The Partial Solar Eclipse in Cancer on July 12th/13th 2018

Eclipse Season is about to start!


There are 3 Eclipses this season:

  1. A Partial Solar (New Moon) Eclipse on July 13th at 3.48am (Irish time) and on the 12th at 10.48pm (EST) at 20’ Cancer 41
  2. A Total Lunar Eclipse (Full Moon) on July 27th at 21.22 (Irish time) and 16.22 (EST) at 4’ Aquarius 45
  3. A Partial Solar Eclipse (New Moon) on August 11th at 10.57am (Irish time) and 5.47am (EST) at 18’ Leo 42.

Where are they visible?

The second partial eclipse of 2018 will take place on July 13 and will be visible primarily over the ocean between Australia and Antarctica. The third solar eclipse of the year will take place on Aug. 11 and will swing over the North Pole. It will be visible from northern Europe, northern Asia and parts of eastern Asia –

Why do these Eclipses Matter?

Eclipses can easily be described as an exaggerated New Moon or Full Moon, with the effects lasting weeks when partial and months when total. Although we are all likely to feel them on a collective level, whether they impact us or not on an individual level, depends on where they land in our birth chart, as well as whether they are visible in the sky above us. The closer eclipses aspect personal planets and/or angles, the more the eclipse core themes are likely to impact us in that area of our life.

Core Themes:

Solar Eclipse in Cancer

  1. Increased awareness and possible transformation of family dynamics past and present.
  2. Awareness of gaps in childhood nurturing, offering the possibility of developing more ways of self-nurturing, leading to greater self-value and self-love.
  3. Focusing on issues of commitment in intimate relationships, with a view to changing our usual modus operandi.
  4. Struggling with obsessive thoughts, particularly about relationships past and present.

Some suggestions on ways to navigate this Eclipse:

  1. Engage in self-nurturing – what nurtures you most depends on the Sign, House and Aspects to your natal Moon.
  2. Journal
  3. Do something comforting and easy with loved ones.
  4. Be aware of possible emotional see-sawing! It will pass!

On a mundane level, the courageous rescue of the 12 Thai boys and their coach from the deep caves over the past few days, is a wonderful representation of this Eclipse at its best. The courage to dive deep within the unknown and dangerous depths of the cave (Pluto), which was motivated by unconditional love and the desire to return the boys to the nurturing of their families (Cancer). RIP to Saman Gunan who lost his life to safe to save the boys.

It could also be said that the forced separation of children from their migrant parents in the USA, is confronting the world with a less conscious version of this Eclipse (Cancer Sun/Moon opposite Pluto). Will we take up the challenge and love these children enough, to free them too?

Come back on the 26th for information on the core themes of the Lunar Eclipse of July 27th! MG

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