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The Full Moon in Virgo on March 1st/2nd  – some brief thoughts by Margaret Gray

Love…love is the only thing that doesn’t hurt. So many people are afraid of it. But love doesn’t hurt. Love heals. Love puts back together things that were broken before. 

― Laura Kaye

Before delving into the core themes of this Full Moon, it’s worth taking a quick look at what was going on for you  emotionally on September 6th 2017. There was a Full Moon at 13’ Pisces that day, which is at the same degree as Neptune today – conjunct the Sun (within 2’). With today’s Virgo Moon opposing these points, it’s a great opportunity to analyze what came to the surface for you last September, as some of it may resurface again today, so that you can finally release it once there is a clear understanding of what it’s all about.

Virgo is all about discernment and analysis, not just for the sake of it, but for the greater purpose of understanding the component parts, so that we can more easily digest them in manageable pieces without feeling overwhelmed. The key with Virgo Full Moons is to notice when we start getting self-judgmental and to stop the judgement in its tracks. The more grounded and compassionate we are towards ourselves, the less we tend to be judgmental.

Notice where the Sun/Neptune in Pisces lands in your chart as this is the area where past and current issues are likely to surface for you today. For e.g. in the 11th House – they may be connected to family, friends and/or other groups/tribes you are a part of. The placement of the Full Moon is where you can most easily tune into your feelings and process them. For e.g. in the 6th House – through your work.

With Jupiter trine Venus/Mercury in Pisces, romance may well be in the air. If it is, it’s likely to be a twin soul or soulmate connection as unconditional love is a key element. Notice what draws you to whoever is knocking on your heart right now. Who are you daydreaming about and who do you fall asleep thinking about? Notice how your heart feels when you think about them now. More on this on our ‘Relationship and Astrology’ blog on Friday at https://www.facebook.com/Relationships-and-Astrology-1084187468316035/

Some core themes that may emerge with this full moon include:

1. Your spiritual and philosophical beliefs
2. Your creative expression. Are there more ways you would like to express your creativity?
3. Unconditional love – what does this mean to you. Who do you love unconditionally?
4. Losses which may not have been fully grieved yet. What might help you do so in a supportive and compassionate manner?

Some things that may be helpful today include:

  1. Meditating, singing, chanting…
  2. Being creative in whatever way you most enjoy – painting, writing…
  3. Listening to music.
  4. Being by or in water.
  5. Some time to do nothing.
  6. Loving – ultimately it’s the only thing that heals us and that truly matters.

Relationships and the Full Moon:

Navigating the Lunar Eclipse on Aug 7th 2017 – with Margaret Gray

‘But feelings can’t be ignored, no matter how unjust or ungrateful they seem.’ 
― Anne Frank

The Planetary Configurations:

Mars in Leo is conjunct the Sun and opposite the Moon (4’orb).There is also a trine/sextile from Jupiter to the Moon/Sun (2’ orb). This Eclipse is also part of ann intense Yod in the sky, with the Sun as the apex planet and the Moon as the release point! The quincunx is from the Sun to Pluto (2’ orb) on one side and to Neptune (2’ orb) on the other!

Why do Eclipses matter?

There are two Eclipse seasons a year – one in Oct/Nov and one in July/Aug. The Eclipse season lasts from a few weeks before the first Eclipse, until a week or so after the last Eclipse. However, the effects of the Eclipses last for approx. 6 months after each Eclipse.

Lunar Eclipses are a more intense Full Moon – with a twist! During a Full Moon the light of the Sun fully illuminates the Moon. How this translates in our daily life, is that emotions that are usually under the surface, become more visible as they enter our consciousness. Hence we talk about ‘lunacy’ during a Full Moon, which describes a sense of feeling overtaken and overwhelmed by our emotions.

However, the twist with the Eclipse is that although emotions come to the surface, they are temporarily covered over or eclipsed. So we are aware that they are there, but unlike a non-eclipsed Full Moon, we are not conscious of what they are about. As this is happening to all of us at the same time, it can feel like a power surge of emotions, without the consciousness to make sense of what they are and hence how to process them.

Depending on where this Eclipse falls in your natal chart and which planets – if any – are activated, this will feel more or less personally intense for you. However, as it is a global occurrence, anyone who is sensitive and/or has a very watery chart is likely to reverberate strongly with these energies, even if they are not personal to your own chart. Hence, it’s very important to stay as centered as possible in your own emotions and body and to keep clearing out other people’s energies and emotions!

Some Key Themes to look out for with this Lunar Eclipse:

1. A strong drive to take urgent action in whatever area of life the Sun/Mars/North Node in Leo falls in your natal chart. Heart centered action can work well, but if it’s based on ego, it is likely to be reflected back in an enhanced way over the next few months.
2. This is an ideal time to let go of old emotional baggage – resentments, fears, regrets, shame, guilt, annoyances, frustrations…
3. Parental issues may come to the surface to be resolved and released so that we can move forward lighter and easier.
4. There may be challenges between the wellbeing of the group/tribe/collective versus ‘Me, Myself and I’! This could manifest via challenges between family and community needs, versus personal needs and desires.
5. With Mercury in shadow and going Retrograde on Aug 13th it’s well worth paying additional attention to all forms of communication, particularly when it entails formal documents!
This Eclipse is likely to feel particularly powerful if your Sun, Moon and/or angles are between 11’ and 16’ Aquarius, Leo, Taurus and Scorpio. Also if you are part of the generation with the Nodal axis in Leo/Aquarius as the theme of self/individuality/ego, versus others/idealism/helping the collective, is a key theme in your life journey.

