Some brief notes on the Full Moon in Scorpio on April 29th/30th with Margaret Gray

The fact of the matter is that our unconscious is wiser than we are about everything – M. Scott Peck

Scorpio and Pluto tend to conjure up apprehension, as they belong to the invisible realm of our unconscious. Yet, the essence of Scorpio is resilience, passion, tenacity and determination. Remembering that Mars is one of the rulers of Scorpio, the courageous warrior archetype is a key theme with this sign and hence for this Full Moon. Looking at which House this full moon lands in your natal chart, notice if there is something in that area of your life that you feel drawn to right now, to face and resolve.

Squaring the North and South Nodes in Leo and Aquarius, this Full Moon has a somewhat ‘fated’ quality about it. It’s worth noticing feelings, insights and events that may come to light 12 hours before and after this Full Moon, particularly in relation to any inner conflicts between your individual needs and the needs of the groups you belong to – family, community, culture, gender…What is it about these issues that feels so important right now? The sextile to Saturn invites you to manifest in a concrete way, some aspect of whatever surfaces from your emotional depths during this time.

Not forgetting also that Mars and Pluto are still conjunct within a degree, so this energy of transformation is still very powerful in our lives. The more we harness it in a conscious way, the greater the changes we can create in the area this conjunction lands in our natal chart.

Some things to do that may be helpful during this Full Moon:

  1. Use whatever tools you are comfortable with to work with your unconscious – dream work, journaling, meditation, free association…
  2. Spend some time by the ocean, swim in a warm pool, have a long relaxing candlelit bath…
  3. Listen to music that touches your soul.

This is not likely to feel like a very social time, as deeper emotions may come to the surface. It’s an ideal time to spend some quiet time alone, or with trusted loved ones. MG


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