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Some Brief Notes on the Annular Lunar Eclipse on September 16th at 24’ Pisces 19 by Margaret Gray

‘We need to learn to love ourselves first, in all our glory and our imperfections. If we cannot love ourselves, we cannot fully open to our ability to love others or our potential to create. Evolution and all hopes for a better world rest in the fearlessness and open-hearted vision of people who embrace life’ ― John Lennon


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Emotions, Emotions, Emotions…

Lunar Eclipses feel like a particularly powerful Full Moon whose effects commence a few weeks before and continue for several months on a subtle emotional level. As this is an Annular rather than a total Lunar Eclipse, we will have some access to the emotions that are surfacing from our deepest unconscious at this time.

Key Planetary Energies today:eclipse

This final Eclipse of 2016 is conjunct Chiron (2’). It is also part of a Tsquare, squaring Apex Mars in Sagittarius (1’ orb) and opposing Jupiter in Libra (7’ orb) as well as Mercury in Virgo (7’ orb). It also forms a quincunx to Venus in Libra (3’ orb). It’s helpful to also keep in mind that Saturn in Sagittarius is still squaring Neptune in Pisces (Rx) – (this is exact within 30 seconds!)  which is conjunct the South Node (2’ orb). In addition, Mars in Sagittarius trines Uranus in Aries (exact within 20 seconds!) and sextiles Venus in Libra (2’ orb).  Saturn also squares the Nodes (2’ orb)

So how is this likely to affect us?


The skies are very busy today! In fact – every planet is in aspect to at least one other planet, with many of the planetary energies squaring or opposing each other! In applying the theory ‘as above, so below’ it stands to reason that emotionally it may feel as if we are we are standing in the middle of Heathrow Airport at the peak of holiday season!! As we try to figure out where our departure gate is, we cannot help being aware of the endless sensory stimulation coming at us from all directions. If someone crashes into us with their 4 suitcases, golf clubs and surfboard (which they may well do with Mars squaring the Moon!), our response will depend on how we are feeling at the time, how injured we are and what the incident triggers off for us. Similarly the degree to which we are affected by the current planetary stimulation in the skies depends on where the planets land on our chart and what they awaken in us.

Although they are not conjunct, this Eclipse Moon, (next to Chiron) is in the same sign as the South Node. Therefore the feelings that are surfacing at this time are likely to be connected to unresolved past life issues that are ready to be understood, healed and released. This may require some analyzing on our part over the next few weeks and months. Writing out and talking through our thoughts and feelings is likely to be helpful and comforting.download

With Mars squaring the Sun and Moon, this full Moon invites us to integrate the polarity of sacrifice versus service through physical and mental movement and action. For anyone with strong Pisces energies in your natal chart, such as the Sun, Moon, Ascendant or Angles in Pisces; learning to live these energies out in new ways that are not based on sacrificing yourself for others, is likely to bring up some old sadness and grief. It can be helpful to remember that at its most expansive Pisces watery energy expresses itself through the imagination and creativity, particularly through music and the arts, as well as through an ongoing awareness of our connection with the spiritual dimension (whatever that means to each of us). At its most limited the Piscean energy can get lost in sacrifice, co-dependency, addictions, perceived abandonment and rejection and a feeling of being a victim of circumstances. Most of us experience our planets somewhere in-between and when an Eclipse shines a light on them, we become more acutely aware through our feelings, of what no longer works for us.

The opposing Sun in Virgo during this Eclipse, offers the potential to take realistic stock of the choices we have made in areas of our life affected by the Eclipse. This entails a willingness to analyse (without judgement), why and how we created our current circumstances. The more we are willing to take compassionate responsibility for our choices, the more we can clear old patterns and make creative and loving choices that are of service to ourselves and others as we move forward in our life. This theme is reinforced by Saturn squaring the Virgo/Pisces Nodes. Some of the emotional pressure we may be feeling at this time is related to Saturn reminding us in no uncertain terms that the core reason we are all on this planet is to be of service to humanity.

Dreams may be particularly powerful right now and worth writing down. This eclipse is likely to potentially feel somewhat chaotic for empaths as the collective field is flooded with unconscious feelings coming to the surface from the depths of everyone’s unconscious. Pisces has no recognition of boundaries and hence it is more challenging to separate who the feelings belong to! Grounding in nature is of paramount importance this weekend. If you have a lot of Pisces in your chart (Sun, Moon or Angles), time alone, journaling, meditating and being creative can help contain the powerful emotions that are swimming around. Tears can also help release some of the sadness and grief that may come to the surface. This is not a good time to use any kind of mind altering substances as their effect is likely to be heightened and could lead to distress and confusion, rather than enjoyment. Remember to put your crystals out for cleansing in the Full Moon!