Some suggested tools for this Lunar Eclipse:

1. Time in nature can really help to stay grounded and get some sleep and rest at this time. Because this Eclipse is in Air and Fire, it has a high speed, detached quality about it, which is very removed from the natural and physical realms of Earth and our body. This can feel a bit harsh and edgy on our nervous system
2. Meditation and breathing exercises can help to stay centered and as calm as possible amidst any potential chaos around us.
3. It’s well worth taking nothing personally!! Keep in mind that everyone’s emotions are surfacing at the same time. Kindness, compassion, patience and tolerance will go a long way towards preventing accidents and stressful encounters.
4. Discernment as to where and if action is needed, and how to take it in a grounded and loving manner is useful right now.
5. Forgiveness for self and others will bear great fruits in the months to come. The Hawaiian practice of Ho’oponopono is one of several healing forgiveness practices http://upliftconnect.com/hawaiian-practice-of-forgiveness/
6. For general tips on how to navigate Eclipses, feel free to have a look at my blog from Feb 2017 https://astrologypsychological.com/…/some-simple-tips-on-ho…/
7. Eclipses can be a stressful time in Relationships – our YouTube recording on the Lunar Eclipse and Relationships is at: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ktjk6WU6O34&feature=youtu.be

Margaret Gray Aug 2017
I offer Astrology readings to individuals, couples and children in person in Dublin and via Skype elsewhere. You can contact me at graymgt@gmail.com

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The Full Moon in Virgo on March 12th 2017 by Margaret Gray

‘Forgiveness is the key that unlocks the door of resentment and the handcuffs of hatred. It is a power that breaks the chains of bitterness and the shackles of selfishness.’ 
― Corrie ten BoomClippings from My Notebook

Key Planetary Energies today:

This Full Moon is part of a Tsquare opposing Chiron (2’) and Mercury in Pisces (5’) and squaring Saturn in Sagittarius (5’). It is also trine Pluto in Capricorn (3’) and exactly quincunx Uranus in Aries!

So how is this likely to affect us?


Although Virgo is an Earth sign, it is the most analytical of the Earth signs in that it is ruled by Mercury. Virgo’s natural inclination is to dissect concepts, ideas and events in an attempt to understand the different components which led to the final result. Ultimately Virgo’s search for understanding is about self-improvement and the improvement of the collective. Hence individuals with strong Virgo in their chart often thrive in teaching roles. At its most expansive, this Full Moon can help us to understand more about our behaviours, thoughts and ideas, particularly in the two weeks leading up to the Full Moon. At its most limited it can find fault with everyone else to avoid the harshness of its own self-criticism and self-blame.

The opposition to the Sun/Chiron/Mercury stellium in Pisces reminds us of the important roles compassion and forgiveness play in healing. Ultimately all healing of ourselves and others comes from unconditional love, which by its nature counteracts the harsh critic within.

In the YouTube recording of Relationships and the Full Moon in Virgo by Armand Diaz and myself https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EKZcAzXJ9Mg&feature=youtu.be we  mention the Hawaiian Ho’oponopono chant for forgiveness and reconciliation:

‘I love you,

I’m sorry,

please forgive me

and thank you’.

Grace comes from forgiveness, enabling us to heal ourselves and live a happier life. With forgiveness based on unconditional love, our beliefs can soften, allowing flexibility to take the place of rigid, limited immovable ideas. Hence space is created for new beginnings.

You are more likely to resonate with these themes if your Sun, Moon and/or Angles are between 21’ and 27’ Virgo, Pisces, Gemini, Sagittarius, Aries and/or Capricorn

This is an ideal time to:

  1. Spend some time alone in quiet contemplation
  2. Use journaling to process thoughts and feelings to do with past and current relationships
  3. Review health and body care – food, exercise, rest, relaxation, fun…
  4. Enjoy some physical pampering
  5. Engage in some forgiveness practice, followed by an energetic clearing
  6. Spend some time in nature to ground in the here and now!

In Relationships:
This Full Moon is very relevant to relationships particularly with Venus currently Retrograde in Aries. Feel free to check out the latest recording from ‘Relationships and Astrology’ with Armand Diaz and myself at: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EKZcAzXJ9Mg&feature=youtu.be

Legal Copyright of Margaret Gray March 2017 MSW D. Psych.Astrologywww.astrologypsychological.com





Some Very Brief Notes on the Full Moon in Cancer on Jan 12th 2017

Where love rules, there is no will to power; and where power predominates, there love is lacking. The one is the shadow of the other – Carl Jung

The briefness is due to the fact that I am enjoying this first Full Moon of the year in sunny Fuertaventura rather than Ireland! The photo above is the view outside my window!

Planetary Configurations:
This Full Moon at 22’ Cancer 27 is particularly powerful as it’s part of a Grand Cross. Hence there are 4 sets of planetary energies all wanting attention at the same time. The Moon in Cancer is one leg of the cross, opposing the Sun conjunct Pluto (5’) in Capricorn, squaring Uranus in Aries (1’) on one side and Jupiter in Libra (exact) on the other side!
In addition, the Full Moon is also exactly quincunx Saturn in Sagittarius and trine Mars conjunct Chiron in Pisces! Also, Mercury is in Sagittarius, at the critical 29’, right on the verge of moving into Capricorn once more!

Full Moons by their nature invite us to integrate the natural polarity within each of us between how we shine out in the world (the Sun) and who we are in the most private recesses of our emotions (the Moon). With a grand cross formation, the planets at the other two corners, which in this case are Jupiter and Uranus, play an important role in this process of integration. Uranus is likely to do so through sudden and unexpected information or events in our lives over the Full Moon period from Jan 11th – 12th. This is likely to free us from some previous restriction, once we recuperate from the surprise! Jupiter invites us to find balance between all of the energies.

