Some Simple Tips on how to thrive – or at least survive during Eclipse Season! – by Margaret Gray

In a few hours we will experience the first Eclipse signaling the start of the two Eclipse Seasons this year. The next Eclipse of this first season will be an Annular Solar Eclipse (New Moon) on February 26th at 8’ Pisces. The 2nd season starts on August 7th with a partial lunar eclipse (Full Moon) at 15’ Aquarius and ends with a total Solar Eclipse (New Moon) at 28 Leo. 

In essence Lunar and Solar Eclipses feel like particularly powerful Full and New Moons. The time between the Lunar Eclipse and the Solar Eclipse is particularly intense. However, the buildup starts a couple of weeks before the first Eclipse and continues for a few weeks after the second one.

In ancient times many cultures viewed the Sun and the Moon as gods and any interference with these two lights was seen as potentially dangerous for humanity. Hence they attributed Eclipses to animals/spirits devouring part or all of the lights for a period of time. Radical shifts in weather as well as earthquakes etc. were also often attributed to Eclipses. My focus is more in the arena of how the Eclipses affect us as individuals and how we can best take care of ourselves during this time.

With both the Lunar and Solar Eclipse, our consciousness is momentarily in shadow, hence unconscious feelings tend to come to the surface more easily at this time. Until the light shines again, they ‘swim’ within us and around us. This can feel somewhat uncomfortable, depending on what is coming to the surface. As the light returns it becomes easier to recognize the feelings, thereby offering us an opportunity to find and heal their source. If we insist on repressing them once more, they are likely to resurface at a later time, as well as potentially causing discomfort in our psyche and physical being. Like any energy, emotions and feelings heal and dissolve through expression, rather than suppression.

Some Astrological suggestions:
1. Check where the Eclipse lands in your birth chart and in your composite chart with loved ones around you. What close aspects does the Eclipse make to other planets and/or angles – using a 2’ – 3’ orb. (Wider orbs are less intense!) This is the area of life where you are more likely to feel the energy of the Eclipse.
2. Check what other transits are happening in your chart at this time, as this will also influence how you feel.
If the Eclipse lands on your Sun, Moon or personal planets and/or angles, you are more likely to resonate with the energies of the Eclipse and of the Eclipse Season. Hence events connected with the nature of the Eclipse may manifest at this time in your life. If not, then you are unlikely to feel the energies as strongly at this time.

Some Self-Care Tips:
1. If you are strongly empathic, sensitive, intuitive and/or psychic, you are more likely to feel and sense other people’s feelings and issues as they surface at this time – regardless of whether the individuals themselves are conscious of them. In fact, the less conscious they are, the more likely you are to sense them! Hence it’s a good time to use your energetic boundary tools – crystals, essential oil sprays, sage, visualizations, energy bubbles…whatever works best for you!

2. Crowded places may not feel very comfortable at this time as there are a lot of energies swirling about. In ancient times it was believed that the veil between worlds was thinner between Eclipses. Hence on the one hand we may feel comforted through connecting more easily with our loved ones who have passed over and on the other hand we may also be more sensitive to a variety of energies from beyond.

3. Create some nice space for time alone to allow feelings to surface. A comfortable environment makes it easier to just be with whatever comes up. This includes unplugging from social media, phone etc.

4. Keep a list of self-soothing skills to hand as sometimes it’s easy to forget the basics when feeling out of sorts. The position of the Moon in your natal chart by element, sign and aspect offers helpful suggestions on what can feel soothing for you. For e.g. Moons in Water Signs tend to find being near or in water comforting as well as music, a gentle environment…Moons in Air may want to have space around them to literally breath, also a good book to read…

5. Journaling is a great way to express feelings as are all of the creative arts – painting, dancing, singing…

6. Note that on a physical level you may feel a bit tired during this time – if possible, it’s a great time to rest!

7. However tempting it is to self-medicate surfacing feelings with food, alcohol, sugar, work…it is just likely to add another layer to what’s already bubbling underneath! Easier in the long run to self-soothe in a nurturing way if at all possible!

8. Notice your dreams as they may be more vivid during Eclipse season!

9. Meditating, praying, chanting…and any other tools that help to stay focused in the here and now are very helpful at this time.

10. Remember that laughter is one of the easiest and most fun ways to allow lots of air into the lungs!!! 

For Information on the Astrology of the Lunar Eclipse in Leo taking place in a few hours feel free to have a look at my website
and to find out more about how to navigate Relationships during this Eclipse free to take a look at the YouTube recording by Armand Diaz and myself as part of our Relationships and Astrology Recordings:

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