Some Brief Notes on The New Moon in Pisces on March 17th with Margaret Gray – Happy St. Patrick’s Day Everyone!

Cry. Forgive. Learn. Move on. Let your tears water the seeds of your future happiness.
― Steve Maraboli

This ‘New’ Moon conjunct Chiron, invites us to clear out a lot of old emotional baggage so that we can lighten up and take action when Chiron finally moves into Aries next month.

With a square to Mars at the very last degree of Sagittarius, we are likely to feel somewhat impatient and frustrated about revisiting old sadness and grief that we thought was done and dusted! Yet the trine to Jupiter in Scorpio encourages us to dig a little deeper and explore what is really going on beneath our initial emotions. Chances are that it is not what it appears to be on the surface. Notice which house in your birth chart Jupiter is travelling through, as well as the house this New Moon lands in, as they will give you helpful information about what your feelings today may be really about. This is also likely to become clearer over the next few days, as the New Moon seeds begin to grow.

In the meantime, the Venus/Mercury conjunction in Aries, trine the Leo North Node, injects some fiery hope and optimism into the New Moon energies and encourages us to open up our heart energies with our nearest and dearest – and maybe someone new!

They are also a lovely reminder that new beginnings always follow endings and the more we release and let go pockets of old pain and grief; the more able we are to engage with ourselves and others in a new way. The key with this Pisces New Moon is to allow ourselves to swim through the painful emotions, without trying to bypass or avoid them, trusting that there is a rainbow on the other side of the tears.

Some suggestions that may help with these New Moon energies:

  1. Finding a peaceful place at home or in nature where you feel safe and contained if grief comes to the surface.
  2. Keeping a creative medium nearby to give expression to your feelings – pen and paper, crayons, musical instruments…
  3. Listening to some soothing gentle music.
  4. Walking by the ocean.
  5. Dancing.
  6. Meditating.
  7. Reading poetry and/or spiritual books, blogs…

It can be tempting to use substances (alcohol, pills, drugs, sugar etc.), to try and avoid pain with these powerful Piscean and Chironian energies. However, substances can be particularly powerful with these transits, particularly for anyone who has a watery chart and is very sensitive and intuitive. Allowing the feelings to surface and release via tears, is likely to feel a lot better right now than trying to suppress them. Forgiving ourselves and others allows us to move on. Hugs are great and one of the best ways to open our heart. So whatever else you do on this St. Patrick’s New Moon day – have a look around you for someone or something to hug – lover, friend, family, dog, cat, tree… MG

Relationships and the New Moon
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