Some Very Brief Notes on the Full Moon in Cancer on Jan 12th 2017

Where love rules, there is no will to power; and where power predominates, there love is lacking. The one is the shadow of the other – Carl Jung

The briefness is due to the fact that I am enjoying this first Full Moon of the year in sunny Fuertaventura rather than Ireland! The photo above is the view outside my window!

Planetary Configurations:
This Full Moon at 22’ Cancer 27 is particularly powerful as it’s part of a Grand Cross. Hence there are 4 sets of planetary energies all wanting attention at the same time. The Moon in Cancer is one leg of the cross, opposing the Sun conjunct Pluto (5’) in Capricorn, squaring Uranus in Aries (1’) on one side and Jupiter in Libra (exact) on the other side!
In addition, the Full Moon is also exactly quincunx Saturn in Sagittarius and trine Mars conjunct Chiron in Pisces! Also, Mercury is in Sagittarius, at the critical 29’, right on the verge of moving into Capricorn once more!

Full Moons by their nature invite us to integrate the natural polarity within each of us between how we shine out in the world (the Sun) and who we are in the most private recesses of our emotions (the Moon). With a grand cross formation, the planets at the other two corners, which in this case are Jupiter and Uranus, play an important role in this process of integration. Uranus is likely to do so through sudden and unexpected information or events in our lives over the Full Moon period from Jan 11th – 12th. This is likely to free us from some previous restriction, once we recuperate from the surprise! Jupiter invites us to find balance between all of the energies.

Some Core Themes:
• Unexpected unfinished issues to do with either or both of our parents may come to the surface.
• How we self-nurture or not, is likely to be a theme right now in connection with self-love, as we are invited to make some changes in this area. We may also come to an unexpected realization of the impact of lack of self-love in our past and current relationships.
• We may feel a strong push/pull between power versus love, as well as duty versus love, particularly in our relationships, including family, friendships and with our significant other.
• Some ‘secrets’ may come to light.
• This is a great time to challenge limiting stereotypes to do with gender.

Some Tools that may help:

• The creative arts once again!
• A mixture of being by water, yet also time on solid ground
• Honest and direct communication
• Escapism through addictions remains very tempting at the moment, via substances, work, drama, romance…as an avoidance of emotional pain that may be surfacing. Spiritual practices of any kind can be helpful, as well as getting professional help if needbe as part of self-care.
• Anxiety and sleeplessness may be noticeable with this Full Moon as Uranus is involved. Movement outdoors is likely to be easier than trying to meditate from a still position indoors. Worth being a little cautious though if you are doing anything adventurous, particularly if the Full Moon makes tight aspects with your natal chart!

If your Sun, Moon and/or Angles are between 17’ and 23’ Cancer, Capricorn, Aries, Libra, Pisces and/or Sagittarius, you are more likely to resonate with these themes.

Legal Copyright of Margaret Gray January 2017

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