Penumbral Lunar Eclipse in Leo on February 10th/11th by Margaret Gray

‘Let your heart be as big as it can possibly be’. 
― Swami Chetanananda

Key Planetary Energies today:
It’s like Piccadilly Circus in the skies today with the first Eclipse of the year! With two Kites and a Yod as well as a Tsquare, the planetary energies are pulling in all directions! Traffic lights are definitely needed as well as doing our best to stand still in our own centre and let the swirling happen around us, rather than within us! This is probably easier said than done, depending on where these powerful energies land in our natal chart!

The two Kites are made up of Apex Full Moon in Leo trine Saturn in Sag(3’) and Uranus in Aries (1’). This is the key one because the Apex is the Eclipsed Moon and the release point opposite it is the Sun in Aquarius. The other Kite is made up of the same planets but due to the Kite formation, the apex is Uranus in Aries and the release point is Jupiter in Libra. Note how both Kites have release points in Air! More on that in the next section!

The Yod has Chiron in Pisces as the apex planet quincunx the Eclipsed Moon and Jupiter in Libra! There is no release planet, but the release degree is 22’ Virgo – this Yod is particularly important for you if you have natal planets at this point!

The Tsquare has apex Pluto in Capricorn square Uranus in Aries (4’) and Jupiter in Libra (4’) Note if you have planets at 18’ Cancer as this will make the Tsquare into a GrandCross in your chart and put a lot of pressure on your planet!

So how is this likely to affect us?


Although this is a Penumbral rather than a total Lunar Eclipse we are still likely to feel the energies more strongly and for a longer period of time than the usual monthly Full Moon. Best to allow a couple of weeks before and at least a couple of months after it – depending on whether it aspects planets or angles in your chart.

Like the usual montly Full Moon, unconscious feelings are drawn to the surface, however the shadow of the Earth falling across the Moon makes it harder to decipher what these feelings are about.

Both this initial Eclipse and the last one of the year in August 2017 are in Leo. With Leo ruling the heart, these Eclipses form a powerful heart awakener and container for the energies in-between. Our shadow feelings are likely to come to the surface and our only real choice lies in either opening our heart to them or shutting down to everything. The in-between option is unlikely to be on the menu for much longer if at all! In opening our heart we take our place within the collective and in doing so we become aware of the greater picture and can step out of ‘me’ into ‘us’. Hence we take the generosity, love and courage of Leo and integrate it with the Uranian vision of an equal and fair world. The issue of equality is particularly powerful at the moment with the release point for both Kite formations in an Air sign!

With Saturn in Sag in the mix, seeking our own truth is of paramount importance at this time, as the dynamic energy of Uranus in Aries is rapidly propelling us towards new beginnings! This however can only happen if we finish dismounting old structures – predominantly within ourselves! A useful question to ask at this time is: Where am I most rigid within my life structures – physical, emotional, mental, spiritual? What is this blocking? What do I need to change to loosen this up?

Venus and Mars still within 5’ of each other in Aries add to an underlying excitement that something new, freeing, expansive and unexpected is opening up with this Eclipse. The Leo courage will help us to take a leap of faith and run with it!

The Yod which is also called ‘the finger of god’ with Apex Chiron invites us to heal through joy and balance, as well as through service. The latter takes us out of a place of human loneliness and isolation into our higher purpose.

Keeping in mind that there is a lot of fiery energies in the sky this is a good time to take constructive dynamic action in some aspect of our life, and particularly in our community, depending on where the Full Moon lands in our chart.

You are more likely to resonate with these themes if your Sun, Moon and/or Angles are between 21’ and 24’ Leo, Aquarius, Cancer, Capricorn, Libra, Aries, Pisces, Virgo and/or Sagittarius.

This is an ideal time for:

  1. Doing something for someone else – particularly if it’s outside our comfort zone!
    2. Detaching and observing the greater picture.
    3. Standing firm in your centre through grounding, meditation, chanting, singing, resting, bodywork…(only Pluto in an earth sign so it can be easy to spin in the air!!)
    4. Taking a non-harmful risk in some area of our life!
    5. Having fun with friends and loved ones!
    6. Doing whatever it takes to open our heart wide! There is nothing to lose!

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