Some Brief Notes on The Full Moon in Libra on March 31st with Margaret Gray

We can’t be so desperate for love that we forget where we can always find it; within. 
― Alexandra Elle

Venusian energy abounds today, with this Full Moon in Libra reminding us that relationships are at the core of everything in our lives and when they are out of balance, it’s not easy to maintain our center. Yet this is what we are invited to do, to find somewhere inside us where our self-value resides – in spite of whatever is going on around us. In spite of the injustices we see on the News every day. In spite of whether we feel loved or not in our relationships. In spite of the confused feelings that are surfacing from the deep recesses of our unconscious into the light of the Full Moon…

With Venus moving into Taurus at the same time as the Full Moon in Libra, the duality of Venus as ruler of both Taurus and Libra comes to the fore today and will remain as a powerful energy throughout the first half of April. It also brings us a taster of the powerful changes in energy that will take place when Uranus moves into Taurus on May 15th.

Today our psyche is imbibed with Venus in Taurus as the sensual lover who at her most expansive, recognizes the natural beauty of our planet and seeks to build tranquility and peace. Yet, at her most limited, the importance of accumulating money, can easily outweigh the cost to nature and loved ones. We also have Venus as the weighing scales of justice in Libra, who at her most expansive can easily mediate to find a peaceful resolution to injustices in our inner and outer world. However, at her most limited she can seek to impose her desires based on ego and vanity, even on those she loves. Today a version of these themes may surface in your life depending on where this Full Moon lands in your birth chart.

With Uranus at the last degrees of Aries, as it prepares to move into Taurus, powerful Venusian energies that have been suppressed, repressed and severely violated for centuries throughout the planet, are coming to the fore, with women and young people leading marches for basic human rights. Chief amongst these is the Venusian sanctity of our body to be safe from violations of any sort, whether it’s through sexual, physical or emotional violence, on the basis of race, gender, sexuality, religion etc. (More on this in future blogs).

The square by the Full Moon to Mars/Saturn in Capricorn, invites us to take initial steps towards manifesting some changes as a result of these lunar energies. Notice where and what you are drawn to emotionally. With Mercury Retrograde conjunct the Sun in Aries we may struggle somewhat to express the feelings that are coming into our consciousness right now. Writing them may feel easier than spoken communication.

You are more likely to resonate with this Full Moon if your Sun, Moon and/or angles are in Libra, Aries, Capricorn and/or Cancer.

The sextile to the North Node brings us back once more to our heart. If in doubt – always tune into our heart energy – what is my heart telling me right now? MG




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