What is a Psychological Astrology Consultation/Reading?

A consultation/reading is a dynamic interactive exploration and translation of the planetary energies in your birth chart. My focus is on assisting you to remember and reconnect with your core essence, purpose and meaning on this planet. Together we will explore your inner strengths, resources, talents, skills, vocation, relationship needs and patterns, creativity, gifts and inner conflicts, as well as your core soul themes and your approach to life.

The focus will be on the areas of your life that you feel are particularly important to you right now. This may include your career and vocation, relationships, midlife issues, relocation and other life transitions. I will also explore the transits/planetary movements which are affecting you now and in the coming year. This can help you to work more creatively with these energies in the coming months.

Psychological Astrology Consultations are illuminating at any time in life. They can be particularly useful at times of major turning points including when you are:

• feeling stuck or facing changes in your job/career

• experiencing changes in your relationship life

• relocating to a new town/country

• embarking on your Saturn Return (age 29 and 60)

• in the midst of your midlife transits (early 30’s – mid 40’s)

• embracing your Chiron Return (50 – 51)

Services offered and fees:

Initial Individual 75 mins comprehensive Birth Chart Reading in Person, Online or by Phone: €150 (or equivalent in $ and other currencies)

Initial Individual Brief 45 mins Online (Skype/Facetime/GotoMeeting) Reading: €100

Discounts – only available for 75 mins readings : 
Kamaina Discount for all Hawaii residents ($10 off)
Discount for all members of Running Amach, GLEN and DIGS (€5 off)

Free individual reading for every 3 clients that come to me via your recommendation

Initial Reading for Children’s Charts, including looking at the relationship with the parents/carers (Synastry with the chart of the parents/s/carers): €170 (or equivalent in $ and other currencies)

Initial chart Reading for Children’s Charts without looking at the relationship with the parents/carers: €100

Follow-up One Hour Birth Chart Readings:
Looking at current Transits and Progressions within 6 months of your original Reading: €90.
Follow-up Reading within 12 months: €100.
Follow-up Reading beyond 12 months: €140 – a discount will be offered for regular repeating clients.

Relationship Readings:
Individual 75 min reading which includes the Synastry/discussion of the chart of a significant other/family member (with their permission):  €180

Couples and Family Readings: My colleague Armand Diaz and I are now offering joint online Relationship Readings. Feel free to have a look at our Relationships and Astrology Website HERE

Consultations and Support offered to: Therapists, Counselors, Social Workers, Analysts, Healers and Teachers.

Seminars, Classes and Workshops in: Ireland, the UK, Hawaii, California and the East Coast – feel free to have a look at the page on workshops.

Astrological Coaching: this is based on your current astrological transits. Fees depend on the amount of sessions booked. Please see separate page for details.

Some Information about Consultations/Readings:

These are held in person when we are in the same location, online or over the phone. Phone consultations are free within Ireland if I am based there at the time. Otherwise you may choose to either call me, or I am happy to call you for a small additional charge.

Prepayment of half the fee is kindly required at the time of making a booking. Payments accepted are check, cash or credit card (Paypal). Due to the extensive time and work which goes into preparing a chart, no refund can be made after booking. However, your appointment can be postponed to a later date with at least 24 hour notice.

What information is needed to prepare your birth chart?

Your Place, Date and Time of Birth. If you don’t have an exact time of birth I can prepare a noon chart. However, the more exact your time of birth is, the more accurate your birth chart reading is likely to be.

In the USA birth times are usually recorded on your birth certificate. In Ireland most hospitals keep records of times of birth and will send them to you upon your written request.

All sessions are digitally recorded and sent to you via email. However, as with any piece of equipment, there can be no guarantees with the recording despite my best endeavors. I do not usually keep copies of any of the recordings.

Contact information to book a Consultation:

Email: graymgt@gmail.com

Tel. +353 858144135 (Ireland)

Skype: Margaret2835