The New Moon in Libra on Oct 1st 2016 by Margaret Gray

‘Love does not dwell on how much one receives in return. If there is ever any balance in love, it is in a contest of who can love who more’. ― Criss Jami



Key Planetary Energies today:

This month starts with the New Moon in Airy Libra conjunct Jupiter (4’ orb), quincunx Neptune (1’ orb) and the Sth Node in Pisces (4’ orb). It’s also sextile Saturn in Sagittarius (3’ orb) and square Mars in Capricorn (6’ orb). Meanwhile, elsewhere in the skies, Mercury in Virgo opposes Chiron in Pisces (2’ orb), trines Pluto in Capricorn (5’ orb) and is quincunx Uranus in Aries (3’ orb). However, the most exact aspect today, aside from the New Moon, is Venus in Scorpio trine Neptune in Pisces (within 52 seconds!) Meanwhile Saturn in Sagittarius is finally slowly pulling away from its exact square to Neptune (2’ orb) as it gets ready to make an exact square to the Nodes in Virgo and Pisces on October 8th. It’s currently within a 1’ orb! Pluto has already squared them and is moving away (2’ orb).

So how is this likely to affect us? 


Without a doubt September was probably one of the most challenging months of the year in terms of planetary energies. The combination of the Solar and Lunar Eclipse with the third and last Saturn/Neptune square, left many of us emotionally and physically exhausted!

This New Moon signals the start of a new planetary phase as we seek to re-balance. The place in your chart where the New Moon lands will indicate the area of your life that would most benefit from some re-balancing right now. (See the attached image of the meaning of the 12 Houses of the chart). 12-housesReinforced by the conjunction with Jupiter, who by nature expands everything he comes into contact with, we are called to pay attention to the core Libra themes of Choice and Consequences, Fairness and Unfairness, Compromise and lack of, Justice and Injustice.

Some possible questions to consider:

  • Where are these themes prevalent in your life at the moment?
  • What structural changes can you make to readjust?
  • What needs to be healed within you on Oct 2nd and spoken about on Oct 3rd (when Mercury will make an exact quincunx to Uranus)?

In our Relationships:

This new moon offers us the opportunity to start afresh in relationships with a more balanced and fair perspective. Equality based on honest, simple and direct communication is particularly important at this time. The exact Venus/Neptune aspect is an excellent combination for passion and romance in relationships. rose-411762_640With Mars in Capricorn diligence and integrity are required and are likely to result in a solid foundation going forwards. With Pluto still within orb of the nodes, there may be some remaining old relationship patterns that would benefit from being released. This enables us to let go of ‘needing’ something from others and allows us to move into a place where we can offer who we really are with no expectations in our relationships. From that place we can more easily create loving, joyful and pleasurable relationships based on equality and balance.

Some suggestions for this New Moon:

  1. Clear off old energies in whatever way works for you – Epsom salt baths, Reiki, Crystals, Sound…
  2. Connect with likeminded friends and do something fun together.
  3. Go on a romantic date with your significant other.
  4. Look at something beautiful – art, film…
  5. Spend some time in the fresh air – regardless of the weather!


Legal Copyright of Margaret Gray Sept 2016 MSW D. Psych.



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