Psychological Astrology from a Soul Centered Perspective

Remembering Who You Are

Psychology from the Greek Psykhe – breath, spirit, soul + logia – study of = the study of the Soul/Spirit

Astrology from the Greek astron – constellation, star = The Study of the Constellations/Stars


Psychological astrology is a symbolic tool that can assist us in living our life in alignment with your soul self, through an understanding of the configuration of the stars, at the instant of our birth. My approach blends astrology, classical mythology, depth and transpersonal psychology with spirituality. It aims to provide clarity and meaning on many levels, including the emotional, mental and spiritual.

Based on the premise that we choose a very particular instant in time, to come into this particular incarnation, on this particular planet; it follows that we choose the best birth chart, to help each of us fulfill our soul purpose. Psychological Astrology can help us remember what this purpose is through interpreting the astrological symbols of our birth chart.

The interpretation of your birth chart using the tool of Psychological Astrology can offer you the following:

  • An outline of the core themes you chose on a soul level to experience and integrate in this lifetime
  • A symbolic map of your innate resources, talents and potential
  • How to most easily connect with love within you
  • Ways to relate and connect with loved ones
  • A bridging language between your conscious and unconscious self and between you and the collective unconscious and beyond
  • A connection between the numinous and earth realms
  • Information on relevant past life issues that can assist you in this lifetime

The use of Mythology in Psychological Astrology  IMG_1760

The universal nature of archetypes in myths reminds us that at our core, we are all on the same journey on this planet, as we seek to experience and manifest our spiritual self on the physical plane of matter. The stories in myths remind us of the main themes we are seeking to integrate on our life journey. The fundamental core of all the themes is love. The main restriction is fear.

“Psychological astrology has like the old Roman god Janus,a double face. It Double Facecan provide a surgical scalpel which cuts through to the underlying motives, complexes, and family inheritance which lie beneath the manifest problems and difficulties which the individual faces; and it can also provide a lens through which can be viewed the teleology and purpose of our conflicts in context of the overall meaning of the individual’s journey. Both faces ultimately turn toward a central mystery, the mystery of the human psyche of which astrology is both our oldest and our newest map.” –  Liz Greene and Howard Sasportas