Lunar Eclipse at the same degree as this current eclipse was on March 24th (GMT) 1997 at 3’ Lib 36. It is worth looking back at this date and considering if anything stands out from your life at that time? If you were not born yet, it’s worth asking what was happening in your family. It can also be helpful to have a look at global and National events that took place at that time. This Eclipse may help you to integrate a deeper layer of feelings from whatever came to light 19 years ago.
  1. This is the final Lunar Eclipse on the Aries/Libra axis for the time being. The first one of this series was on October 18th 2013 at 25’ Aries 45 followed by:

April 15th 2014 at 25 Libra 16,

October 8th 2014 at 15 Aries 05,

April 14th at 14 Libra 24 and

September 28th 2015 at 4’ Aries 40

Hence, the Aries/Libra themes have been an integral part of our emotions over the past 2 years. These include the integration of:

Aries            Libra

‘Self’ and ‘other’

Independence and interdependence

Confrontation and pleasing others

Self-assertiveness and compromise

Goal oriented and co-operative

Action and inaction

Primal individual primitive survival and civilized social connection

Wilfulness and compromise

Competition and sharing

Courage and safety

Uniqueness and pleasing

Freedom and compromise

Aloneness and relationship

Decisiveness and indecision

Truth and platitude

The integration of these dualities has been particularly important on a personal level for anyone with Sun, Moon and/or angles in Aries and Libra. However, everyone will resonate with the above themes on a more collective level. It may be helpful to take note of which end of the duality you have experienced the most over the past 2 years and how you have been challenged to make changes. For example if your tendency has been to avoid expressing your truth for fear of not being ‘liked’ you may have found yourself in situations where you were challenged to face your fears and assert your truth. Ultimately this Full Moon invites all of us to find our own self value based simply on who we are as well as valuing others fully for who they are. blogger-image-1020906531

  1. The Sabian symbol for this Moon is: ‘Around A Campfire A Group Of Young People Sit In Spiritual Communion’

The concept of ‘communion,’ as in spiritual sharing, feels like a particularly apt symbol with the Venus, Neptune and Chiron stellium conjunct the South Node in Pisces. ‘Young people,’ points towards future possibilities that may arise from this gathering of like hearted souls. Campfires have been depicted since time immemorial as a gathering place where important decisions are made, as well as where food (nurturance) is cooked and heat is generated. Sitting around a campfire means being in a circle which is based on the equal recognition of everyone. Hence this Eclipse may bring us together with likeminded friends and loved ones to share our thoughts and feelings in a fair and balanced way.

The Sabian Symbol for the opposing Sun is: ‘Two Lovers Strolling On A Secluded Walk’

The fact that the walk is ‘secluded, highlights the sacred private space that lovers need to regularly inhabit to connect with each other away from collective distractions. We may find it helpful to ‘stroll’ somewhere away from the crowds to assist us in integrating the dualities of the Aries/Libra themes within ourselves of the Eclipse.

  1. You may remember that in my blog on the Lunar Eclipse for September 28th 2015 I mentioned that my colleague Isaac George had pointed out that this current Lunar Eclipse would activate the same Aries/Libra axis (within a degree and the opposite way round). Hence this Eclipse may well assist us in integrating more fully the emotions that arose from the September Lunar Eclipse. You may find it helpful to think back to any strong emotions that were highlighted for you at that time?

This Lunar Eclipse in more detail:

This Eclipse only connects with two other planets in the sky. The first is the opposition to Mercury which is 1’ from the Sun. This highlights our need at this time to express our feelings as honestly and authentically as possible. The second is the sextile to Mars in Sagittarius (2’ away), which asks us to take action based on the integration of the Aries/Libra themes of this Eclipse.

Chiron continues its exact conjunction to the south node in Pisces, supporting us in letting go of any parts of ourselves that have remained in ‘victim mode’. We are strongly encouraged to move into practical efficiency and effectiveness, as indicated by the North Node in Virgo.

With Venus still within a degree of its conjunction to Neptune in Pisces, our desire for soul connection remains strong. Ultimately what we are seeking is a connection with our interpretation of ‘the divine’. However, in the short term we may be tempted to try to appease our needs with addictions. With so many planets in Pisces, addictions may prove to more problematic than usual as the effect of substances may be faster and more extensive.

