What can Psychological Astrology Counselling Sessions offer you?

A supportive way to more fully process, integrate and implement the information from your initial chart consultation in all areas of your life. With knowledge of the current transits/movements of the planets I can offer you tools and support to explore in more depth the areas of your life you wish to develop and the changes you choose to make.

What do the sessions entail?

1. An initial Birth Chart Consultation with me, if you have not had one before.

2. Follow up sessions in person or via Skype or phone to focus in more depth on the areas of your life currently affected by planetary transits/movements. For example: your vocation/career, relationships, family dynamics and location. Together we can explore how you might best use your resources, skills and talents to make choices that offer you the most meaning in life.

My Training and Experience

In addition to over 25 years as an Astrologer, I offer 24 years of therapeutic training and background as a clinical MSW. I also have training in Group Analysis and as a Master Reiki and NLP practitioner, (including training in past life regression with Dr. Brian Weiss). I am a vocational coach and a certified Workplace and Family Mediator.

Fee: €70/$80 per hour  The fee is reduced to €50/$65 if 3 or more sessions are booked and paid for together.

Note: Consultations are not a substitute for professional legal, medical or psychological advice. Please consult a licensed healthcare professional in these matters if you have any concerns.