Some Brief Notes on The Full Moon (Almost Eclipse) in Aquarius on Aug 18th 2016 by Margaret Gray MSW D. Psych. Astrology

‘In chaos, there is fertility’ ― Anaïs Nin


Key Planetary Energies today:

There are varied opinions on whether this is a Lunar Eclipse or not. My personal view is that although it’s close to being an Eclipse, it is not an actual Eclipse. However it does have more potency than the usual Full Moon.

Once more we have a Full Moon amidst very busy skies which can easily feel like we are being pushed and pulled both internally and externally, in a lot of different directions all at once.

Here is a list of what’s going on Planetary wise and below is some information on how it may affect us individually, in our relationships and collectively.

  1. The Full Moon in Airy Aquarius forms an exact sextile to Fiery and dynamic Uranus in Aries, both of which are quincunx Jupiter/Mercury in Virgo – which is the apex of a Yod. The release point for the Yod is Chiron in Pisces. (Compassion) (The orbs are very tight for the whole Yod!)
  2. The Sun in Leo makes a quincunx to Chiron in Pisces (1’ orb) (Lots of opportunity for healing our sense of aloneness!)
  3. There is also a Tsquare in the sky, with apex Mars/Saturn conjunction in Sagittarius (3’ orb) square the North Node/Venus conjunction in Virgo and the South Node/Neptune conjunction in Pisces. The key aspects of this to keep in mind is the Mars/Saturn conjunction which will be exact on Aug 23rd and the ongoing Saturn square Neptune which will be exact again in September 2016. (Full article on the Saturn/Neptune square on my website:
  4. Today Venus in Virgo/conjunct North Node (3’) forms an exact trine to Pluto in Capricorn, engaging our innermost values.

So how is this likely to affect us? 


The Aquarius/Leo axis of this Full Moon is likely to bring to the fore issues to do with how we each integrate our unique individuality with our role in the groups that surround us, be it family, friendships, work, community, spiritual, cultural…This will be particularly highlighted for all who have the natal nodal axis in Aquarius/Leo. If you were born during the following dates your South Node is in Aquarius and your North Node is in Leo. Hence your place of familiarity and comfort is in focusing on group needs and in this lifetime you are learning how to bring the focus back to you individual needs:

Nov 19th 1942 – May 13th 1944
June 9th 1961 – Dec 23rd 1962
Jan 6th 1980 – Sept 20th 1981
Oct 20th 1998 –  April 9th 2000

If you were born during the following times, your South Node is in Leo and your North Node is in Aquarius. Hence your place of comfort and familiarity is in focusing predominantly on yourself and your needs and your learning is how to expand your focus to group and collective needs:

June 25th 1933 – March 9th 1935
March 27th 1952 – September 10th 1953
March 11th 1970 – April 26th 1972
May 23rd 1989 – Nov 19th 1990 [i]

With so much focus in the sky on Virgo right now, including the Apex of the Yod, our attention is being drawn to core Virgo themes. These include:

  • Distilling and challenging our thoughts – which ones are helpful and which ones are outdated or based on incorrect information that may have suited us to hold onto until now? Do our thoughts encompass compassion based on the recognition that we are all the same?
  • Taking practical and efficient action, including communication – what do we need to do to complete processing and digesting information that will allow us to move on and be of greater service to ourselves and the collective?face-622904_640

Virgo rules the aspect of Mercury that is about analysis. It highlights the Mercurial need to mentally understand the details of our life experiences so that digestion, assimilation and a release and letting go can take place – similarly to our physical digestive system. If these stages are not successfully completed, we are at risk of getting stuck in a repetitive and distressing mental loop, where undigested material ferments and becomes potentially toxic. This Full Moon in Aquarius offers us the opportunity to revisit any stuck stages so that we can free ourselves and move forward mentally and emotionally.

With so much emphasis on our ‘mind’ with the Virgo and Sagittarius planets, as well as the Full Moon in Aquarius, it may be helpful to find a way to release some of our busy thoughts through journaling, talking, singing, dancing…Although Virgo is an Earth sign, it’s intrinsic analytical nature can feel somewhat ungrounding at times. Combined with the Full Moon in an Air sign, we are likely to benefit from time in nature right now and in the next few weeks when the Sun joins the Virgo planets and Node.

In our Relationships:

This Full Moon is an ideal time to consider ways of balancing our individual needs with the need for compromise and co-operation in relationships. As we analyse past and current relationships, it may be helpful to assess our core underlying values in significant relationships – are they based on: ‘what are my needs’? and ‘how do I get them met’? or are they based on ‘what can I offer you in this relationship’? and ‘how can I best be of service to the collective by being in this relationship’? dancing-1176550_640This is a great time to go for a walk in nature with a loved one and spend some time just ‘being’ together. Sometimes reaching across and holding hands can communicate a lot more than hours of talking!


This Full Moon reminds us that we are all equally part of a global collective and hence we are all sisters and brothers. Social media enables details of our lives to be shared globally instantaneously, reminding us of the sameness of our core emotions, needs, hopes and desires. The separation between ‘me and you’ is rapidly disappearing as witnessed by the support and outrage online in reaction to hurtful personal comments made against some of the Olympic athletes. In an instant, thousands of strangers across the globe empathised and rallied, as we would do if a loved one right next to us was attacked. This is the Full Moon in Aquarius at her best, combined with Chiron in Pisces as the release point. We are all one, whilst remaining individuals (Sun in Leo).

The core themes of this Full Moon are more likely to reverberate with you if your Sun, Moon and/or Angles are between 24’ and 26’ Aquarius, Leo, Taurus, Scorpio, Aries, Pisces and/or Virgo. The ongoing Virgo themes are more likely to resonate with you if you have planets between 11’ and 26’ Virgo, Pisces, Sagittarius and/or Gemini.

I’ll leave you with the wonderful reminder by Bob Marley:  “One love, one heart, one destiny.”

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[i] Many thanks to for these dates!

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