Neptune conjunct South Node in Pisces Nov 2017

Nov 17th 2016 – Releasing and Surrendering!
Neptune in Pisces is exactly conjunct the South Node and opposing the North Node in Virgo today! 

‘Something amazing happens when we surrender and just love. We melt into another world, a realm of power already within us.’― Marianne Williamson


Whenever a major planet is conjunct the South Node we are invited to release the most limited expressions of that planet which are not in our highest interest. Neptune and the South Node have been in close proximity for the past few weeks and will continue to travel within a couple of degrees of each other until mid-December. However, today they are exactly conjunct to the second, thereby merging their energies in a very powerful way.

What these energies can feel like:

This conjunction takes us into the sacred realm of emotions, the underwater world where the laws of survival differ from the earthy realms. To prevent from drowning we are required to connect with the right, rather than the left side of our brain. With our external eye sight obfuscated, we now have to rely on our intuition. Trying to hold on to something that appears to be solid is unhelpful at this time, as the watery depths require floating, rather than grasping. Meditation, dreams and music can offer helpful insights into what we are being invited to release and surrender at this time. It’s worth noticing which House of your birth chart this conjunction lands in as this offers helpful information as to which area of your life you are invited to release unfinished issues. (See attached chart re the meaning of the different Houses).

The opposing North Node in Earthy Virgo is the beacon of light we are all heading towards individually and collectively, as we bring with us the aspects of Neptune in Pisces that are most growth enhancing for us into the area of our chart that the North Node lands in. Some of the most expansive potential of Neptune in Pisces includes unconditional love for self and others – meaning love without expectations, rather than without boundaries based in self-care. The North Node in Virgo reminds us that discernment, based in a solid sense of self, is an important aspect of love, as we seek to integrate our spiritual unboundaried self into our limited human form.ancient-1807518_640

What can help at this time:

• Tears can help to release grief, as we let go of unfulfilled and outworn dreams and hopes.
• Surrendering to what we know is for our highest good – the Serenity prayer and the Hawaiian Hoʻoponopono chant can be of help at this time.hooponopono-prayer-for-forgiveness-117207-serenity-prayer
• Music can express feelings far more than words which by their linear nature are somewhat limited.
• Imagination – day dreaming allows us to access feelings, hopes and dreams
• A dream journal can help us to ‘hear’ valuable information from our deeper unconscious and beyond.
• The creative arts offer us both a means of expression in this pre-verbal time and a container for emotions that may feel overwhelming – particularly for birth charts that are more Airy, Earthy and/or Fiery.
• Compassion is key to this transit, for both ourselves and others as the veil is thinner and we are all tuning into each other’s feelings right now.

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