The SOLSTICE on June 20th/21st + THE NEW MOON in CANCER on June 23rd/24th

‘Embrace love and compassion with all your spirit. Understand that they never hurt or offend, they just heal and empower.’― Steve Maraboli

This week offers us two excellent astrological opportunities to plant fresh seeds for new beginnings. The first event is the Summer Solstice in the Northern Hemisphere/Winter Solstice in the Southern Hemisphere. This important Astrological crossroads signifies a change in seasons – from spring to summer or from autumn to winter.

For those of us in the Northern Hemisphere, this is our longest day of the year and here in Ireland it is unlikely to get dark until past 10.30pm. On this day we celebrate the warmth and brightness of the Sun and the vibrancy and stimulation of life around us. It’s a time to play and be light, as we release any heaviness we carried over from the spring and winter months. This is our time to blossom as we enjoy more time outdoors in nature. In the Southern Hemisphere it is a time to draw in and embrace the self-learning that takes place when there are minimal external distractions. In both hemispheres, the Solstice marks a time to engage with something new.

Solstice Planetary Configurations

Solstice brings a superior conjunction between Mercury and the Sun in Cancer. Mercury is also sextile Uranus in Aries, opposite Saturn in Sagittarius and square Chiron in Pisces. Meanwhile Venus in Taurus (conjunct the Moon), is sextile Neptune in Pisces and trine Pluto in Capricorn. Not forgetting the ongoing quincunx between Jupiter in Libra and Neptune in Pisces, square Pluto in Capricorn! Additionally Saturn in Sagittarius trines the North Node in Leo/sextiles the South Node in Aquarius!

How is this likely to be relevant in our lives?

Issues to do with communication are likely to be at the forefront today, as we prepare to move from an intellectual perspective, to a more feeling based one. Although there may be some impatience and/or anxiety around, this is an ideal opportunity to heal some old family wounds. Self-compassion and the willingness to ‘listen’ in new ways, both to our own heart and to the heart of others is key! This Solstice invites us to reconcile the subtle difference between unconditional love and ‘fairness’. What do ‘fairness’ and ‘unconditional love’ mean to us? Can we still love someone or something that is not 100% fair? At what point does that stop being feasible for us? Where is this highlighted in our lives right now? (The position of Transiting Jupiter, Neptune and Pluto in your chart will show where this is most active for you right now!)

This Solstice invites us to be creative and passionate. It’s the perfect day to be surrounded by beauty and sensual pleasures – visit an art gallery, go for a walk somewhere beautiful, enjoy a massage, cook or go out for a fabulous meal, enjoy some sensuality with your intimate other, relax in a candlelit aromatic bath…

Mostly – today is a reminder to keep our heart open, in spite of the horrors taking place in the world around us. They are only likely to stop when all our hearts are open wide. This can and may translate into each of us doing one small action in this new Solstice cycle on a daily or weekly or monthly basis, that will contribute in some way to the community we live in.

Solstice is followed two days later by:

The New Moon in Cancer, which invites us to plant the seeds for the month ahead.

Planetary Configurations:

This New Moon is conjunct Mercury and square Chiron in Pisces. Meanwhile Mars which is also in Cancer, squares Jupiter in Libra. Many of the Solstice configurations from a couple of days ago continue, including Jupiter in Libra quincunx Neptune in Pisces, square Pluto in Capricorn. The Venus in Taurus trine Pluto in Capricorn becomes exact today!

How is this likely to be relevant in our lives?

Many of the Solstice themes continue to reverberate. However, the seeds that are being planted for this new moon are about self-nurturing, family and creativity. This is an ideal time to explore what family means to us and the role creativity plays or not, in our lives.

Last weekend I was at the beautiful ‘celebration’ of the life of an amazing woman who passed away recently. One of the speakers shared how one of the many gifts that stayed with her from her college lecturer was her emphasis on the importance of the imagination in our lives.

Too often we only associate the imagination with being an artist or writer or poet. Yet connecting with our imagination is fundamental in creating the life we want and unless we engage consciously with this amazing gift, we are at risk of creating a life we don’t want! A couple of days before and after the New Moon are a particularly powerful time to ‘imagine’ what we want in our life. Where do we want to create a home if we have not done so already? Do we enjoy being with the person/people we are currently sharing our home with? If not, who would we like to share our home with? Who and what do we want to be surrounded by? Who is our family and our tribe?

Passion is also highlighted today. Passion for ourselves, passion for life and passion for those we love. This is not a day for sitting on the fence! Life is too short! Over the past week the horrific fires in the UK and Portugal, as well as the conflicts around the world, were a sharp reminder that our time on this planet and the time of our loved ones, could easily end in the next hour, minute or second!
If you love someone – this is the time to tell them and mostly show them through your behaviour. Power games are not love, fear is not love, taking a chance is love and being honest and vulnerable is love.

For more information on the effect of the Eclipse and the New Moon on Relationships, feel free to listen to the YouTube recording by Armand and me:

Happy Solstice and Happy New Moon!
Margaret Gray June 2017

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