The New Moon in Gemini on May 4th/5th 2016 by Margaret Gray MSW D. Psych. Astrology

Communication, Communication, Communication! 

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‘This world is what we have made of it. If it is ruthless today it is because we have made it ruthless by our attitudes. If we change ourselves we can change the world, and changing ourselves begins with changing our language and methods of communication.’ – Arun Gandhi

Key Planetary Energies today:

Today we have a very interesting and busy New Moon in Gemini! The only planets it doesn’t aspect are Mercury, Mars and Uranus, as well as the Centaur Chiron. In addition it forms a key corner of the Mutable Grand Cross that will be in the sky until mid June (feel free to read my prior blog about the Grand Cross at:

As part of the Grand Cross, this New Moon forms an exact conjunction with Venus at 14’ Gemini and an exact square to Jupiter in Virgo (which is within a 3’ conjunction to the North Node). It also opposes Saturn in Sagittarius (2’ orb) and squares the Neptune/South Node conjunction in Pisces (2’/3’ orb)

The other configuration that continues in the sky is the Earth Grand Trine with Mercury in Taurus, Pluto in Capricorn and Jupiter/North Node in Virgo.

Totally separate to these configurations, but no less important, is the trine between Mars Rx in Scorpio and Chiron in Pisces. (2’ orb)

If you have planets and/or angles between 12’ and 17’ and/or between 20’ and 27’ you are likely to resonate strongly with the current planetary transits.

So how is this likely to affect you?


New Moons are the starting point of the monthly Lunar cycle in the sky and of a new phase of our inner emotional journey. As the previous lunar cycle comes to an end, we usually feel our emotional focus being drawn to the core themes of the New Moon a few days before it’s exact. However, with multiple planets at the four corners of the Mutable Grand Cross all demanding our attention at the same time, we are likely to find it a little more challenging this month to decipher what we are actually feeling at any given time!

This is of course the nature of mutable energies, in that they are constantly and rapidly changing and adapting to what is going on around them. Staying centred within ourselves is therefore particularly important today and until the Grand Cross ends in mid-June. One way of doing this is to literally place the chart of the New Moon as outlined below, on top of your own Birth Chart. newmoongeminiThis is what we do in Synastry. Now imagine that you are anchoring yourself right in the centre of all these planetary configurations so that you have the option of integrating some of the powerful energies swirling around you – particularly as described by the house that they land in your birth chart.

So what are these energies that we are surrounded by and what do they ask of us?

  • The New Moon stellium in one corner invites us to focus on the networks and pathways in our life – both internally and externally. These include: our thought processes, right and left brain function, heart-brain connection, communication with ourself and others, networking skills, friendships, how we bridge differences in our life, flexibility of opinion…
  • The opposing Saturn energies invite us to revisit our belief systems – are they still valid right now? How do they affect our thoughts, emotions and values? Are they a help or a hindrance, how flexible are they?
  • The squaring Neptune/South Node energies invite us to remember that ultimately we all come from the same source. However, the opposing North Node conjunct Jupiter earthy energies pull us strongly into our earth bound self that is here to experience our spiritual self in human form. Our ‘oneness’ needs dedication and practical application on a daily basis and is unlikely to benefit from avoidance mechanisms such as using substances, workaholism, suppression etc. This theme is reinforced by the Earth Grand trine energies which are going on in the background.
  • Finally, the Mars/Chiron energies are likely to draw our attention to old unfinished personal and family internal work that we are ready to explore and release.

In our Relationships:

As I mentioned in a recent blog, one of the key issues to be aware of with these major planetary configurations is of projecting our fears and upsets onto loved ones. The other issue to consider is the futile attempt to seek the security and grounding we are struggling to find within ourselves, in our significant other and frustration when they don’t provide it. With the Gemini New Moon, communication is a major key factor. How easily do we communicate with our significant others? What might be some of the emotional obstacles that get in the way?13308585_10154053720211023_3023635707354956386_o


The Neptune/South Node energy can support us in connecting with loved ones via unconditional love, if we remember that we are also subject to human realities and imperfections. The New Moon invites us to connect with the duality of light and shadow within each of us and within our relationships. Helpful questions at this time may include: what do we each want in a partnership? What soul lessons are we here to learn together? How might we learn them with as much compassion as possible?


This New Moon opens up a potential window of possibility of dialogue between nations as the impact of widespread global conflict as well as climate change, continue to take their shocking toll on vast numbers of individuals. Some of the questions for all of us at this time include: What thoughts and beliefs inform our global awareness and participation? Are we contributing to the ‘light’ or the ‘shadow’? How might we help form a bridge between different communities?

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