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Welcome to Jupiter in Libra! Sept 9th 2016 – Oct 10th 2017

The ingredients of both darkness and light are equally present in all of us,…The madness of this planet is largely a result of the human being’s difficulty in coming to virtuous balance with himself ― Elizabeth Gilbert

This expansive planet’s last visit through this Air Sign was from Sept 26th 2004 – Oct 26th 2005. (Jupiter has an 11.6 year cycle). It’s well worth thinking back to what you experienced in 2005, as this new transit offers an opportunity to revisit and continue some of the unfinished themes that may have arisen in your life at that time.

Core Jupiter in Libra Themes:


Jupiter by nature expands the nature of whatever Zodiac Sign he is in. Hence his visit in Libra is likely to highlight dualities and polarities in our life so that we can bring them into greater balance. images-2The particular arena of our life where this will occur depends on which part of your chart Jupiter is currently travelling through.
Both Jupiter and Libra are natural seekers of justice and equality, hence this will be an excellent time to work on issues that have felt unjust in your life. Jupiter in Libra also reminds us that there are consequences to our choices and this is an ideal time to get a clearer understanding of the consequences of some of the choices we have made in our life. Overall our main learning with this transit will occur through our relationships as we learn new balanced ways to connect, cooperate and compromise.equality-1245578_640

3 Main things to notice in your Birth Chart:

  1. Which House in your Chart is Libra in?
  2. Do you have Planets in Libra or Aries that Jupiter will aspect by conjunction or opposition over the year and on what dates will this happen?
  3. Are any of your Angles in Libra?

In Relationships

Without a doubt our greatest learning in this lifetime is through relationships – initially with our family and later with friends, colleagues, significant others etc. The Libra/Aries axis is the axis of ‘self’ and ‘other’ and as Jupiter travels through Libra we are invited to assess how we relate to everyone on a daily basis. Who are we surrounded by? Why do we surround ourselves with these individuals and communities? What are we seeking to balance or reflect in ourselves? What are we learning through these relationships and/or brief encounters? Are these relationships balanced? Are they fair?14291855_1354312897920000_181995381591821502_n

As Jupiter squares Pluto in Capricorn over the year, (see the dates below), we will be invited to release ways of relating that no longer work for us and that are not based on equality, cooperation and compromise. The Jupiter opposition to Uranus in Aries will challenge us to maintain our individuality, whilst enjoying being in relationship. At its most limited Jupiter can express itself through grandiosity, inflation, egocentrism entitlement and narcissism. If these patterns are present in relationships, they are likely to be highlighted over the coming year, enabling us to make clearer choices.

Jupiter is also about joy and this year invites us to expand the ‘joyful’ aspects of our relationships.

Important dates to keep in mind on a Personal and Collective level when the above themes will be highlighted – (I will post more about these on the actual dates):

  • Nov 21st – Nov 27th: Jupiter will square Pluto in Capricorn (15’)
  • Dec 23rd – Dec 30th: Jupiter will oppose and hence expand Uranus Rx in Aries (20’)
  • Feb 6th – June 9th 2017: Jupiter will be Retrograde in Libra
  • Feb 27th – March 5th 2017: Jupiter Rx will oppose Uranus in Aries (22’)
  • March 25th – april 2nd Jupiter Rx square Pluto in Capricorn (19’)
  • Au 2nd – aug 8th: Jupiter square Pluto Rx in Capricorn (17’)
  • Sept 27th – Oct 1st: Jupiter will oppose Uranus Rx in Aries (last time) (27’)

Although this transit will be felt by all of us, if your Sun, Moon and/or Angles of your chart are in Libra, Aries, Cancer or Capricorn you are more likely to resonate with the main themes of this Transit.

My last quote comes from Gloria Steinem who describes the Libra art of cooperation beautifully: ‘Instead of either/or, I discovered a whole world of and’.

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Jupiter in Virgo – Some Brief Notes by Margaret Gray

Some Brief notes on Jupiter in Virgo by Margaret Gray MSW D. Psych. Astrology 

The Best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others – Mahatma Gandhi

The Core Themes for this Transit = Who am I? What brings me meaning in life? Where am I being of service in the world?


It may be helpful to look back at the previous 3 transits of Jupiter in this sign to see what you were doing at this time. As with all transits, this current transit will offer us the opportunity to continue whatever was started during previous transits.

Start of Oct 1979 – End Oct 1980

Mid Sept 1991 – Early Oct 1992

End Aug 2003 – End Sept 2004

Jupiter by nature expands and enlightens whatever he comes into contact with. Hence, during his sojourn in Virgo his focus will be on Virgoan themes and arenas. These include: the environment, complementary healing, learning and education and the service industries, amongst many others. Psychologically and astrologically Virgo is concerned with intellectual analysis and understanding. This is the Mercurial aspect of this otherwise Earthy sign. However, its Earthy dimension has a need to apply its analysis in a helpful and practical way to the world of matter. Hence the Virgo connection to the theme of service.

Although all of us are going to reverberate with the Jupiter in Virgo themes over the next 13 months, they are going to resonate more profoundly for anyone who has the Sun, Moon, Nodes and/or Angles in Virgo, Pisces, Sagittarius and/or Gemini.

This is also an important transit for all who were born between mid Aug 1957 – Aug 1972, (aside from short periods when Pluto forwarded into Libra before final visits to Virgo).  Pluto was in Virgo during this time. Hence, Jupiter will make a conjunction to your Pluto at some stage over the next year. The timing will depend on the degree of your Pluto. During this time you will be offered another opportunity to integrate unfinished issues to do with Pluto in your chart. This includes connecting with and expanding your sense of self-empowerment as well as your passion.

Some questions to explore over the next year:

  1. What gives me meaning in life?
  2. Where am I being of service?
  3. What remains unprocessed and undigested in my life?
  4. What aspects of my health do I need to take care of now?
  5. How am I feeding and nurturing my body?
  6. What do I need to eliminate that is not feeding/nurturing me in my life?
  7. Is my work fulfilling and healthy for me? What and how is it contributing to the collective?
  8. What aspects of my life can I simplify?

Some tools that may help at this time:

  1. Time alone to meditate and write.
  2. Time in nature.
  3. Making any necessary changes to improve health and wellbeing – diet, exercise etc
  4. Contributing in some way to the collective
  5. Self-analysis either alone or with a therapist/counselor – with honesty and self KINDNESS!!
  6. Humor!

I leave you with this simple quote by William Shakespeare: ‘No legacy is so rich as honesty.’
Jupiter in Virgo invites us to be honest with ourselves, for ourselves.

Legal Copyright of Margaret Gray August 2015