Some Very Brief Notes on the Full Moon in Aries on Oct 15th/16th 2016! By Margaret Gray

Direct from the ISAR 2016 Symposium in Costa Mesa California! (Hence the briefness and the photo of the almost Full Moon from my balcony!)

We all want to break our orbits, float like a satellite gone wild in space, run the risk of disintegration. We all want to take our lives in our own hands and hurl them out among the stars. – David Bottoms



As Lynn Bell said at this mornings presentation: “Today is one of the most powerful ‘wake up’ times of the year!”

Planetary Configurations:
This Full Moon at 23’ Aries 14 is conjunct Uranus (’46) and quincunx Venus (4’) The other major Planetary configurations in the sky include Mars approaching a conjunction to Pluto (3’) and Mercury in an exact square to Pluto. Mars also forms an exact Trine to the North Node and a Sextile to the South Node.

Core Themes:
• New beginnings in our emotional realm.
• The opportunity for another layer of emotional individuation and release from previously unresolved maternal issues. 14720621_1398918370126119_3286726487896029535_n
• Unexpected and sudden emotional insights, leading to an increased sense of personal freedom.
• The opportunity to leave codependent patterns in relationships, as the need for equality and fairness comes to the forefront.
• The revelation of truths becomes of paramount importance.
• An ideal time to engage with personal tenacity and power at the service of the collective.
• A great time to plan a new project.

Some Tools that may help at this time:
– Exercise to help relieve the pressure of the powerful Uranian energy on our nervous system – running, dancing, swimming etc.
– Caffeine and sugar are unlikely to be helpful at this time!
– Active forms of meditation
– Grounding! Grounding! Grounding! – time in nature…

Legal Copyright of Margaret Gray Oct. 2016

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