Some Core Themes:
• Unexpected unfinished issues to do with either or both of our parents may come to the surface.
• How we self-nurture or not, is likely to be a theme right now in connection with self-love, as we are invited to make some changes in this area. We may also come to an unexpected realization of the impact of lack of self-love in our past and current relationships.
• We may feel a strong push/pull between power versus love, as well as duty versus love, particularly in our relationships, including family, friendships and with our significant other.
• Some ‘secrets’ may come to light.
• This is a great time to challenge limiting stereotypes to do with gender.

Some Tools that may help:

• The creative arts once again!
• A mixture of being by water, yet also time on solid ground
• Honest and direct communication
• Escapism through addictions remains very tempting at the moment, via substances, work, drama, romance…as an avoidance of emotional pain that may be surfacing. Spiritual practices of any kind can be helpful, as well as getting professional help if needbe as part of self-care.
• Anxiety and sleeplessness may be noticeable with this Full Moon as Uranus is involved. Movement outdoors is likely to be easier than trying to meditate from a still position indoors. Worth being a little cautious though if you are doing anything adventurous, particularly if the Full Moon makes tight aspects with your natal chart!

If your Sun, Moon and/or Angles are between 17’ and 23’ Cancer, Capricorn, Aries, Libra, Pisces and/or Sagittarius, you are more likely to resonate with these themes.

Legal Copyright of Margaret Gray January 2017

Some Very Brief Notes on the Full Moon in Aries on Oct 15th/16th 2016! By Margaret Gray

Direct from the ISAR 2016 Symposium in Costa Mesa California! (Hence the briefness and the photo of the almost Full Moon from my balcony!)

We all want to break our orbits, float like a satellite gone wild in space, run the risk of disintegration. We all want to take our lives in our own hands and hurl them out among the stars. – David Bottoms



As Lynn Bell said at this mornings presentation: “Today is one of the most powerful ‘wake up’ times of the year!”

Planetary Configurations:
This Full Moon at 23’ Aries 14 is conjunct Uranus (’46) and quincunx Venus (4’) The other major Planetary configurations in the sky include Mars approaching a conjunction to Pluto (3’) and Mercury in an exact square to Pluto. Mars also forms an exact Trine to the North Node and a Sextile to the South Node.

Core Themes:
• New beginnings in our emotional realm.
• The opportunity for another layer of emotional individuation and release from previously unresolved maternal issues. 14720621_1398918370126119_3286726487896029535_n
• Unexpected and sudden emotional insights, leading to an increased sense of personal freedom.
• The opportunity to leave codependent patterns in relationships, as the need for equality and fairness comes to the forefront.
• The revelation of truths becomes of paramount importance.
• An ideal time to engage with personal tenacity and power at the service of the collective.
• A great time to plan a new project.

Some Tools that may help at this time:
– Exercise to help relieve the pressure of the powerful Uranian energy on our nervous system – running, dancing, swimming etc.
– Caffeine and sugar are unlikely to be helpful at this time!
– Active forms of meditation
– Grounding! Grounding! Grounding! – time in nature…

Legal Copyright of Margaret Gray Oct. 2016 www.astrologypsychological.com

The Full Moon at 22’ Taurus 37 on November 14th 2016 by Margaret Gray

This is what it means to be loved… when someone wants to touch you, to be tender… ― Banana Yoshimotoart-914896_640

This Full Moon (Supermoon) is the closestMoon to Earth since Jan 26th 1948 and will be the closest we will experience until November 25th 2034!

Key Planetary Energies today:
This Full Moon sextiles Chiron in Pisces (2’) and the Sun forms a quincunx to Uranus in Aries (1’). Meanwhile the South Node in Pisces is within a few seconds of an exact conjunction to Neptune and Jupiter in Libra forms a square to Pluto in Capricorn (2’) and a sextile to Saturn in Sagittarius (2’) – both of them waxing!

So how is this likely to affect us?


Our security needs are likely to come to the fore with this Full Moon, as we experience a challenge between our lunar desire to maintain the familiar status quo, versus our Solar need to uncover whatever lies deep beneath the surface. The key to integrating these different energies is to help each of them become aware of the value in the other. Without the willingness to engage with the energies of Scorpio to uncover issues that are stewing in our unconscious, we are unlikely to find the genuine peace, tranquillity and inner security that Taurus so desperately craves.unterberg-345557_640

Hence this Full Moon invites us to do some further clearing of our unconscious basement which started with the New Moon in Scorpio on October 30th. This can help us to heal old issues on an emotional and physical level that have been festering below the surface and reach a place of peaceful enjoyment. Honesty, combined with heartfelt compassion is likely to be our most effective tool!

You are more likely to resonate with these themes if your Sun, Moon and/or Angles are between 21’ and 24’ Taurus, Scorpio, Leo, Pisces or Virgo. Also if you have personal planets or angles between 12′ and 16′ Libra and/or Capricorn.

And how might this translate in our Relationships?

This full moon reminds us that our relationships thrive with regular respectful and loving emotional and physical attention. Whether through holding hands or a hug or a more passionate embrace…this full moon in earthy Taurus brings to our attention that we are physical sensual beings who need human contact to thrive. Physical contact often creates a bridge to the unspoken and unspeakable.love-1181067_640 It easily connects us across language and cultural divides, silencing the endless chatter of our daily mental and fear laden worries and stresses. When physical contact comes from our heart, it can transmit love, care, nurturing and compassion in an instant. In being touched, we are seen and in being seen we feel valued and in feeling valued, the very best of us is likely to come to the surface and shine brightly for all to enjoy.

