The Total Lunar Eclipse on July 27th 2018 with Margaret Gray

How to open your heart? Step one: listen.
― Nancy Schoellkopf

The 2nd of 3 eclipses is coming on Friday.

The good news is that  we are almost halfway through eclipse season.
However, as we all know well, the halfway mark can be challenging, as we are often a bit worn out from the first half and yet we need to somehow find the stamina to complete the journey. We’ll talk about possible ways of doing this towards the end.

Key Features of this Lunar Eclipse:

  1. It’s a total Lunar Eclipse, which emotionally feels like a mega powerful Full Moon. However, although our emotions will initially come to the surface, they are then temporarily eclipsed for 4 hours by the Earth placing itself between the Sun and the Moon. So unlike a regular Full Moon, we may struggle to get a handle on what is being eclipsed, within ourselves and in our life.
  1. The eclipse will take 4 hours, as it’s the longest lunar eclipse this century, due to the position of Earth versus the Sun. Hence it will also powerfully reverberate for this period of time in our psyche. You are likely to feel it more if your Sun, Moon, personal planets and/or angles are between 1’ and 7’ Aquarius, Leo, Taurus and/or Scorpio.
  1. There are 6 retrograde planets on Friday: Mercury, Mars, Saturn, Neptune, Pluto and Chiron. What this eclipse is inviting us to release, is likely to be related to past thoughts and words, past actions, old fears, past dreams, old issues of power and past hurts.
  1. The core issue of this eclipse is how to fully open and engage with our heart, so that we can make changes that are of benefit to the collective. This requires courage to work with the grief that may initially surface, when we open our heart.
  1. This Eclipse is part of a tsquare with Apex Uranus, square Mars and the Nodes. This suggests the following:
    a) Unexpected opportunities for change which have a ‘fated’ quality about them, are likely to present themselves now and in the next few weeks.
    b) The nature of the changes are related to Taurean themes, including: security, finances, home, nature, the creative arts, self value, relationships and our relationship with our body.
    c) Diving beneath our more visible surface emotions, into deeper more hidden emotional waters, is where we are likely to find our most valueable treasures.
  1. Venus trines Pluto during the eclipse. This reinforces the above themes and also suggests that issues to do with passion and/or obsession may also appear today, in whatever areas of our life these planets land in our natal chart.

Some ways to take care of ourselves during this Eclipse:

  1. Check where the eclipse lands in your birth chart, to see which areas of your life are most likely to reverberate with the above themes.
  2. Keep grounded. This eclipse may feel a little harsh on our nervous system, with little earth in the heavens to ground the fast mental energies that are swirling around.
  3. Best not to make major decisions right now. With so many retrograde planets, confusion abounds for everyone.
  4. Take nothing personally. Everyone is affected emotionally to a greater or lesser degree by this eclipse, so most people are not likely to be at their best right now.
  5. Meditate. This can help to center our mind and not get too caught up with the eclipse chaos around us.
  6. Journal. It can help release some of the mental tension.
  7. Try to do something kind for someone else. Altruism and kindness help our heart to open and that’s what these energies are ultimately all about.

If you’d like to know how this eclipse might affect your relationships, check out our YouTube Video at:

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