The Full Moon in Pisces + Venus square Pluto on Aug 26th 2018, with Margaret Gray


[D]etachment means letting go and nonattachment means simply letting be.
― Stephen Levine

(The astrology aspects are at the bottom)

Key Themes for this Full Moon

There is nowhere to go except to let go, even though a part of us may try everything we can to hold on. Old obsessions may unexpectedly surface, particularly in relationships. If we take the time to dig underneath the obsessive thoughts and feelings, we are likely to discover some fear that is connected to unresolved grief and sadness. The healing has to come from within ourselves, as nobody can be our savior and being a martyr will not take the pain away. Neither will analyzing the same situations over and over in our mind, although it may not be easy to stop doing so today. Back to letting go and surrendering as much as we can to a greater wisdom and unconditional love within us and beyond us, that is based on self-compassion and kindness.

Boundaries may not feel so clear with this Full Moon, so it may be helpful to choose carefully who we want to spend time with and avoid harsh and insensitive individuals and situations. Dreams may be more vivid and predictive.

This process of letting go is helping us prepare for new and refreshing long awaited changes. As Mars gets ready to go stationary direct, we are on the cusp of embarking on these changes as we become more fully aware that they old way of doing things may not have worked too well for us. The house in our birth chart that transiting Mars is travelling through, is the area of our life where these key changes are likely to start over the next few weeks.

The above themes are likely to resonate more if your Sun, Moon and/or angles are between 1′ and 4′ Pisces, Virgo, Sagittarius, Gemini, Pisces, Aries and/or Capricorn. Also if you have planet or angles between 17′ and 20′ Libra, Capricorn, Aries and/or Cancer.

Today and tomorrow we may find some of the following helpful:

  1. Spending some time alone, preferably by water, to allow feelings to surface.
  2. Listening to soothing music.
  3. Meditating.
  4. Writing.
  5. If grief surfaces, it may help to hold some pink quartz in each hand in bed at night.
  6. Gardening.
  7. Making love.
  8. Making a list of all your qualities – keep adding to it for the next few days.
  9. Practicing some self-healing energy work – for example:

Sitting comfortably take 3 slow deep breaths and imagine roots going from the bottom of your feet deep into the earth. Then rub your hands together and feel the energy between them. Slowly place your hands gently all over your body starting at your head and ending at your feet. Keep your hands in one spot until it feels comfortable to move them to the next part of your body. Notice what you feel physically and emotionally, as you move your hands. When you are ready to stop, focus on the soles of your feet once more and visualize the roots once again deep in the earth to ground yourself. Then sweep your hands from the top of your head down to the floor, to create a bubble of gold light around you.

Information on the Full Moon and Relationships on the ‘Relationships and Astrology’ facebook page and website:

If you’d like help to get more clarity on what’s going on for you in your life right now, feel free to email me at I offer astrology readings to individuals, couples and children in person in Dublin, Ireland and online elsewhere.

Relevant Astrological Aspects:
Moon/Sun sextile/trine Uranus and Chiron (exact)
Moon quincunx the North Node (2’ orb)
Sun quincunx Chiron (1’ orb)
Sun quincunx the South Node (2’ orb)
Venus square Pluto (exact)
Jupiter trine Neptune (1’ orb)
Jupiter sextile Pluto (2’ orb)
Uranus square the nodes (3’ orb)
Saturn trine Uranus (exact) – part of grand trine with the Sun (1’ orb)


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