At a deeper level, regular and loving physical contact in our relationships, deepens our intimacy as we are nudged to embrace our vulnerability, particularly when we connect with each other sexually. With the Sun in Scorpio opposing the Moon in Taurus and aspecting Chiron in Pisces, this is potentially a helpful time to gently re-visit any blocks and wounds that may be acting as obstacles to embracing full emotional and sexual intimacy in our lives. Full Moons offer us the monthly opportunity to clear anything that is outdated in our lives, including old complexes that are ready to be healed and integrated. This frees us up to greater choices and new beginnings!dh-1270008_640

This is an ideal time to:
1. Enjoy a walk in nature alone or with a loved one – friend, significant other, family member…
2. Relax, light some candles, make some nice food, put on some relaxing music…
3. Go away for a few days somewhere beautiful…
4. Treat yourself to a relaxation spa, maybe a massage or other pampering treatment…
5. Enjoy some sensual passion…

The Sabian Symbol for this Moon is ‘A Jewelry Shop Filled with Valuable Gems’. This resonates with the Taurean enjoyment of beauty and wealth. However, it is merely a shop and hence something external that glitters, rather than genuine internal wealth and wellbeing.

The Sabian Symbol for the opposing Sun in Scorpio is ‘A Rabbit Metamorphoses into A Nature Spirit’. Hence the opposing Sun offers us the possibility to transmute something instinctual within into spiritual consciousness. From glittering gems in a shop, to depth awareness of what is of real value within our soul self.

Legal Copyright of Margaret Gray Nov 2016 MSW D. Psych. Astrologywww.astrologypsychological.com

Some Brief Notes on the Annular Lunar Eclipse on September 16th at 24’ Pisces 19 by Margaret Gray

‘We need to learn to love ourselves first, in all our glory and our imperfections. If we cannot love ourselves, we cannot fully open to our ability to love others or our potential to create. Evolution and all hopes for a better world rest in the fearlessness and open-hearted vision of people who embrace life’ ― John Lennon


(Many thanks to Clarke Little Photography for this stunning image of a wave!)

Emotions, Emotions, Emotions…

Lunar Eclipses feel like a particularly powerful Full Moon whose effects commence a few weeks before and continue for several months on a subtle emotional level. As this is an Annular rather than a total Lunar Eclipse, we will have some access to the emotions that are surfacing from our deepest unconscious at this time.

Key Planetary Energies today:eclipse

This final Eclipse of 2016 is conjunct Chiron (2’). It is also part of a Tsquare, squaring Apex Mars in Sagittarius (1’ orb) and opposing Jupiter in Libra (7’ orb) as well as Mercury in Virgo (7’ orb). It also forms a quincunx to Venus in Libra (3’ orb). It’s helpful to also keep in mind that Saturn in Sagittarius is still squaring Neptune in Pisces (Rx) – (this is exact within 30 seconds!)  which is conjunct the South Node (2’ orb). In addition, Mars in Sagittarius trines Uranus in Aries (exact within 20 seconds!) and sextiles Venus in Libra (2’ orb).  Saturn also squares the Nodes (2’ orb)

So how is this likely to affect us?


The skies are very busy today! In fact – every planet is in aspect to at least one other planet, with many of the planetary energies squaring or opposing each other! In applying the theory ‘as above, so below’ it stands to reason that emotionally it may feel as if we are we are standing in the middle of Heathrow Airport at the peak of holiday season!! As we try to figure out where our departure gate is, we cannot help being aware of the endless sensory stimulation coming at us from all directions. If someone crashes into us with their 4 suitcases, golf clubs and surfboard (which they may well do with Mars squaring the Moon!), our response will depend on how we are feeling at the time, how injured we are and what the incident triggers off for us. Similarly the degree to which we are affected by the current planetary stimulation in the skies depends on where the planets land on our chart and what they awaken in us.

Although they are not conjunct, this Eclipse Moon, (next to Chiron) is in the same sign as the South Node. Therefore the feelings that are surfacing at this time are likely to be connected to unresolved past life issues that are ready to be understood, healed and released. This may require some analyzing on our part over the next few weeks and months. Writing out and talking through our thoughts and feelings is likely to be helpful and comforting.download

With Mars squaring the Sun and Moon, this full Moon invites us to integrate the polarity of sacrifice versus service through physical and mental movement and action. For anyone with strong Pisces energies in your natal chart, such as the Sun, Moon, Ascendant or Angles in Pisces; learning to live these energies out in new ways that are not based on sacrificing yourself for others, is likely to bring up some old sadness and grief. It can be helpful to remember that at its most expansive Pisces watery energy expresses itself through the imagination and creativity, particularly through music and the arts, as well as through an ongoing awareness of our connection with the spiritual dimension (whatever that means to each of us). At its most limited the Piscean energy can get lost in sacrifice, co-dependency, addictions, perceived abandonment and rejection and a feeling of being a victim of circumstances. Most of us experience our planets somewhere in-between and when an Eclipse shines a light on them, we become more acutely aware through our feelings, of what no longer works for us.

The opposing Sun in Virgo during this Eclipse, offers the potential to take realistic stock of the choices we have made in areas of our life affected by the Eclipse. This entails a willingness to analyse (without judgement), why and how we created our current circumstances. The more we are willing to take compassionate responsibility for our choices, the more we can clear old patterns and make creative and loving choices that are of service to ourselves and others as we move forward in our life. This theme is reinforced by Saturn squaring the Virgo/Pisces Nodes. Some of the emotional pressure we may be feeling at this time is related to Saturn reminding us in no uncertain terms that the core reason we are all on this planet is to be of service to humanity.