In our Relationships:

The Venus/Uranus opposition and Quincunx to the Moon/Chiron reminds us that fairness and balance continue to be at the forefront for us all as we endeavour to find new ways to relate that integrate these qualities in an innovative manner. This is an integral part of what I have described as ‘The New Paradigm of Spiritual Relationships’ at several conferences over the past years and in the chapter I wrote on relationships in the book ‘Transpersonal Astrology, Explorations at the Frontier’. This current configuration also raises the issue of ‘twin souls’ and the need to release old painful patterns of sacrificing ourselves so that we can more easily connect with our twin souls in an equal and fair manner. Without doing so we cannot have a relationship that is based on unconditional love as Piscean self-sacrifice leads to resentment which both avoids and destroys the possibility of real intimacy.download-1

The Virgo Sun and Mercury can support us in taking a good look at the choices we have made in our relationships. Were they based on unconditional love for ourselves and our significant other or were they based on fear? What would we do differently in retrospect and going forwards? Are we in a relationship with our ‘twin soul’? If we are, what old feelings from the relationship and from our childhood relationships do we need to work through in order to move forward together? If we are not with our twin soul – it’s worth asking ourselves why we are not with them. Have we not met yet? Are we willing to do the work that being together would entail or would we prefer to wait until another lifetime to do so? With free will at our disposal we can make any choice we wish. Each of them has consequences and this Eclipse may bring some of the emotional consequences of our choices to light so that we can face them and make clearer conscious decisions that are based on empowered love.

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The Sabian Symbols

The Sabian Symbol for the Moon for this Eclipse is: ‘The Purging Of The Priesthood’. One interpretation may be that we are releasing feelings to do with old beliefs and teachings that are no longer helpful. As ‘Priesthood’ is a male concept, the beliefs are likely to be connected to our left brain logical approach to thinking that influenced us.

The Sabian Symbol for the Sun is: “Flags At Half Mast”

This suggests that there may be some loss that requires acknowledging and mourning.

The core themes of this Full Moon are more likely to reverberate with you if your Sun, Moon and/or Angles are between 23’ and 25’ Pisces, Virgo, Sagittarius, Gemini, Aries and/or Libra.

I will leave you on this Lunar Eclipse with this reminder from Joshua Kai: ‘Even the smallest shift in perspective can bring about the greatest healing.’ 

Legal Copyright of Margaret Gray Sept. 2016

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2016 – Navigating the Planetary Energies in the Year Ahead with Margaret Gray MSW D. Psych. Astrology

You are what you do, not what you say you’ll do
― C.G. Jung 

Overall Theme for 2016: Creating Core Structures based on Meaningful Service


January – April:

As befits the end of one year and the start of the new one, January offers us a great opportunity to do some major clearing up of any residues from the past few years. What we are dealing with goes back to issues we were each faced with, within ourselves and on a collective basis in June 2012 when Uranus and Pluto first squared each other in the sky.[i] In fact the deeper origins of all this stem back to when these two major planets sat next to each other in 1965. It is therefore well worthwhile taking a look at what was going on for you in 1965, particularly with Mercury retrograde in Capricorn until January 25,th lending itself to some thoughtful research! If you weren’t born yet in ‘65, you can explore what was going on with your parent/s, family, community, home town etc. at this time. These energies continue until mid 2017 when Uranus and Pluto finally go their separate ways! In the meantime, this is an opportunity to review and regenerate whatever structures in your life are not working authentically on a soul level including your home, health, relationships, family, work etc. [ii] Total honesty and accountability, (not blame!), are warranted at this time, so that we all can step forward into the Spring, with far less unnecessary emotional baggage weighing us down.download (20)

March brings us the first Eclipse season of the year with a total Solar Eclipse in Pisces on March 9th. With 5 planets, plus the south node in the watery, emotional, imaginative sign of Pisces during March, the energies invite us to dissolve and release old patterns related with being ‘a victim’ so that we can embrace practical ways of being ‘of service’. Interestingly this Eclipse falls exactly on Enda Kenny’s North Node. The North Node in all our Birth Charts describes the key soul theme we are here to learn in this lifetime. The South Node at the opposite end, describes the skills and resources we bring with us from a previous lifetime. The Eclipse falling on this point for Enda, is a strong reminder to him to follow his Pisces North Node message of letting go and trusting, rather than trying to work things out in a logical analytical way for fear that chaos will descend! It is not surprising that his natal Pluto – the planet related to power – is also aspected in his chart by the Eclipse, as this is the last day the Dáil must be dissolved in line with coming elections that have to take place no later than April 8th! This is clearly going to be a significant time for the Taoiseach![iii]

May – August

May also starts with Mercury Retrograde – this time in Taurus, inviting us to focus on our ‘values’, particularly our self-value. On June 17th Saturn the god of time and manifestation, squares Neptune the god of the oceans, for the second time. The energies of these two planetary deities have been dominating the skies since their first exact square on November 26th 2015 and will continue to do so until their last encounter in September. For more information on the full meaning of this transit and how to relate it to your life, feel free to read the free blog on my website at https://astrologypsychological.com/blog-2/

