The New Moon in Cancer on July 4th 2016

When you protect yourself from pain, be sure you do not protect yourself from love ― Alan Cohen 


Key Planetary Energies:

This New Moon which is conjunct Mercury (3’ orb), opposes Pluto in Capricorn (4’ orb), sextiles the North Node in Virgo ( 2’ orb) – as well as Jupiter that is sitting right beside it (5’ orb). It also trines the South Node in Pisces on the other side, which is still conjunct Neptune (1’ orb). Meanwhile there is also a Grand Trine in emotional Water in the sky between Venus in Cancer, Mars in Scorpio and Chiron in Pisces. All in all, the energies are a lot softer than they have been for the past few weeks as our hearts are invited to open fully.

If you have planets and/or angles between 11’ and 17’ Cancer, Capricorn, Pisces and/or Virgo and/or between 19’ and 26’ Cancer, Scorpio and/or Pisces, you are likely to resonate strongly with the current planetary transits.

So how is this likely to affect you?

With 6 planets in Water Signs, this New Moon invites us to connect with our emotions, as well as with our inner parental archetypes. The opposition to Pluto indicates that this is a good time to implement some restructuring of our emotional arena including gently taking down protective walls that are holding us back from love. Like the proverbial crab, we are more likely to connect with this energy by approaching our emotions sideways through gentleness, self-nurturing, compassion and creativity. The conjunction to Mercury suggests that sharing our emotions with loved ones is likely to help us in this process. Journaling, photography and the arts also provide a helpful medium to explore and express our emotions at this time.thumb

The Grand Trine in Water helps feelings to flow and for potential healing to take place of past emotions that have been surfacing with Mars in Scorpio. Self-value and self-nurturing are particularly highlighted, as we evaluate the nurturing we received or not from our parents/primary carers. What are the gaps in our nurturing? Did it meet our lunar needs? If not, how can we meet these needs within ourselves now?

In our Relationships:
In stimulating our internal parental archetypes, this New Moon invites us to heal another layer of our experience of being parented and to take ownership of our emotional needs. It also encourages us to share these needs with our significant other. Intimacy thrives on honesty, communication and the sharing of emotions. The purpose of the sharing is not for the other person to heal our pain, but merely to witness who we are underneath our shell. Opening our heart and allowing ourselves to be vulnerable in the loving presence of another can generate amazing healing for both individuals and beyond.empathymain-800x533

Family dynamics that may have been operating beneath the surface are likely to come to the fore at this time. Compassionate communication is key at this time to potentially healing and resolving another layer of our family relationships.sharing-heart


The aspects between this New Moon and the Nodes remind us that the theme of nurturing is a global one right now. Hence in healing the parts of ourselves that have unresolved emotions from early childhood, including feelings of ‘abandonment’ or ‘invasion’ as infants, we are contributing to healing global issues to do with emotional wounding.

This New Moon reminds us that ultimately at our core all of us as humans desire love, compassion and connection. Hence the current chaos and destruction in the world could be viewed as a distressed child having a tantrum out of desperation that its core emotional needs are not being met. The question then becomes – what can we each do to contain and reassure this ‘child,’ whilst dealing with the inner distress that it is triggering in us? How can we offer it unconditional love whilst setting firm boundaries around its destructive behaviour? How can we parent ourselves and also ‘parent the world’? The days of external authority are gone – it is now up to each of us to effect the changes we want to see on this planet, within ourselves, our family, community, town, country…

As Plato reminds us – ‘Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a harder battle’



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