Dreams may be particularly powerful right now and worth writing down. This eclipse is likely to potentially feel somewhat chaotic for empaths as the collective field is flooded with unconscious feelings coming to the surface from the depths of everyone’s unconscious. Pisces has no recognition of boundaries and hence it is more challenging to separate who the feelings belong to! Grounding in nature is of paramount importance this weekend. If you have a lot of Pisces in your chart (Sun, Moon or Angles), time alone, journaling, meditating and being creative can help contain the powerful emotions that are swimming around. Tears can also help release some of the sadness and grief that may come to the surface. This is not a good time to use any kind of mind altering substances as their effect is likely to be heightened and could lead to distress and confusion, rather than enjoyment. Remember to put your crystals out for cleansing in the Full Moon!

In our Relationships:

The Venus/Uranus opposition and Quincunx to the Moon/Chiron reminds us that fairness and balance continue to be at the forefront for us all as we endeavour to find new ways to relate that integrate these qualities in an innovative manner. This is an integral part of what I have described as ‘The New Paradigm of Spiritual Relationships’ at several conferences over the past years and in the chapter I wrote on relationships in the book ‘Transpersonal Astrology, Explorations at the Frontier’. This current configuration also raises the issue of ‘twin souls’ and the need to release old painful patterns of sacrificing ourselves so that we can more easily connect with our twin souls in an equal and fair manner. Without doing so we cannot have a relationship that is based on unconditional love as Piscean self-sacrifice leads to resentment which both avoids and destroys the possibility of real intimacy.download-1

The Virgo Sun and Mercury can support us in taking a good look at the choices we have made in our relationships. Were they based on unconditional love for ourselves and our significant other or were they based on fear? What would we do differently in retrospect and going forwards? Are we in a relationship with our ‘twin soul’? If we are, what old feelings from the relationship and from our childhood relationships do we need to work through in order to move forward together? If we are not with our twin soul – it’s worth asking ourselves why we are not with them. Have we not met yet? Are we willing to do the work that being together would entail or would we prefer to wait until another lifetime to do so? With free will at our disposal we can make any choice we wish. Each of them has consequences and this Eclipse may bring some of the emotional consequences of our choices to light so that we can face them and make clearer conscious decisions that are based on empowered love.

(A quick reminder that I will be talking to Amanda about Relationships and Love, Discovering the Soul Themes and Purpose of your Intimate Relationships’ on the Free Online Astro-Summit starting on September 19th with 33 other International Astrologers! – you can register for Free via this link:http://summit.astrologyhub.com/?orid=1905&opid=33&sid=2016 )

The Sabian Symbols

The Sabian Symbol for the Moon for this Eclipse is: ‘The Purging Of The Priesthood’. One interpretation may be that we are releasing feelings to do with old beliefs and teachings that are no longer helpful. As ‘Priesthood’ is a male concept, the beliefs are likely to be connected to our left brain logical approach to thinking that influenced us.

The Sabian Symbol for the Sun is: “Flags At Half Mast”

This suggests that there may be some loss that requires acknowledging and mourning.

The core themes of this Full Moon are more likely to reverberate with you if your Sun, Moon and/or Angles are between 23’ and 25’ Pisces, Virgo, Sagittarius, Gemini, Aries and/or Libra.

I will leave you on this Lunar Eclipse with this reminder from Joshua Kai: ‘Even the smallest shift in perspective can bring about the greatest healing.’ 

Legal Copyright of Margaret Gray Sept. 2016

Feel free to contact me by email: graymgt@gmail.com if you would like an Individual or Relationship Astrological Reading. I work via Skype, Phone and in Person. Currently based in Dublin, I will be available for a limited number of in-person individual readings in Southern California in mid October.

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Summer Solstice and the Full Moon in Sagittarius on June 20th 2016 by Margaret Gray

‘Just like moons and like suns,
With the certainty of tides,
Just like hopes springing high,
Still I’ll rise’ – Maya Angelou[i]


The Key Planetary Energies today:

This is the second of two Full Moons in Sagittarius – the first one was in May 2016. The last one was on June 22nd 1967 at 0’ Capricorn 06. The next one won’t be until June 21st, 2062. Hence for some this may well be the only experience of Summer Solstice combined with a Full Moon!

This Full Moon is opposite Venus in Cancer, trine Uranus in Aries (5’) and square Chiron in Pisces (4’) Meanwhile the tight Mutable Grand Cross continues in the sky with Mercury in Gemini square Jupiter exactly conjunct the North Node in Virgo square Neptune conjunct South Node in Pisces and exactly opposite Saturn in Sagittarius!fullmoonsag

The Full Moon is at 11.03 Irish/UK time and the Summer Solstice is at 23.34 Irish/UK time on the 20th/21st By this time the Sun will have moved into 0’ Cancer 02 and the Moon will be at 6’ Capricorn 07.solstic

So how is this likely to affect us? 

This full moon at the Anaretic 29th degree has an urgency about it, due to its placement. Hence we are invited to integrate and complete something important, before we embrace the new nurturing and fertile energy of the Solstice. Key areas that are illuminated which may seek integration and completion are related to our thoughts and beliefs. It’s well worth exploring the emotional patterns that lie at the core of our beliefs and how they impact our communication within ourself and with others. How is this linked to our self-value? The trine to Uranus is urging us to release old emotional patterns and the square to Chiron reminds us that this release will help to bring about understanding and healing both for ourselves and those around us.

