The Full Moon in Virgo on March 1st/2nd  – some brief thoughts by Margaret Gray

Love…love is the only thing that doesn’t hurt. So many people are afraid of it. But love doesn’t hurt. Love heals. Love puts back together things that were broken before. 

― Laura Kaye

Before delving into the core themes of this Full Moon, it’s worth taking a quick look at what was going on for you  emotionally on September 6th 2017. There was a Full Moon at 13’ Pisces that day, which is at the same degree as Neptune today – conjunct the Sun (within 2’). With today’s Virgo Moon opposing these points, it’s a great opportunity to analyze what came to the surface for you last September, as some of it may resurface again today, so that you can finally release it once there is a clear understanding of what it’s all about.

Virgo is all about discernment and analysis, not just for the sake of it, but for the greater purpose of understanding the component parts, so that we can more easily digest them in manageable pieces without feeling overwhelmed. The key with Virgo Full Moons is to notice when we start getting self-judgmental and to stop the judgement in its tracks. The more grounded and compassionate we are towards ourselves, the less we tend to be judgmental.

Notice where the Sun/Neptune in Pisces lands in your chart as this is the area where past and current issues are likely to surface for you today. For e.g. in the 11th House – they may be connected to family, friends and/or other groups/tribes you are a part of. The placement of the Full Moon is where you can most easily tune into your feelings and process them. For e.g. in the 6th House – through your work.

With Jupiter trine Venus/Mercury in Pisces, romance may well be in the air. If it is, it’s likely to be a twin soul or soulmate connection as unconditional love is a key element. Notice what draws you to whoever is knocking on your heart right now. Who are you daydreaming about and who do you fall asleep thinking about? Notice how your heart feels when you think about them now. More on this on our ‘Relationship and Astrology’ blog on Friday at

Some core themes that may emerge with this full moon include:

1. Your spiritual and philosophical beliefs
2. Your creative expression. Are there more ways you would like to express your creativity?
3. Unconditional love – what does this mean to you. Who do you love unconditionally?
4. Losses which may not have been fully grieved yet. What might help you do so in a supportive and compassionate manner?

Some things that may be helpful today include:

  1. Meditating, singing, chanting…
  2. Being creative in whatever way you most enjoy – painting, writing…
  3. Listening to music.
  4. Being by or in water.
  5. Some time to do nothing.
  6. Loving – ultimately it’s the only thing that heals us and that truly matters.

Relationships and the Full Moon:

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