There are two major ongoing planetary aspects that continue in the sky:

  1. The Uranus/Pluto square (within 2’). Although this will gradually finally slowly ease apart over the next 6 months, we are still affected by it during this Lunar Eclipse. Hence the pressure to transform our core structures individually and collectively is very present. This will continue even when these planets move apart although it won’t feel quite as intense unless either planet comes close to your Sun, Moon and/or angles.
  2. The 2nd of three exact squares from Jupiter to Saturn is exact today. The first one was on Aug 3rd 2015 and the last one will be on May 26th. This is the final square in a 20 year cycle that started on May 28th 2000 with the Jupiter/Saturn conjunction. Hence it indicates the resolution over the next 5 years of something that started at the time of the conjunction. You may find it helpful to consider if something important started for you on May 28th 2000? The first square on Dec 17th 2005 is also worth noting as that is the time you would have got a clearer indication of what the issues connected with this transit are about for you. The opposition on May 23rd 2010 is likely to have represented a challenge to these issues. The core underlying general themes of this cycle are about self-value. This final square invites us to pay close heed to what our inner truth is. The conflict is likely to be between the ‘beliefs’ we have formed over the years and our own inner truth.

Some questions you might consider at this time:

  1. On which end of the spectrum do you mostly lean towards in different areas of your life – the Aries or the Libra? (See the list further up this blog)
  2. On a scale of 1 – 10 where would you place your self-value right now based on who you are, rather than what you do?
  3. If you were to leave this planet tomorrow, what truth would you like to express before you go?images

Some Tools to work with during this Full Moon time and throughout the rest of the month: 

  1. Eclipses are an ideal time to connect with yourself through peaceful time alone writing, drawing, daydreaming, meditating…
  2. It can be helpful to write a list of what needs urgent rebalancing in your life: work, health, relationships, friendships, family, fun…How might you do this?
  3. This is an ideal time to choose one person to speak your truth to and make every effort to do so at this time. It is likely to work better if you prepare beforehand so that you can be more easily heard. Choosing kind words to express your truth is also likely to be more effective.
  4. With the powerful stellium in Pisces it can be helpful to place some form of energetic boundary around you to avoid taking in other people’s feelings and emotions. For some this may be gold light or crystal pyramids or the Violet flame… There are lots of suggestions via Google, depending on what feels most comfortable for you. Grounding as always also helps with boundaries.

On a Global Level:

The powerful Piscean energy we have been experiencing most of this month has been bringing lots of emotions to the surface. With boundaries thinner than ever and the South Node conjunct Chiron in Pisces, we are releasing as a collective many emotions that kept us feeling helpless. The key to letting them go is through understanding what we needed to learn. Ultimately the goal is to help us access our deepest compassion for ourselves and others. Having done that we will be in a better position to offer practical help where it’s needed. Whole countries like Syria will need rebuilding. Therapeutic help and care will be needed for millions of children, women and men who are traumatized from war throughout the world. Medical treatment facilities will need the help of the more ancient complementary medicine as pharmaceutical treatments such as antibiotics are becoming increasingly ineffectual. The current economic system based on greed will need to be replaced by a system that does not allow 795 million people to go hungry in an abundant world! In the meantime the behaviour of  individuals like potential US presidential candidate Donald Trump is alerting us of what could happen if we choose to operate from a place of fear rather than love!

Who is most likely to resonate with these energies?

If you have planet or angles between 3’ and 6’ Libra, Aries, Capricorn and/or Cancer you are more likely to resonate with the Lunar Eclipse energies. However, as with all eclipses, there are few of us who will not resonate with these magnified Full Moon energies.

Legal Copyright of Margaret Gray March 2016. Feel free to share but to comply with copyright laws, please ensure that the work is attributed to the author. Many thanks.


Bio – Margaret Gray/Agent Amor MSW D. Psych. Astrology

Margaret offers psychological astrology consultations to individuals, couples and children internationally in person and on skype. Currently based in Dublin, Ireland with a foot in Hawaii, Margaret can be contacted via her email address Her website is Margaret also teaches Psychological Astrology online and in person. She is a member of the ISAR board of directors.



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