The invitation of these two planets is for us to manifest Heaven on Earth by grounding the reality of our oneness, on this planet of matter. At its most limited this configuration can manifest as divisiveness, between rigid intransigent belief systems. At its most expansive, it can manifest as heart centred actions on an individual and collective basis. The choice is always ours. The seeding moment for these energies was in 1989 when the Berlin Wall came down.helping-hands

From March until the end of June 2016, these energies are further expanded by Jupiter in Virgo joining the configuration and reminding us of the importance of being of service. June 4th and 5th are particularly important dates as the light of the Sun and Venus in Gemini, link up with Jupiter, Saturn and Neptune. Forming a Grand Cross configuration in the sky, our attention is drawn to the creative power of our thoughts and how we communicate. From mid-April until December 2016, we will get a break from the harshness and somewhat erratic quality of the Uranus Pluto square.

On August 30th Mercury goes Retrograde once more, in analytical Virgo as we assess the past few months.

September – December

September 1st brings the second Eclipse Season, starting with an Annular Solar Eclipse in Virgo, followed on the 16th by an annular Lunar Eclipse in Pisces – the latter will be visible in Ireland. Hence we are likely to resonate with it as a country.

On September 10th Saturn squares Neptune for the 3rd and last time. This last transit also involves the Sun, Mercury, Pluto, Mars Venus, Neptune and the North Node! Our invitation is to be of service to humanity and to the planet in our thoughts, speech and actions. Note that if you have planets and/or angles between 6’ and 14’ Pisces, Virgo, Sagittarius and/or Gemini,  you will particularly resonate with this transit. The theme of ‘service’ continues to be emphasized in October when Saturn squares the Nodes, putting increasing pressure on us to create solid foundations for structures on the planet that are based on a heart and mind connection.download (7)

Some questions to explore in 2016:

  1. What issues are coming to the surface from your current life, your childhood and possibly past lives that are demanding your attention? How might you heal and integrate these issues so that you can free any stuck energies within you and move forward in your life?
  2. What unfulfilled dreams are surfacing and what initial foundations might you construct to fulfill them?
  3. Where in your life and in what way are you of service to yourself, the rest of humanity and the planet?
  4. What beliefs do you hold that you are ready to change?

Some tools that may be useful:

  1. Keeping a dream journal, particularly during the weeks before, during and after the exact Saturn Square Neptune Transit – June 17th and September 10th 2016
  2. Keeping grounded at all times – walking, gardening, dancing…
  3. Connecting with your soul family/tribe to feels supported in creating new structures in the world
  4. Being creative in whatever way brings you joy – writing, painting, knitting, drawing…
  5. Laughing!
 Mercury Retrograde in 2016:

This year all the retrogrades are predominantly in Earth signs. This can cause some delays around the manifestation of thoughts and decisions which can be particularly frustrating if  Mercury in your Birth Chart is in Air or Fire! Patience and attention to detail are very helpful at this time! It’s best to wait until a week after the retrograde periods are over before signing any important documents! 

January 5th 2016 (Aquarius) – January 24th 2016 (Capricorn) – a good time to journal as you contemplate the core structures in your life.

April 28th 2016 – May 21st 2016 (Taurus) – an excellent time to focus on what you truly value, including self-value.

August 30th 2016 – September 21st 2016 (Virgo) – an ideal time to pay attention to the mind-body connection as related to health and wellbeing.

December 19th 2016 (Sagittarius) – January 7th 2017 (Capricorn) – a great time to look at your beliefs, particularly in relation to authority.


Eclipses and Key Words: 

March 9, 2016 – Total Solar Eclipse 18’ Pisces 56 – Oneness
March 23, 2016 – Annular Lunar Eclipse 3’ Libra 17 – Balance and Fairness

September 1, 2016 – Annular Solar Eclipse 9’ Virgo 21 – The Mind Body Connection
September 16, 2015 – Annular Lunar Eclipse 24’ Pisces 20 – Imagination versus Logical thinking – (Visible in Ireland)! 


Margaret Gray MSW. D. Psych. Astrology, Certified Family and Workplace Mediator

Margaret is based in Dublin, with a foot in Hawaii! She offers Birth Chart readings for Individuals, Couples and Children in person and online. Margaret runs the Astrology Ireland monthly Meetup group as well as teaching workshops and classes online and in person. Further information at graymgt@gmail.com Tel. 085 8144135


[i] Although the final exact square was in March 2015, they are back within a degree of each other from Dec 31st to February 24th 2016.

[ii] Notice where these transits have fallen in your chart – this will give you great insights into the areas that may benefit from some changes

[iii] The effects of Eclipses can be felt several months prior to the Eclipse and for at least 6 months after the Eclipse when it falls on a personal planet, angle or node in the natal chart – as in the case of Enda Kenny this year.