Some Brief Notes on Uranus Retrograde (July 29th 2016 – Dec 29th 2016) – by Margaret Gray

‘Courage is found in unlikely places’ ― J. R. R. Tolkien


Today, the Promethean planetary giant Uranus goes stationary Retrograde at 24’ Aries 30. This is a perceived, rather than a real change of direction, which is based on our position on planet earth. It can be compared to sitting on a train that suddenly moves faster to the one it has been travelling alongside, creating the illusion that the other train is going backwards. Uranus will go direct again on Dec 29th at 20’ Aries 33, but will only return to the degree it went Retrograde on April 15th 2017. Today is particularly significant as it is symbolically temporarily ‘stopping’ as it prepares to move retrograde, thereby bringing to our attention the key features of this planetary giant as he travels through the fiery sign of Aries.

The overall meaning of Uranus in Aries:

The overall transit of Uranus in Aries (2010 – 2019) is intrinsically an invitation on an individual and collective basis, to make courageous innovative changes in the arenas of our life that are illuminated by this transit, through a process of awakening to our individuality and uniqueness. The manner and arena in which Uranus impacts us individually depends on where he is travelling in our chart and which planets he is aspecting in our chart during this time. (See further below for more on this!) The manner in which he does this is similar for everyone, although how we react depends mostly on the overall nature of our chart.statue-of-liberty-being-struck-by-lightning-wallpaper-4

What do Uranus transits to our chart feel like?

Uranus transits to our chart tend to feel like short, sharp, sudden, erratic, unexpected shocks that can feel somewhat jolting, particularly to our body and emotions (the Moon) and to our nervous system (Mercury). They are often compared to flashes of lightening as they bring sudden illumination through unexpected direct information. However, the manner in which it arrives can feel a little shocking at times, which is why grounding in our body and in nature is so important particularly if we are experiencing a Uranus transit to our Sun, Moon and/or angles. There is likely to be a lessening of patience and tolerance, particularly for perceived unfairness and injustice during Uranus transits to the personal planets, as well as an increased need for freedom of movement and expression.

As he travels retrograde over the next few months, we are offered the opportunity to revisit on a more internal level, key issues that were illuminated in our life from mid-April 2016 until now, in preparation for further innovative changes in April 2017.9f8b1f3cf6b2e1ad2885349bea29de35


How does this impact us?

It may be useful to look at the following:

  1. Which area of your life is Retrograde Uranus going to re-visit? What did it feel like when he first travelled here over the past three months? Here is a brief cookbook summary of the key themes of the different sections of the chart from a Psychological Astrology perspective:

1st House: Your identity

2nd House: Your sense of self value, as well as finances, talents and resources

3rd House: Communication and siblings

4th House: Home, roots and father archetype

5th House: Creativity, children, uniqueness

6th House: Work, health and wellbeing

7th House: Relationships

8th House: Unresolved family issues, other people’s money, intimacy, death and transformation

9th House: Beliefs, travel and higher education

10th House: Career and mother archetype

11th House: Family, friends and groups

12th House: Ancestral issues and the collective unconscious

  1. Which planets and/or angles in your chart is Uranus transiting during this Retrograde? Note any planets and/or angles that are between 20’ and 24’ in your chart – particularly if they are in Aries, Libra, Cancer and Capricorn.

Some tools that may assist us during the Uranus Retrograde phase:

  1. Physical and emotional restorative tools for our body and nervous system such as: good food, enough sleep, fresh air, exercise meditation, yoga, massage, cranio-sacral work, aromatherapy, Reiki, journaling, sound healing…aid432000-728px-Avoid-Being-Struck-by-Lightning-When-Caught-Unawares-Step-3
  2. Time on solid soil, greenery and trees – walking, gardening, digging…
  3. Working with calming crystals.
  4. Relaxation techniques that you find soothing: music, reading…
  5. Connecting with emotions that may suddenly surface in relation to unexpected events over the past three months in particular.
  6. Talking to trusted individuals – friends and/or counsellors about unexpected events that feel unresolved and distressingmy-serenity

‘Life shrinks or expands in proportion to one’s courage’Anaïs Nin

Legal Copyright of Margaret Gray July 2016





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