Mars and Pluto Retrograde – April 17th and 18th 2016

‘Nothing is so firmly believed as that which we least know’
― Michel de Montaigne

“Retrogrades offer us the opportunity to revisit unfinished business in the area of our life that the retrograde planet is travelling through in our chart, in the manner of the intrinsic nature of that planet”. MGP1-3


Since April 6th , as Mars got closer to Retrograde Saturn in Sagittarius, it has felt like we have been trying to drive with the handbrake on! Hence the general sense of tiredness that so many have been experiencing, encouraging us to pull our energy inwards for the Retrograde and explore what motivates and gives us meaning in life. Mars in our chart represents our basic life force – our Qi and helps us to say No to anything that we ‘perceive’ as threatening to our survival. This Retrograde Mars in Sagittarius will invite us to reconsider our perceptions – what determines whether we ‘perceive’ something as threatening or not? Is it really threatening our survival or does it merely threaten our ego?SFPage
As it moves back into Scorpio on May 28th , our search for our inner truth will go deeper into the recesses of our unconscious to clear out perceived threats to our survival that come from our family, ancestry and past lives. This is a valuable opportunity to allow our fears to come to the surface to be released. When Mars direct moves to 8’ Sagittarius once more on August 22nd, we can use our freed up Mars energy to create, rather than be in permanent defense mode, fighting battles that we have no real need to fight.
Between July 17th and September 9th and from October 14th until December 1st we have the opportunity to revisit and clear out any unfinished issues that were highlighted in our life in March 2015. These issues concern the core structures and foundations of our life – health, finances, relationships, family, home, career, friendships, community etc. The ones that are based on inner integrity in alignment with our authentic soul self are likely to form a firm foundation for us to move forward in December. Meanwhile the Pluto Retrograde offers us the opportunity to transform the ones that are not based on the aforementioned, before they totally crumble.images

These Retrograde Transits are particularly important if your Sun, Moon and/or Angles are between 22’ Scorpio/Taurus and 8’ Sagittarius/Gemini and/or between 14’ and 17’ Capricorn/Cancer.

In our Relationships: 
The Mars retrograde offers us the opportunity to retrace our steps and assess past actions taken by us that have impacted our relationships. What perceptions were these actions based on? What beliefs did these perceptions arise from? What fears lay beneath some of our actions? What changes and amends do we need to make to release our energy from any past resentments, fears and misconceptions and move forward in a creative energetic manner on Aug 21st?

The Retrogrades offer us as a global community, the opportunity to re-evaluate the actions we have taken to date and the beliefs they are based on. We are also invited to look at the global outcomes. Have we used the opportunities offered by us with the Uranus/Pluto square over the past 3 years to create new heart based structures in our society – financial, educational, political…? If not, why not? Are our global beliefs and actions inclusive or restricted? Are we building walls or gardens to feed people?

Once again the dates between July 17th and September 9th and from October 14th until December 1st will be particularly important on a global as well as a personal level. Issues that arose in March 2015 are likely to come to the fore once more to be re-evaluated and re-structured as needed. The choice to do so will be based on our individual free will – as always!

Some General Astrological Information:
What does it mean when a Planet goes ‘Retrograde’?
The Retrograde motion of the planets is an illusion based on the orbital rotation of the Earth and the different speeds of the planets. For example: if you are sitting on a train that goes forward faster than the one next to you, the train beside you appears to be going backwards. Similarly for the planets when the Earth is at a particular angle.

Mars goes Retrograde once every two years, Mercury 3 – 4 times a year and Pluto goes Retrograde once a year for 5 – 6 months.
April 17th: Mars goes stationary Retrograde at 8’ Sagittarius 53 until June 29th. He moves temporarily back into Scorpio on May 28th
April 18th: Pluto goes Retrograde at 17’Capricorn 29 until September 26th
April 28th: Mercury goes Retrograde at 23’ Taurus 34 until May 22nd
Saturn has been retrograde in Sagittarius since March 26th and will go stationary direct on Aug 13th
Jupiter has been Retrograde in Virgo since January 8th and will remain Rtx until May 9th.

Key Planetary Energies with Mars and Pluto Retrograde:
Mars Retrograde in Sagittarius is within orb of a conjunction to Saturn Retrograde in the same sign, emphasising the need to slow down. On May 28th he moves back into Scorpio where he remains until Aug 3rd, highlighting our need to focus inwards.

During his retrograde journey this time round, Pluto goes back as far as 15’ and 14’ Capricorn thereby re-stimulating the degree of the last Uranus/Pluto square on March 16th 2015. Pluto Retrograde will transit 15’ from July 17th until September 9th and then again when he is direct from October 14th until December 1st. Going into 2017 we can finally draw the curtain on the Uranus/Pluto Square phase in our lifetime. The question will be: have we put this powerful transit to its best use individually and collectively?

Legal Copyright of Margaret Gray 2016 MSW D. Psych.


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