The New Moon in Capricorn Jan 16th/17th 2018

There is no illusion greater than fear. 
― Lao Tzu 

This earthy New Moon is the first New Moon of the year, thereby setting the tone for the year ahead. It’s also the last New Moon before we launch into the first Eclipse season of the year on January 31st with a Lunar Eclipse in Leo. (More on this closer to the date).

With 4 planets + the Sun and Moon in Capricorn, this is a particularly powerful New Moon in terms of manifestation, so it’s important to think carefully about the seeds we want to plant at this time. It’s also wise to check what the soil we are planting the seeds in is like. Particularly as that is going to have a big impact on how and what manifests in our life in the weeks ahead, in the area of life that the New Moon lands in our chart. Not an easy fete right now, as there isn’t any Air in the sky, so our detachment is somewhat limited. However, the Mars/Jupiter conjunction in Scorpio can help us to skilfully intuit our way into the truth of what we truly need and how ready we are to manifest it.

With Pluto square Uranus in the mix, something new is required on our part. Some breaking of the mould in an area of our life where we may have been stagnant. This could be in our thoughts, words, actions, sense of self value, emotions and/or sense of self. Capricorn requires mastery, so this is the perfect time to consider: where in my life have I achieved mastery and what are the gaps that I am currently working on right now? Is it in my communication skills? Work? Relationships? What blocks have held me back? What fears?

Courage and tenacity are wonderful assets to engage with at this time. The courage to face our blocks and start taking them down and the tenacity to do the internal work required on an ongoing basis to make the desired changes in our life. One of the wonderful gifts of Capricorn is that it always gives us tangible results when we put the work in! MG

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