Mercury in Aries March 13th – May 17th 2017!

Mercury has now moved from watery Pisces into fiery Aries, where he remains until May 17th (with a brief spell in Taurus from April 1st – 21st and a Retrograde phase from April 9th – May 2nd!!!)

Mercury in this fiery, dynamic and articulate sign loves to talk, but can find it challenging to listen and in it’s haste, can struggle to remember exactly what it said!! Unlike the slower moving Mercury in Earth and Water signs, Mercury in Fire signs and particularly in Aries, loves to dance with words, similarly to Mercury in Air. Unlike Mercury in Pisces which is more concerned with the emotions behind the words, Mercury in Aries is not a keen observer of emotional nuances. At it’s worse this can be experienced as blunt, tactless, inconsiderate and somewhat hurtful by more sensitive signs! At it’s best it can be fun, playful, witty, stimulating and dynamic.

Good artist, lousy listener.

As this is a collective energy in the sky, we may all find ourselves being more verbally impulsive to a greater or lesser degree at this time! Depending on where our natal Mercury is, this may be helpful or unhelpful, both for ourselves and for those around us!

So before we communicate over the next few weeks, particularly re important matters, it may be worth taking a deep breath and carefully considering:
What do we want to communicate and why?
How would we feel if the other person communicated this to us? &
What is the most sensitive and kind way of communicating this?
Most importantly – are we able and willing to hear what the other person is saying to us?
If in doubt – write it out, sleep on it, edit it the next day and send it by email or rehearse it before calling the person!! 🙂

A great resource for Mercury in Aries is the book NonViolent Communication by Marshall B Rosenberg (also known as Compassionate Communication)
– Margaret Gray

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