The New Two Year Certified Professional Course in Psychological Astrology with Astrology University is starting in 2016

This new exciting course will feature the following world renowned teachers:

Melanie Reinhart, Brian Clark, Dr. Jane Ridder-Patrick, Dr Yvonne Klitsner, Eric Meyers, Rachel Lang, Dr Armand Diaz, Dr. Marcia Ferreira and Donna Woodwell

This is a two year interactive online certified professional training course for anyone who is interested in working with Psychological Astrology. You may choose to go directly to Year 2. 

Lanikai Full MoonIn this context Psyche is interpreted as both the ancient Greek interpretation of Psykhe as meaning spirit/soul and the more modern psychological definition of Psyche meaning personality. A certificate will be given at the end of each year upon the successful completion of the course. This course is also open as a continuing education course with no certification at the end.

Further details will be published shortly.