Later in the day Solstice, which is one of the four cardinal turning points in the solar calendar, welcomes a new season – Summer for those of us in the Northern Hemisphere and Winter in the Southern Hemisphere. The word Solstice derives from the Latin word: Solstitium which is made up of ‘Sol’ – the Sun & the past participle of ‘sistere’ which means ‘to stand still’. Hence our focus today is on the Solar Archetype. This includes: the principle of self and individuation, illumination within and outside of ourselves, the father archetype within, action, vocation, expansion, our identity, shining our truth, our roots, inner strength…solstice

Throughout the centuries Sun gods were worshipped across the globe throughout almost every culture. With patriarchy, many of them were identified as male. However, in Irish mythology, Áine who was the daughter of Eogabail of the Tuatha Dé Danann, “was originally worshipped as a Sun Goddess. She was also seen as a Moon Goddess, a Goddess of Love, a Fertility Goddess, a Healing Goddess, and a Sovereignty Goddess. Áine is also known as a Faery Queen. Her name means “brightness, glow, joy, radiance; splendour, glory, fame” and she is associated with the abundance of summer. Áine walked among Her people, offering aide where needed. She was invoked for “abundance, prosperity, punishing love crimes, keeping magical vows, revealing faeries, bearing magical children, and leaving unsuitable mate. South West is her direction, and Air is her element. The red mare, rabbit, and swan are her sacred animals.” [ii]airmid

Hence today we are invited to invoke Áine, to assist us in whatever area of our life we would like the Sun to shine brightly and bring abundance and new joyful beginnings. Notice in particular which area of your chart the Sun at 0’ Cancer and the Moon at 6’ Capricorn land in. Time in nature is likely to be particularly beneficial today.

In our Relationships:
The June Full Moon is known as the ‘Honey Moon” – hence the term ‘honeymoon’ for new ‘in love’ couples and why June is one of the most popular months to get married! For those of us in the Northern Hemisphere this time of year is connected to abundance and light as we experience the most hours of sunlight in the year. “As the goddess of love, Áine was invoked for love spells and fertility with the Sun and Moon being her planets. She was known for teaching her human children about love” [iii]– (both human and spiritual love). Aine, with long red hair held by a headband of fallen stars, was always seen wearing yellow, attire fitting for a Goddess associated with the sun and the moon.”

Abundance in the arena of love is more likely if we release old concepts of what ‘love’ is supposed to be and embrace a more expansive concept based on ‘unconditionality’ as well as on ‘service’. With Mercury in Gemini opposing Saturn, writing may feel easier than speaking to our loved ones today. As the Full Moon wanes and the Solstice takes over, the light of the Sun will join Venus in Cancer, softening the urgency of the 29’ and inviting compassion and tenderness for ourselves and others. This is an ideal time to consider making changes and new starts in all relationships but particularly within families, especially if boundaries have become a little blurred.

Full Moons offer the potential to let go of something that is no longer serving us well. This is particularly emphasised with the Grand Cross today, as well as the Full Moon at 29’! Sadly the key planetary energies in the Grand Cross seem to have been expressed at their most limited over the past week in many parts of the world. Mental and emotional chaos and confusion (Neptune/Sth node in Pisces) based on a limited sense of meaning (opposite Jupiter/North Node in Virgo) versus a sense of meaning and service fuelled by unconditional love and recognition of our sameness. This erupted in a violent attempt to annihilate the shadow within oneself and others, (Mars in Scorpio quincunx Uranus in Aries as well as the trine from Jupiter/Nth Node to Pluto in Capricorn), rather than self-empowered actions leading to a new way of being.maxresdefault

Solstice offers us a new turning point as a collective – the question for each of us is: how are we going to move forward? Are we willing to do the work required by the Jupiter/North Node in Virgo trine Pluto in Capricorn – learn, consciously analyse, evaluate, be of service, reach out, let go of addictions, make changes to create new structures in ourselves and in society…? With Mars Rx in Scorpio, quincunx Uranus in Aries – are we willing to evaluate ourselves and our past actions in a conscious manner so that we can move forward in a new way? The potential is there but as the Dalai Lama recently pointed out: ‘It requires action on our part’.

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[i] May thanks to Kelsey Avalon for playing this beautiful poem ‘Still I’ll Rise’ by Maya Angelou at her presentation on Asteroids at the Astrology Ireland Meetup.

[ii] Many thanks to Judith Shaw https://feminismandreligion.com/2013/07/31/aine-summer-goddess-of-love-light-and-fertility-by-judith-shaw/and to Voices from the Dawn for the quotes about Áine. It well worth looking at both these websites: http://www.voicesfromthedawn.com/knock-aine/

[iii] See above!

The Full Moon in Sagittarius on May 21st 2016 by Margaret Gray

‘Why is patience so important?
Because it makes us pay attention’ ― 
Paulo Coelho


Key Planetary Energies today:

This first of two Full Moons in Sagittarius (the next one is in June), is conjunct Retrograde Mars, creating an exact Sun/Mars opposition! It is also Trine Chiron in Pisces (7’). Meanwhile the Sun is conjunct Venus in Taurus (5’orb). The North Node in Virgo is conjunct Jupiter (5’) and the opposing South Node in Pisces is conjunct both Neptune (7’) and Chiron (6’). These planets are part of the Kite formation in the sky at the moment, with a Grand Trine in Earth, including the North Node/Jupiter, Pluto and Mercury – all within 5’ of each other with South Node/Neptune/Chiron in Water as the release point for the Kite. The Nodes and planets conjunct them, are also part of a Keep in mind also that Mercury goes stationary direct tomorrow, although Mars remains Retrograde for another month!

So how is this likely to affect us?


