The New Moon in Sagittarius on Nov 29th 2016

‘Those who dare take risks shall fulfill their passions’ ― Lailah Gifty Akita


Key Planetary Energies today:

Every single planet is being activated in the sky today!!
This New Moon in Sagittarius forms the apex of a Tsquare to North Node in Virgo and the South Node in Pisces which is still within a degree of Neptune!
Meanwhile, Venus which is still within 5’ of Pluto in Capricorn, has now reached an exact square to Uranus in Aries as well as a sextile to Chiron in Pisces. This particular set of energies is enhanced by Jupiter in Libra which squares the Venus/Pluto conjunction and opposes Uranus! Jupiter also trines Mars in Aquarius, sextiles Saturn in Sagittarius and forms a quincunx to Chiron in Pisces. Not forgetting the trine between Mercury in Sagittarius and Uranus in Aries and the square to Chiron!!

So how is this likely to affect us?


Without a doubt, today is a day of movement and action on every level, particularly regarding our beliefs! Discernment is required to assess, challenge and release beliefs, assumptions and philosophies which are holding us back. luggage-960030_640The urge is to move forward and to do so we need to clear the decks on a deep inner level. In the previous few days, the Venus/Pluto conjunction helped us (via our relationships), unearth pockets of incongruence between our values and our sense of self. This may have come to our attention via inner and outer power struggles. Now the time has come to be spontaneous, take a chance and expand beyond perceived limitations. Adventure is calling! This may involve releasing our ties with anything and possibly anyone, who is not aligned with our innermost values. To do so we may first need to turn our thinking 180’!! Clear communication with self and others is the key with Mercury also in Sagittarius!

We may also feel a strong pull towards collective issues to do with justice, fairness and equality. Avoidance no longer works. The time has come to fully engage at a micro and macro level!

Some possible Questions to Consider:
• What power struggles have arisen in my life over the past few days? What changes have they invited me to make?
• What part do I choose to play right now in the collective evolutionary movement forward?

This is a great reminder that new seeds are starting to sprout deep within each of us.

Some Suggestions for this New Moon:

1. Read, travel, study…expand your horizons in some way
2. Imagine what it would be like to turn your thinking 180’ in some area that you feel absolutely adamant about, in a way that expands your ideas!
3. Try valuing one aspect of yourself in a new way.
4. Take a chance on something or someone!

You are more likely to resonate with these energies if your Sun, Moon and/or Angles are between 5’ and 10’ Sagittarius, Gemini, Pisces and/or Virgo, as well as between 14’ and 21’ Aries and/or Capricorn.skydive-101771_640

For information on how this New Moon might resonate with your RELATIONSHIPS feel free to have a look at the latest YouTube recording by my colleague Armand Diaz and me on Relationships and Astrology

Legal Copyright of Margaret Gray Nov 2016

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