The New Moon at 8’ Aquarius 15 on January 27th/28th 2017

Being an idealist is not being a simpleton; without idealists there would be no optimism and without optimism there would be no courage to achieve advances that so-called realists would have you believe could never come to fruition. 
― Alisa Steinberg

Key Planetary Energies today:

This first New Moon of 2017 does not make major aspects to any of the planets. However, it forms semi-squares to Venus and Chiron in Pisces and to Saturn in Sagittarius. With Saturn forming an exact square to Venus today (which is 2’ from Chiron!), the New Moon is at the midpoint of this square and hence forms a pivotal role – like the centre of a see-saw! Plus Jupiter in Libra forms a quincunx to the Venus/Chiron conjunction (1’) enhancing their energy as well as continuing with his opposition to Uranus in Aries (2’) Not forgetting the trine from Saturn to Uranus (3’) which is the ruler of this New Moon!
So how is all of this likely to affect us?


The first New Moon of any year is significant in that symbolically it sets the emotional tone for the year ahead. Aquarius is the most idealistic and innovative sign of the zodiac. Its focus is on the evolutionary needs of the greater collective and hence it requires a degree of detachment from the personal needs of individuals – particularly the emotional needs so that it can get an overview of the greater picture. At its most expansive New Moon in Aquarius can set the seeds for revolutionary, idealistic changes for the better in society. This was been amply evident on Saturday with the historic Women’s Marches throughout the globe advocating equality. At its most limited this New Moon can be expressed through despotic erratic rebellious destructive behaviour (this too has been amply evident this week!) Either way personal feelings are temporarily set aside. Whether we do so for the purpose of serving the collective or destroying it depends on our individual free will choices!

As mentioned above this New Moon is the pivot point inviting the integration of values based healing separation and recognizing our intrinsic oneness (or values based on a sense of woundedness) on one side of the see saw PLUS the truth (or an inflated belief in our own version of the truth) on the other side.

Meanwhile, the idealistic drive to create completely new ways of being in the world based on fairness, truth and justice is particularly strong at the moment in spite of any resistance from the powers that be throughout the world!
This New Moon will particularly resonate if your Sun, Moon and/or angles are between 6’ and 9’ Aquarius, Leo, Taurus and/or Scorpio. Also if they are between 21’ and 25’ Pisces, Virgo, Aries, Libra  and/or Sagittarius. This is in fact likely to be a key year for you to take a leadership role in some capacity if you have personal planets or angles at any of these degrees.

Some possible questions to explore:

  1. What ideals do I hold for the collective right now?
  2. What am I prepared to do for those ideals?
  3. What parts of myself are stopping me from pursuing my personal and collective ideals?
  4. Are my personal choices contributing constructively to the people around me and to the collective?
  5. Who are my friends? What are these friendships based on?

Some suggestions for this New Moon:

  1. Keeping grounded as much as possible! Aquarian energy can easily take us out of our body and into our mind which can be challenging and tiring for our physical self. Walking in nature is likely to be particularly helpful right now.
  2. Taking some action in whatever way resonates with you to offer assistance to whatever aspect of the collective you feel drawn to: children, older people, health issues, education, death and dying, the environment…Not taking any action is likely to lead to frustration!
  3. Refreshing your conflict resolution skills
  4. Connecting with members of your soul tribe to take collective action and to provide support and comfort
  5. Noticing any escapist tendencies and habits with a view to replacing them with actual creativity as these old patterns are unlikely to work in the year ahead.

This New Moon in Relationships:

Feel free to listen to the YouTube Recording by Armand Diaz and myself on the New Moon in Capricorn and Relationships:

The Sabian Symbol for this New Moon is: ‘A Flag Is Seen Turning Into  An Eagle’ One meaning for this could be the transformation of something inanimate, albeit symbolic into something actively powerful. Eagles soar high and get an overview of a wide expanse of space and are one of the higher symbols for Scorpio. They are one of the main symbols of power throughout many cultures including Greece, Rome and France. The eagle is also a key aspect of the ‘USA Presidential Seal’. As with anything and anyone who has large amounts of power at their disposal, they have free will in how they use or abuse it!

Legal Copyright of Margaret Gray Jan 2017 MSW D.Psych. Astrology


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