New Moons usually come with a sense of ease as the Sun and Moon sit side by side, sharing the energy of the same Zodiac Sign. However, with a Full Moon, the Sun and Moon are in opposite signs of the Zodiac. This can create a sense of unease as we seek ways to integrate the opposing energies, as well as the planets they are each aspecting.

At its core this Full Moon invites us to revisit the core beliefs, thoughts and values that drive us to take action in our daily life. Are they still helpful to us? Which ones are we ready to release?tumblr_static_tumblr_static_acbnacn55kw04ocgo4ccgck80_640

With Mercury within a day of turning stationary Direct in Taurus, engaging our right brain creative thinking function is likely to be more successful than attempting to make decisions based on our logical left brain. With Mars still Retrograde until June 29th we may be be feeling a build-up of frustration as our desired actions may feel hampered by delays and unexpected re-routes! Patience is likely to be a rather scarce commodity at the moment so it is well worth engaging in whatever personal reflective practices we find most conducive to dealing with frustration and impatience! This can include: exercise, yoga, meditation, singing, dancing, laughing…

The Kite formation highlights that to be of service and effect transformation in the structures of our individual lives and in the greater collective we need to connect with our emotions and to clear out old pain. This is an ideal time to spend some time journaling about our feelings so that we can release old buried wounds and emotions.

You are more likely to resonate more powerfully with these energies if your Sun, Moon and/or Angles are between 0’ and 3’ Sagittarius and Gemini and/or between 10’ and 15’ Sagittarius, Pisces and/or Virgo, or 14’ and 27’ Virgo, Capricorn, Taurus and/or Pisces.

In our Relationships:

This is an ideal time to reconsider the beliefs and values that our relationship dynamics are based on. Where do these beliefs originate from? Our family, culture, religion, education…? Do they fully resonate with what we value and want in our relationships? Which direction are they taking us? Is this really where we want to go? Where is our heart in all of this?

During a Full Moon there can be a higher risk of projecting either side of the Full Moon onto a significant other or friend, colleague, family member etc. Notice if they remind you of either of your parents? This is a clear indication that they have faded as individuals in your eyes and become a mere projection of an internalized parental archetype. Projection-for-Vibrant-Jung-ThingAs we all know, the stronger and more unconscious the projection, the easier it is for the other person to unconsciously take on the projection, often leading to a relationship spiralling into an unnecessary challenging situation. The key is for the person who initiated the projection to become conscious of when it is happening and to deal with the original parental issues so as not to unwillingly cause distress and damage to the relationship. The more we each become conscious of our inner childhood and parental issues, the less likely we are to act them out unconsciously with our loved ones.


The Saturn Rx apex of the Tsquare to the Nodes indicates that we have reached an important point as a collective where we are invited to manifest a future that integrates spirituality and oneness with a sense of meaning based on being of practical help. Whether we choose to do so depends on our choices as we all have free will!


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The Full Moon at 3’ Cancer 19 on Dec 25th 2015 – Some brief notes by Margaret Gray

Your task is not to seek for Love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it – Rumi

The Core Theme for this Christmas Full Moon = Self Nurturing


A Full Moon on Christmas Day is a fairly rare occurrence. The last one was in 1977 with previous ones in 1920 and 1901 and the next ones will be in 2034 and 2053. One of the interesting things about all of these is that they have occurred in the sign of Cancer, which rules the Moon and is traditionally associated with nurturing, family, children, creativity and home. For anyone born before 1977, it may be interesting to consider what Dec 25th 1977 was like for you. If you were not born yet, it’s worth exploring what it was like for your family.

With the Sun lighting up the Moon, from his placement in the opposite earthy sign of Capricorn, he reminds us during this Full Moon, that we are all bound to the linear earthbound concept of time as well as to Karma. I am interpreting the term Karma to mean that we are all inextricably bound to experiencing the consequences of our human choices and behaviours.

Although traditionally both Cancer and Capricorn are considered to be feminine signs, archetypally Cancer represents the universal archetype of Mother and all that is ascribed to our internalized Mothering qualities. Capricorn represents the archetype of Father and all that is ascribed to our internalized Fathering qualities. With this Full Moon falling on one of the most ritualized ‘family’ days in the Western calendar, it is worth exploring these core archetypes a little more.  archetype_circle_father

The parental archetypes for all of us relate to our journey of individuation on this planet. Fulfilling their initial roles of seeding our existence and birthing us into the world, ideally the next parenting function[i] is one of nurturing, containing and supporting our development in an unconditionally loving and expansive manner. This enables the successful and happy internalization of a ‘good enough’ maternal and paternal archetype. The greater our success in internalizing positive role models in our childhood, the less likely we are to desperately seek them in our adult relationships.

So what is ‘good enough’ mothering as coined by Donald Winnicott? Although the basics which include unconditional love, empathy, safety, respect, communication, compassion, patience and nurturing are similar for all of us; our individual variation of these needs is largely described by the Sign and Aspects to the Moon in our Birth Chart. For e.g. Natal Moon in Gemini is likely to find verbal communication more nurturing when in need of comfort than Natal Moon in Taurus who probably prefers physical reassurance! With good enough mothering, we develop an awareness of how to meet our emotional needs for self-nurturing.

In terms of ‘good enough’ fathering, aside from the basics which are similar to the basics of mothering, our individual variation of these is largely described by our Sun Sign and aspects to it in our Birth Chart. Hence the Sun in Aquarius usually values individual freedom, whereas the Sun in Cancer thrives on close connections. With good enough ‘fathering’ we learn how to shine our light brightly in the world and fulfil what we came here to do on a soul level. Ultimately the integration of both our Moon and Sun is necessary to create a strong sense of self which enables us to self-nurture and play our role in the world in a strong and consistent way. The key problematic areas for most of us related to these archetypes stem back to ‘abandonment’ or ‘engulfing’ by either or both parents.

