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The Key Planetary Transits of 2018 with Margaret Gray

Core Focus for The Year: Self-Value, Security, Creativity, Relationships and Finances 

Forget about being impressive and commit to being real. Because being real is impressive! 
― Jonathan Harnisch

Astrological list (for all the Virgo Sun, Mars and/or Ascendants)! 🙂  

  1. Uranus moves into Taurus on May 15th
  2. Jupiter moves into Sagittarius on Nov 9th 2018
  3. Venus is Retrograde (Scorpio to Libra) from Oct 5th to Nov 16th 2018
  4. Mars is Retrograde (Aquarius to Capricorn) from June 26th to Aug 27th 2018
  5. Chiron moves into Aries on April 17th
  6. The North Node enters Cancer on Nov 7th/South Node in Capricorn
  7. There are only 3 Mercury retrogrades this year in Aries, Leo and Scorpio.
  8. There are 5 Eclipses in 2018:
    Total Lunar Eclipse, January 31st at 11’ Leo
    Partial Solar Eclipse, February 15th at 27’ Aquarius
    Partial Solar Eclipse, July 13th at 21 Cancer
    Total Lunar Eclipse, July 27th at 5’ Aquarius
    Partial Solar Eclipse, August 11th at 19’ Leo

All the planets are direct from Jan 2nd to March 8th

The main signs affected by the planetary movements this year are:

Capricorn, Cancer, Taurus and Scorpio. Aries and Libra are likely to finally feel a break from the intense pressure they have been under since 2011, unless Pluto is squaring the Aries Planets and/or Chiron is conjunct them in the Spring.

You are likely to feel these energies more strongly if your natal Sun, Moon and or angles are in the above signs.

Core Themes:
1. Uranus into Earthy Taurus – May 15th

This is the first time Uranus has changed signs since 2011, when it moved into Aries. It was last in Taurus from 1935 – 1942, and will remain there until 2025. This is a major awakening and enlightening energy for the ‘sleeping bull’ energy of Taurus that tends to dislike major change.

Notice where this lands in your natal chart as some of the following core themes are likely to be relevant to this area of your life:
1. Challenges and transformation of our values, including our self-value.
2. Radical innovations of our financial system on a personal and collective level.
3. A shift from external ‘security’ props to internal security.
4. The breakdown of inauthentic false values in the collective.
5. A radical change in our understanding of beauty.
6. Innovations in taking care of the resources on our planet.
7. Major changes in the concept of ‘home’ and ‘housing’.
8. Changes in our relationship patterns.

2. Jupiter into Sagittarius on Nov 9th 2018

The core theme for this transit is expansion, in whatever area of your birth chart Jupiter will be travelling through when it moves into Sagittarius, particularly in the arenas of travel and education. However, for the first 10 months of the year, Jupiter will continue to travel through Scorpio and will make two more trines to Neptune – on May 25th and August 19th. This energy is likely to enhance our creativity as well as our inner awareness that fundamentally we are all one.

Jupiter is pretty busy this year, sextiling Pluto for most of January and the the first part of September. Pluto’s core theme as it travels through Capricorn – that we release any structures in our life that are not authentic – is likely to be reinforced by Jupiter during this time. Notice where Pluto is travelling through your natal chart, as that is the area of life that will be impacted by this transit. Whatever is authentic to you, is likely to be strengthened at this time.

3. Venus Retrograde (Scorpio to Libra) from Oct 5th to Nov 16th 2018

Venus goes retrograde about every 18 months. During this time we are invited to review our self-value and our resources as well as relationships – both past and present – including how we relate with ourselves and our finances.

Moving from Scorpio to Libra, the core themes for this retrograde are likely to include: passion, trust, balance and fairness in relationships, power dynamics, control issues and idealization in relationships. Old loves and friends may come back into your life at this time. If at all possible this is not usually a good time, (including the shadow period either side), to get married or to sign financial contracts.

4. Mars Retrograde (Aquarius to Capricorn) from June 26th to Aug 27th 2018

Mars only goes retrograde about every two years, for approx.10 weeks. This offers us an opportunity to review and recharge our life force and energy, including our sexual drive. The retrograde from Aquarius to Capricorn suggests we review our participation in groups, including our family, friendship groups, work and local communities. The question that is likely to arise at this time is: who is my tribe and what is my role in it? Boundaries are also a key theme during this retrograde and whether we are putting a lot of effort into something that feels worthwhile, particularly in our work arena. If at all possible, this is not usually considered a good time to have surgery, or to initiate a new relationship.

5. Chiron moves into Aries on April 17th – June 2026

After 6 years in Pisces, Chiron finally moves into Aries, thereby starting a whole new cycle around the Zodiac. Chiron was last in this fiery sign between 1968 and 1977, so if you were born during those years (aside from the times when it briefly retrograded into Pisces), you will experience your Chiron Return at some point over the next 8 years.

