The Yod of June 2016 with Apex Mars Retrograde

June 12th 2016: Today is the start of a Yod formation in the sky between Venus/Sun in Gemini forming an exact sextile to Uranus in Aries and both quincunxing apex Mars Rx in Scorpio. This formation will continue until June 17th, when it will be joined by the Moon.13433304_1259952104022747_6427236122373993944_o

Yods, which are also called ‘the finger of fate/god’ are geometrically shaped like an isosceles triangle. “A Yod is essentially a triad, which is universally recognized as one of the most stable and complete forms. With a strong foundation at the bottom, the top of the triangle can reach into the heavens and channel energy down.” – (from a previous article I wrote on Yods on my website…/The-mythology-of-Jupite… tumblr_lxpynahzbc1r90ylyo1_1280

With this current Yod, we are invited to explore and create a new way of connecting, relating and communicating within ourselves and with each other. With Mars in Scorpio at the apex, we are more likely to do so if we are willing to take an honest look at the aspects of ourselves that we have buried – both individually and as a collective. The release point of this Yod is in Taurus, reminding us that the more we ground in our body, the planet and the here and now, the easier it is to integrate the previously largely unconscious energies that are coming to the surface from our individual, family and ancestral past. Spending time in nature is a Taurean pursuit which can help ground these very powerful energies.

This is likely to feel particularly relevant if your Sun/Moon and/or angles are between 20′ and 26′ Scorpio, Taurus, Aries and/or Gemini.
(More on these aspects over the next few days! The skies are busy!)

June 13th 2016: As the Yod continues in the sky today, Neptune goes Stationary Retrograde as it starts its yearly Rx phase through the heavens. This will end on November 20th 2016. Retrogrades invite us to re-visit and re-view the core themes of the signs they are moving through, in the manner of their core energetic makeup. Watery Neptune, who is the ruler of Pisces, invites us to explore our emotions, dreams, fantasies, illusions, delusions, addictions and imagination.tumblr_mvfmd7E5Ub1sb9y83o1_1280

Our most helpful tools during this time include our dreams, creativity and spirituality. This is a wonderful time to connect with our intuition. The arts, including music, dancing, singing, painting, writing, photography etc. act as a creative container for the potentially unboundaried Neptunian energies that can otherwise sometimes be experienced through confusion, chaos and escapism in addictions. Keeping a dream journal can be very helpful as well as remembering to ground in nature as much as possible, so that we don’t forget that the mundane tasks of everyday life are a core part of our spiritual journey. Old grief may also surface at this time and will greatly benefit from being released in whatever way feels comfortable.

Ultimately, Neptune’s journey through Pisces, invites us to remember that we come from the same source and will all return to that same source. During this retrograde phase we are invited to review the deeper meaning of this in our own lives. Compassion is key at the moment, both for ourselves and each other.

June 14th 2016: Day 3 of the Yod with Apex Mars Rx in Scorpio.
Today, the focus is on the base of the Yod with the Sun in Gemini (conjunct Venus – 2′ orb), making an exact sextile to Uranus in Aries.self-other-empathy-venn-diagram1

The function of the base of a Yod is integration. The combination of planets in this Yod invite us to explore ways of integrating our essential need for individuality with our equally important need for connection with others. How do we value ourselves and also value those around us? With Mars Rx in Scorpio as the Apex, finding the underlying ‘truth’ and source of the matter is of the utmost importance. Hence we are likely to re-visit ways we sought to reach this compromise in the past. Did it work? Is it still helpful today? What needs to change? What actions are we going to take to change it?

With the release point of the Yod in Taurus, we are reminded that listening to our body can help us find some of the answers.

You are more likely to resonate with these energies if your Sun, Moon and/or angles are between 22′ and 25′ Aries, Gemini and/or Scorpio.

June 15th 2016: Today is Day 4 of the Yod formation in the sky with Apex Mars Rx in Scorpio. Our attention is currently drawn to the Apex Mars, thanks to the Sun in Gemini highlighting it via an exact Quincunx. Our focus is likely to be on unconscious material surfacing.  Themes that came to light around Feb 22nd are well worth re-visiting particularly re grief. It may be helpful to consider if anger is masking our grief and/or if we are projecting it onto someone or something outside of ourselves? How comfortable are we expressing grief? What do we use to repress and suppress it? What would make it safe for us to experience it?

I found this article on ‘The Masks of Anger’ interesting:

June 16th 2016: Day 5 of the Yod formation in the sky!
Today, the Sun in Gemini, which is part of the Yod, also forms an exact square to Chiron in Pisces. (Venus is still within a 3′ orb of the Sun and hence also affects Chiron). This offers potential illumination of personal and collective areas that would benefit from greater understanding and healing, particularly in how we interact with others and the planet. In healing ourselves, we heal the world.
You are likely to resonate more strongly with this aspect today if your Sun, Moon and/or angles are between 24′ and 26′ Pisces or Gemini. Two excellent books on Chiron are: ‘Chiron and the Healing Journey’ by Melanie Reinhart and ‘A View from Chiron’ by Zane Stein. You may also enjoy this meditation by Deepak Chopra.


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