This Full Moon invites us to explore these core internal archetypes. Hence it is an ideal time to make a list of the qualities of your ideal internalized parents. Looking at your Moon sign and aspects in your Birth Chart it may be helpful to brainstorm words that meet the nurturing needs of your Moon. It is worth doing the same for your Sun by sign and aspect. Some questions to explore might include: How do these qualities apply to my sense of self? What other words can I add to these? For example the Sun in Capricorn is likely to feel a strong sense of self through manifesting something concrete and with integrity in the world of matter. The Sun in Taurus on the other hand is more likely to develop its sense of self through recognising its intrinsic value, regardless of what it achieves externally.

Once you have your lists you might find it helpful to ask yourself the following questions: What nurtures me?

  • How able am I to genuinely nurture myself and others?
  • What are the gaps in my childhood nurturing?
  • What is my sense of self currently based on?
  • What are the core issues that repeat in my relationships and in my daily life in the world – for example at work?
  • What do they stem back to when I track them all the way back in my life?
  • What can I do during this Full Moon to start healing the gaps?

The Sun in Capricorn offers a helpful container for this process at this time, inviting us to be truthful and honest with ourselves. The key is to not be self-judgemental! If you find yourself doing this, it’s worth going back to asking – what might a ‘good’ parent do/say!

General Planetary Context:

This Full Moon links in with the Saturn/Neptune square through a trine to Neptune.[ii] This connects us to the deeper layer of emotions within ourselves and the collective unconscious. Hence we may feel waves of sadness as well as waves of joy throughout Christmas day. The creative arts and spirituality can help us to ride these waves in a playful manner. The abuse of substances as avoidance or as an attempt to create temporary bliss, is unlikely to create the desired result at this time. Self-expression through singing, dancing, cooking, painting and writing are more likely to support us through our emotions today.

With a predominance of planets in Earth and Water and only Mars in Air, our ability to mentally detach from situations may be a little inconsistent! However, our most reliable feedback is likely to come from our body and our emotions, so it is worth checking in to both often and spending some time in nature, if at all possible.

With four planets – Mercury, Mars, Venus and Jupiter, as well as the Nodes, all connected to each other because of their position between 22’ and 24’, there is a strong emphasis on communication. With Mercury in Capricorn sextile Venus in Scorpio it may be well worth considering the following before we say anything: Is it true, is it kind, is it necessary, is it honest and is it fair? Laughing at ourselves is also likely to help a lot today, as Capricorn has a fabulous sense of humour!

Jupiter conjunct the North Node in Virgo emphasises our need to pay attention to detail during the Full Moon. It is an ideal time to be of service in an efficient discerning manner. We are also likely to do a lot of self-analyses, with the potential to go into victim mode if we fall back into the South Node in Pisces. Saturn within 6’ of a Trine to Uranus, encourages us to plant new expansive and innovative seeds as we prepare to move forward into 2016 in a way that is of practical and emotional help to ourselves and others.

In summary – the core key aspects that dominate in the sky at the moment and over the coming year are: Saturn square Neptune who is encouraging us to let go of rigid truths and manifest our dreams. Uranus square Pluto who comes within a degree again by the end of this month, continues to be present. Its ongoing invitation is to transform inauthentic structures in our life, including old thought patterns.

The Sabian symbol for this Full Moon is: ‘A cat arguing with a mouse’. One possible meaning is that there is communication; albeit an argument of some sort, with a part of ourselves that we usually try to destroy. It may be worth considering – what is the ‘mouse’ inside me? What is the argument about? What resolution might we reach? 

On a Global Level:
The outcome of the recent Paris Climate Change Convention, offers some hope of an increasing awareness and willingness by the majority of nations to take better care of the environment. In view of the drastic smog that has overcome Beijing over the past few weeks and the unusually mild winter in parts of Europe, including here in Ireland as well as on the East coast of the USA, denial re climate change is no longer possible.

One of the most hopeful outcomes of the Climate Convention is that richer nations have agreed to subsidize changes in poorer countries. Thanks to Uranus in Aries who stations Direct on the 26th, the awareness that in order to create true equality, different levels of support have to be offered depending on circumstances, appears to be finally happening on a global level.

It has also been encouraging to watch a large number of Arab nations connect and take a stance together against terrorism in the name of their Religion. It is a very hopeful outcome of Saturn squaring Neptune. The issue of mass displacement of whole populations continues, with most of the world foundering re finding a real solution that will prevent more deaths. The welcome that was extended by Canada to refugees recently was a heart-warming role model on how to open our hearts. This is the most expansive way forward with Neptune in Pisces.

Who is most likely to resonate with these energies?
If your Sun, Moon and/or angles are between 1’ and 5’ of Cancer, Capricorn, Libra and or Aries, you are likely to feel these Full Moon energy more powerfully.

I leave you with this lovely quote by Margo Anand: ‘Loving yourself…does not mean being self-absorbed or narcissistic, or disregarding others. Rather it means welcoming yourself as the most honoured guest in your own heart, a guest worthy of respect, a lovable companion’.

Many thanks for reading my Full Moon blogs. Wishing you all a very peaceful and joyful holiday time and a wonderful 2016 – Warmest wishes Margaret

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[i] The role of the parental archetypes applies regardless of the gender of our ‘parents’ and whether they are our birth parents or not.

[ii] Feel free to peruse my blog on the Saturn/Neptune square on my website at https://astrologypsychological.com/blog-2/