The core themes for Chiron in Aries include: understanding and integrating gaps in your sense of personal empowerment, engaging with your inner fears in a courageous manner, taking chances, in spite of your fear and healing energetic blocks that are connected to the planets that Chiron aspects in your chart during his travels through this sign.

Notice the houses in your chart that Chiron is travelling through, as the core themes will mostly come to the forefront in these areas of your life.

6. The North Node (True Node) enters Cancer on Nov 7th/South Node in Capricorn and remains there until May 2020

The core themes for this nodal axis include: grounded creativity, integrating healthy boundaries with nurturing, balancing the internal parental archetypes towards greater self-love, releasing restrictive rules and regulations that are not based on love and emotional openness versus stoicism. Notice where this new Nodal axis falls in your natal chart to see what area of your life will be stimulated by these core themes. If your North Node is in Cancer, you will experience a nodal return during this period of time.

7. There are only 3 Mercury Retrogrades this year in Aries, Leo and Scorpio.

March 23rd – April 14th Aries
July 26th – August 18th – Leo
November 17th – December 5th from Sagittarius to Scorpio

With all three starting off in Fire signs, we are likely to find them particularly frustrating as our desire for speedy communication will be severely hampered by the slowing down of the retrograde energy. In Aries, watch out for glitches with any new projects or plans. Best to hold off until after the shadow is over. With Leo, it’s worth remembering that misunderstandings are rampant during this time and it’s not worth taking anything anyone else says about us personally. With yet another retrograde in Sagittarius, travel plans may face delays or glitches – best to make sure all the details are correct. During the retrograde in the last few days in Scorpio, keep a look out for the proverbial ‘sting in the tail,’ as well as some secrets coming to light.

As always with Mercury Rx – this is the ideal time to re-view, re-think and re-consider, as well as editing any written work.

If you would like to know how the above transits might impact you in the coming year, feel free to contact me at: graymgt@gmail.com, to book a Birth Chart Reading for the year ahead.

Relationships and the Transits of 2018: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ogmz00-Ly8Q&feature=youtu.be

Margaret Gray Dec 2018 www.astrologypsychological.com


The Full Moon in Virgo on March 12th 2017 by Margaret Gray

‘Forgiveness is the key that unlocks the door of resentment and the handcuffs of hatred. It is a power that breaks the chains of bitterness and the shackles of selfishness.’ 
― Corrie ten BoomClippings from My Notebook

Key Planetary Energies today:

This Full Moon is part of a Tsquare opposing Chiron (2’) and Mercury in Pisces (5’) and squaring Saturn in Sagittarius (5’). It is also trine Pluto in Capricorn (3’) and exactly quincunx Uranus in Aries!

So how is this likely to affect us?


Although Virgo is an Earth sign, it is the most analytical of the Earth signs in that it is ruled by Mercury. Virgo’s natural inclination is to dissect concepts, ideas and events in an attempt to understand the different components which led to the final result. Ultimately Virgo’s search for understanding is about self-improvement and the improvement of the collective. Hence individuals with strong Virgo in their chart often thrive in teaching roles. At its most expansive, this Full Moon can help us to understand more about our behaviours, thoughts and ideas, particularly in the two weeks leading up to the Full Moon. At its most limited it can find fault with everyone else to avoid the harshness of its own self-criticism and self-blame.

The opposition to the Sun/Chiron/Mercury stellium in Pisces reminds us of the important roles compassion and forgiveness play in healing. Ultimately all healing of ourselves and others comes from unconditional love, which by its nature counteracts the harsh critic within.

In the YouTube recording of Relationships and the Full Moon in Virgo by Armand Diaz and myself https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EKZcAzXJ9Mg&feature=youtu.be we  mention the Hawaiian Ho’oponopono chant for forgiveness and reconciliation:

‘I love you,

I’m sorry,

please forgive me

and thank you’.

Grace comes from forgiveness, enabling us to heal ourselves and live a happier life. With forgiveness based on unconditional love, our beliefs can soften, allowing flexibility to take the place of rigid, limited immovable ideas. Hence space is created for new beginnings.

You are more likely to resonate with these themes if your Sun, Moon and/or Angles are between 21’ and 27’ Virgo, Pisces, Gemini, Sagittarius, Aries and/or Capricorn

This is an ideal time to:

  1. Spend some time alone in quiet contemplation
  2. Use journaling to process thoughts and feelings to do with past and current relationships
  3. Review health and body care – food, exercise, rest, relaxation, fun…
  4. Enjoy some physical pampering
  5. Engage in some forgiveness practice, followed by an energetic clearing
  6. Spend some time in nature to ground in the here and now!

In Relationships:
This Full Moon is very relevant to relationships particularly with Venus currently Retrograde in Aries. Feel free to check out the latest recording from ‘Relationships and Astrology’ with Armand Diaz and myself at: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EKZcAzXJ9Mg&feature=youtu.be

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